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Tumblr App Removed from the App Store Without WarningFigure 1 Tumblr Photo Courtesy The Tumblr iOs App has been removed from the App Store without any network contact. Since the weekend, the app has stopped being advertised on the online store and the app is currently under investigation for “issues.” The app’s disappearance was discovered when users found the parental control features had vanished from the app. Without proper explanation the official Tumblr app has completely disappeared from the Apple App Store. Last week the software suffered from problems with some users not being able to access the parental control features. Last month, the app suffered from a security incident and it could have been taken down to patch security issues as well. Shortly after the reports the app was taken down during the weekend and the company announced it is currently investigating several issues with the device. Some Tumblr users on iOs have mentioned being able to download the app again by moving into the Apple App Store’s Purchases page. Nevertheless, consumers will not be able to download the app for the first time until the listing is restored in the online store of Apple. Many have suggested that because of the objectionable content segment that may clash with Apple’s App Store Guidelines, the app was taken down. In the past, Apple has taken down a number of apps for violations like popular apps such as Telegram. In such instances, the tech giant works online with the developers to solve the problems and the applications are relisted. In comply with Apple’s policy, unsuitable content is excluded from the software. Many Tumblr users in online forums expect the social media app to get rid of, or make changes to, its “Nsfw” section to ban any content that Apple does not permit. Keep posted on the latest developments in tech.