How to spell agusto or gusto

How to spell agusto or gusto

Write properly and without spelling mistakes it is something very important that we must try to do well. However, it is common that at many times we have doubts about what is the correct form of a certain word and, among countless cases, we find those terms that we do not know if are written together or separately. In this OneHowTo article we show you a clear example and help you discover if it is written comfortable or at ease. Take note!


First of all, we must emphasize that ‘satisfaced’ It is an incorrect term that is NOT registered in the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). Therefore, since there is no term with this form we should never write ‘agusto’ together as a single word.


Instead, ‘satisfaced’ written separately, it is found in the RAE and it is a adverbial phrase which is used under the following meaning:

  • “As appropriate, pleases or necessary.” Example: Everything has been prepared satisfaced of the consumer. It is very satisfaced in this chair.

As we can see, ‘a gusto’ is a group of words that is formed, on the one hand, by the preposition ‘a’ and, on the other, by the noun ‘gusto’. Thus, for write ‘at ease’ correctly we should always do it separately.

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