How to take papaya seeds to lose weight

How to take papaya seeds to lose weight

Papaya is a tropical fruit, although it is increasingly known in our country. You can find it in the supermarket easily and it has many benefits. Most of its properties are in the pulp, where the seeds are found. In addition to its antibacterial or anti-inflammatory properties, it is very beneficial to help you lose weight, since it is digestive and low in calories, but very rich in nutrients. Papaya has a pleasant taste but not so much its seeds, which have a bitter taste. However, properly combined you can get perfect recipes for a slimming diet. If you want to know how to get it, in this oneHOWTO article we will tell you how to take papaya seeds to lose weight.

Properties of papaya seeds for weight loss

Papaya seeds have two main properties that help our body lose weight. The main one of all is that of burn calories. They help prevent the body from absorbing excess fats and sugars, so they are eliminated and not stored and thus help in weight loss.

Another benefit for the digestive system is that it takes care of it due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and, therefore, improves digestive processes. Not only do they help a better digestion of food, which will have an impact on diet and weight loss, but also protect it against external pathogens and other infections. This is due to its high content of antiparasitic enzymes that have an alkaloid called carpaine that can eliminate intestinal parasites. Papaya seeds are very good against salmonella or staphylococci for example.

Eat whole papaya

To take the papaya seeds, we can use whole fruit if we do not want to take only the seeds or we do not like their taste. Papaya as a fruit can be taken in many ways, for example combining it with others in a fruit salad or taking it as is, for example sliced ​​for our breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and papaya seeds will do their job much better at the beginning of the day, so it is good to take them before starting your day.

Since we want to take advantage of the benefits of the seeds, we will have to leave them when we eat the fruit. They have a somewhat bitter taste, so eating the whole fruit can help to cover this flavor a bit. You can also combine it with yogurt, for example.

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How to take papaya seeds to lose weight - Eat whole papaya

Chew the seeds

Another way to eat the seeds, perhaps somewhat more roughly, is by chewing them. People say that chew papaya seeds each day helps you lose weight more effectively. Start by taking two or three seeds a day to start and then you can increase the dose. Taking them this way can damage your taste buds, so it’s best to start small. You can accompany them with tea or your favorite drink for breakfast. In fact, when you eat a papaya with the seeds you have to chew them, however here it is not so abrupt since the flavor is covered a bit with the fruit.

As time goes by, the dose of seeds increases and they can be taken with a meal high in protein to facilitate digestion. In this way, you can take advantage of the benefits of proteolytic enzymes and improve your digestive system.

If you don’t want to chew the seeds, you can take them as if they were a pill, accompanied by water or another liquid.

Papaya set with seeds

Another way to take papaya seeds to lose weight and burn fat Its the prepare a papaya juice with them included. Then you can add sugar or some other sweetener like saccharin or stevia that are better for weight loss diets. In this way, you can alleviate the bitter taste of the seeds a bit. However, depending on the proportion of fruit and seeds that you add, it will be noticeable more or less. You can also add honey to the juice.

How to take papaya seeds to lose weight - Set of papaya with seeds

Crush the papaya seeds

Crush the seeds can serve you for various meals and uses. They can be used as a substitute for pepper, since they have a similar flavor, although not the same. You have to be careful with this because even though they look alike, you can tell the difference. In fact, the taste of papaya seeds resembles a mix between pepper and mustard. However, this can be used for some recipes.

For example, you can crush a few seeds with a mortar and grind them into a fine powder or directly throw them in the pepper mill. Of course, as long as they are well washed and dry. The best thing is to crush them at the moment they are going to be used to take advantage of all their essence. Add them in recipes that use grains or ground pepper, the proportion is the same. Also, even if they have a slightly different flavor, if you don’t use them in large quantities, you may not even notice the difference. For example, you can season some meats before cooking them. Additionally, papaya seeds contain papain, a protein that helps tenderize meat. Therefore, you will not only be adding flavor but, in addition, it can help you facilitate the digestion of the meat.

Salads with papaya seeds

You can prepare a salad in which you add the papaya seeds, either whole or crushed. If you crush them, you can also add them to the vinaigrettes that you prepare or the sauces that you are going to add. You should not overdo it, since they have that spicy flavor that we have commented that in the salad it could be too strong. They go very well in those vinaigrettes in which ground pepper is usually added.

How to take papaya seeds to lose weight - Salads with papaya seeds

Infusion of papaya seeds

Another way to take the seeds to lose weight is in the form of infusion. For this, you have to let them dry for a few hours or perhaps a whole day. Then grind them and add them together with a little water to a saucepan to bring everything to a boil.

To take advantage of all its slimming properties, it is advisable to do this every time it is to be taken but you can also prepare a larger quantity and take it little by little. Ideally, take this infusion about three times a day. You can also add honey to sweeten it.

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