How to Unzip RaR Files – 3 Steps

How to Unzip RaR Files

RAR is an archive format that has been made to store other files inside. The file formats are often those obtained when downloading a program from the Internet, for example. If you want to access files from a RAR, you will have to “UnRar (download)” the file. You can do this by using some free online tools that will allow you to unzip the RAR file.

Steps to follow:


Go to Wobzip. Click “Select File” to upload the RAR file to the site. Click “Wobzip” to unlock the RAR. Then click the links to download the files without blocking.


Download and install WinRAR. Select “Extract here” and the files inside the RAR will appear in the same folder as the RAR file.


Download and install the 7-ZIP. Double click on a RAR file, and a box will be displayed with the files that appear inside the RAR. Click and drag the files into the box on your desktop to “unzip” the files.

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