How to masturbate if I am a woman

How to masturbate if I am a woman

Masturbation is a very pleasant experience and the best opportunity to explore our body and discover what excites us. However, many women have a huge taboo on this topic, mistakenly believing that it is a negative act and are unaware of the incredible benefits of knowing how to masturbate.

If you have doubts because it is your first time or because you want to improve your experience and ask yourself “How to masturbate if i am a woman?“, in aHOWTO we explain the best techniques and positions so that you get to enjoy it to the fullest. Take note!

How to masturbate as a woman

The female masturbation It offers many options to indulge ourselves, stimulating the key points to reach the climax. To achieve this, it is convenient to start little by little and try something different each time, because that way you will know what type of stimulus is that gives you the most pleasure, something that will also be very useful when having sex.

Pay attention to the following points to masturbate if you are a woman, especially if you wonder how to masturbate for the first time, and do not skip any:

The right place

Choose A peaceful place where you know that no one will bother you. It is very important to be relaxed when masturbating. Focus only on the sensations you are experiencing and do not obsess over worrying if someone is going to discover you, especially when it is the first time you do it.

First get excited

Before masturbating, the bottom line is that you are excited or that you have a desire to do it, to explore and play with your body. You can think of those images that excite you, in an episode or person that stimulates your desire, or use something more explicit such as pornographic movies.

When you start to get excited, you will feel your vagina moisten a little internally; every woman is different and the humidity level can vary. You will also feel like your clitoris swells a little and increases in size, a sign that you can start to stimulate yourself.

Masturbating and stimulating the erogenous zones

Slightly open your legs and start by touching your entire vulva with the middle finger, from the entrance of the vaginal opening to the clitoris. The idea is that the lubricant that you produce when you get excited serves as a vehicle to facilitate masturbation, making movements smoother and more pleasant. But if it happens that you do not produce enough lubricant, do not worry, go for something natural and simple: suck your middle finger and continue to touch yourself. Saliva is one of the best natural lubricants.

The movements should be very smooth. You can touch your clitoris with circular movements, you can play with your finger at the entrance of your vulva, or you can, for example, alternate stroking your clitoris with circular movements at the entrance of your vagina and with penetration, using one or two of your fingers to insert them into your vagina.

While you are touching your vulva and testing all its possibilities, do not fear caress your breasts, gently pinch your nipples and let your imagination run wild. This way you will feel like little by little you are lubricating more and your whole body is warming up in a highly pleasant way.

Reach orgasm!

The time to reach orgasm depends on each girl and how excited you are, but the important thing is stay focused and be patient, do not lose the rhythm and keep thinking about what generates great excitement. Before reaching orgasm you will feel a delicious heat in the vaginal area, your muscles will contract, your clitoris will be extremely sensitive, you will feel a slight tingling and a burst of enjoyment and satisfaction: welcome to the petite mort!

How to masturbate if I am a woman - How to masturbate as a woman

How to have more pleasure when masturbating if I am a woman

To achieve a amazing orgasm (or several), that is, to obtain greater pleasure during masturbation, it is necessary to take into account not only that the environment is suitable, have good concentration and have motivations, but also try different positions and techniques which we will explain below and even use some sex toys and lubricants. The female body has many ways to be self-explored and you can go testing which are the best for you.

If you want to know how to masturbate as a woman and feel the maximum pleasure, take note of the following ideas, give them a try and discover which ones are the best for you. Also, do not hesitate to comment with your partner everything you discover about your body to enjoy more during the next meetings.

Positions to masturbate if I am a woman

If you have been wondering “how can I masturbate if I am a woman?”, In addition to what we have already mentioned, you will like to know some of the best positions for female masturbation, as they are essential for you to achieve an incredible orgasm by pleasing yourself:

Face up

Lying on your back on the bed, the sofa, or another comfortable place for you, spread your legs, place your hand in your intimate area and begin to explore it gently, paying attention to each sensation. With one hand you can caress your clitoris while with the other you stimulate your vagina. Try opening your legs wide and then closing them to create more friction in the area. To make it easier and more enjoyable, raise and lower your hips at the pace that feels right, supporting your feet well.

Raise your knees

Again, lie on your back, but this time bend your knees, lifting them towards your chest, and insert a finger or two into your vagina, moving it up and down, that is, bending and stretching it. In this way, you will stimulate the G spot more easily and you will notice much more pleasure than if you simulate a simple penetration. In this position you can also open or close your legs more, depending on how you feel it is more pleasant. To help you maintain this position, try placing a pillow under your hips, as it will help you keep your legs elevated more comfortably.

Upside down

Stretch down on the bed or another comfortable surface, bring your legs together and place your hand between them to be able to caress the entire area well. Start by stimulating the clitoris and then continue exploring the vagina, move your hips up and down and side to side. You yourself will feel in which exact position is most pleasant for you and it is better that you follow the sensations of your body, so you will have an assured orgasm.


Sit in a chair or armchair that is comfortable for you, better if it has bracers, and spread your legs to have easy access to your vagina. Again, with one hand you can stimulate the vagina while with the other you caress your clitoris. Another way is to place a finger under you when sitting. You can open your legs wide, close them to have more friction and pressure or you can raise your legs, supporting them on the braceras if you want.

For greater pleasure, you can combine several of the positions to masturbateSimply feel and pay attention to what your body asks of you at that moment.

How to masturbate if I am a woman - Positions to masturbate if I am a woman

Ways to masturbate if I am a woman – infallible techniques

Aside from the aforementioned pleasurable postures, you can also consider some of the best techniques to reach orgasm by masturbating if you are a woman:

  • The sandwich: This simple and pleasant technique consists of putting the middle and index fingers on the clitoris, so that it is in the middle, and pressing gently while with the other hand you give small taps or touches to stimulate it. Change the intensity and rhythm of your touches, and even with lightly pressing fingers you can perform smooth or faster movements.
  • The G-spot: If you have ever wondered how to masturbate as a woman to get to the G-spot, you should know that it is an area that you cannot ignore if you want to achieve an incredible orgasm. Either with one finger or two, or using a sex toy, press the area, simulating penetration. Do it as mentioned above and you will see that this technique never fails.
  • The shower: If the water jet in your shower has enough pressure or if the shower head from which the water comes out is adjustable, find the pressure point that is comfortable for you and use it to stimulate your clitoris. You will notice a pressure that will make you have intense and very pleasant sensations. Surely with this technique you can reach orgasm.
  • Sex toys: You can use toys and objects to simulate penetration or to stimulate different erogenous zones of your body with vibrations, especially the clitoris and the inside of the vagina. We recommend that you try different toys and choose the one you like the most or combine several. Some of the most common and that help to have great orgasms are dildos, vibrators, eggs, butterflies, and so on.

In addition, there are other suggestions that it is advisable to take into account, that is why we invite you to consult this other article of oneHOWTO with some of the best Tips to enjoy masturbation more and obtain all the pleasure you want.

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