How to spell alcohol, alcohol, or alcohol

How to spell alcohol, alcohol, or alcohol

At the time of writing, it is very common for doubts of various kinds to arise, about grammar, spelling, style or others. It is very common to make mistakes with interspersed “h” as well as with accents. This can be seen clearly when thinking about the word “alcohol”, which many people write wrongly with the “h” misplaced, without the “h”, with an accent on the second “o”, with a single “o”, etc.

If you have doubts about how to spell alcohol, alcohol, or alcohol, you have come to the right place because in oneHOWTO we explain to you which is the correct form in Spanish and the reasons why the other ways are not so in a very simple way. If you want to improve your writing and avoid spelling mistakes, keep reading!


This is the correct way to write “alcohol”, that is, with two “o” and an “h” sandwiched between them. In the Spanish language and, in general, in the Spanish language, no other way of writing this word is accepted as correct.

Meaning of the word alcohol according to the RAE

According to the Dictionary of the Spanish language, managed by the Royal Spanish Academy, the word “alcohol” has different meanings or accepted meanings. Specifically, it is a word that comes from Hispanic Arabic, which in turn came from the word “kuhl“from classical Arabic, and which is a male name and its plural is “alcoholsAmong the different meanings of the word “alcohol” we find defined by the RAE:

  • In chemistry: alcohol is each organic compound that contains the hydroxyl group attached to an aliphatic radical or to some derivative of it. It is part of many natural compounds, it is used in laboratories, one of its modified products is 96º alcohol or pharmacy alcohol that is used to treat wounds or disinfect tissues, among other meanings.
  • Alcoholic drink: a drink that contains alcohol, in greater or lesser amounts, and that produces an intoxication effect and its abuse is very harmful to health.

In addition, there are different types of alcohols, some are:

  • Absolute alcohol
  • Pharmacy alcohol
  • Alcohol to burn
  • Denatured alcohol
  • Wood alcohol
  • Ethyl alcohol
  • Methyl alcohol
  • Neutral alcohol
  • Iodized alcohol
  • Wine alcohol

Examples of sentences with the word “alcohol”

  • Alcohol abuse is harmful to health.
  • Do not drink alcohol if you are going to drive.
  • He had drunk so much alcohol that the next day he was hungover.
  • The knee wound was disinfected with pharmacy alcohol.
  • I’ll clean that stain with alcohol.
How to spell alcohol, alcohol, or alcohol - Alcohol


This way of writing this word it is not correct because, although the word “alcohol” has its stressed syllable in the last syllable (al-co-hol), this word ends with –ly, therefore, it should not have an accent. Remember that acute words are those that have a strong or stressed syllable at the end, like this one, and are only accentuated when they also end in –no –s.

Remember that rules of accentuation in Spanish language are to put accent on:

  • Sharp words ending in a vowel “n” or “s”.
  • Plain words that do not end in a vowel “n” or “s”.
  • All words that are esdrújulas are accentuated.
  • Monosyllables are not accentuated, except for those with an accent or diacritical accent to differentiate them from other words that would be spelled the same, if it were not for this accent, although they mean different things.

* Alcol

Written this way, in Spanish, too It is incorrect, since the second “o” is missing, which lengthens the sound of the word and the “h” inserted. Instead, this is the correct way to write it in Italian.

Furthermore, “alcool” is also misspelled, with two “o” but without “h”, since in Spanish two “o” are not written in a row and, in order to pronounce it properly and make a difference, the “h” is inserted. In fact, this word is written as “alcohol” on French. Nor is the written form “alchol” correct, with the “h” inserted but without the first “o”, which is also often used erroneously.

How do you spell alcohol in other languages

Now that you know how to spell alcohol, and the various common misspellings, you may also be interested in improving your vocabulary in other languages. This is how you spell “alcohol” in other languages:

  • Catalan: alcohol
  • Basque or euskera: alkohola
  • Galician: alcohol
  • English: alcohol
  • Italian: alcol
  • French: alcool
  • Portuguese: alcool
  • German: Alkohol
  • Latin: alcohol, ŏlis mn, alcóholum, neutral; alcohol, alcohol.
  • Greek: αλκοaλ (alkoól)
How do you spell alcohol, alcohol or alcohol - How do you spell alcohol in other languages

Other doubts about spelling mistakes when we write

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