How to make tomato jam

miguel angel pradella

I would like to know how to make tomato paste and also tomato jam I was looking at the photos and they look spectacular from now on, thank you very much Miguel


I think the answer is no, but just in case … Any way to make a “simile” jam without using sugar? Because in addition to sweetening, sugar provides texture … thank you.


Hello! I would like to know which tomatoes are best for making jam? Round or expert?

rodolfo luis

I liked the recipe and I’m already making the tomato jam congratulations


Why is it that when adding the unflavored gelatin to a guava jam with stevia, did it lose its color instantly? It is as if the fruit were raw – very light pink -, although its flavor is pleasant, it does not exactly taste like jam.
How could I correct that? Thanks.


Very rich and very easy to make.


At this moment I am making the tomato jam, so I looked for a page to be sure if I was doing well … It was quite liquid, I just did not know that I could add lemon.Thank you very much for the recipe.

stella Maris sequeiro

I love recipes, I don’t know much, but I love cooking, where I can buy the book if it is all I see. I congratulate you.

Patricia ortega

Thanks for the recipe, very tasty. Prepare it as you indicate it. An important observation is that the tomato is a fruit like the peach or apple, not a vegetable.


Thanks !! I fit very well !!

Tania ponce

You can make a tomatillo or tree tomato jam thanks to the rich jams

Gerardo mario

I’m interested in recipes for fruit and vegetable jams

Jose Antonio

The elaboration seems simple to me.
I am a little more experimented.
This year the tomato harvest has borne a lot of fruit and I am going to try to make the jam.
I add 35% sugar to all the jams. Sometimes I add a spice like cloves or cinnamon. I also use lemon. I have tried adding chopped hazelnuts or walnuts, both.
And also, lately I use panela and cane sugar. Let’s see what comes out of me.

Juan Cespedes Navarro

Thank you for the explanation of how the tomato jam is prepared, I will prepare it very much, thank you


It is very simple and I am anxious to make it even though I cannot eat much because I have diabetes, but my grandmother prepared it and I need to eat it again to relive those moments of my childhood, coffee with milk and warm bread with butter and tomato paste, I tried to buy and it is not achieved, so I can put my hands on the tomato and it is delicious because I am going to try it and see if mine likes it as much as I remember I liked it


I correct a mistake made in this article: the tomato is NOT a vegetable, it is a fruit.


There are 2 ways to differentiate fruits and vegetables. The first and most used is the way it is cooked and it is here where tomatoes, squash, carrots and some lettuce leaves are considered vegetables.
Then there is the mainly physiological agronomic form, where the tomato and the pumpkin become fruits, the root carrot, the potato a tuber and the lettuce simply leaves.
I leave this clarification so that you have no doubts the next time. 😉


I would like to know if I can use stevia instead of sugar, thank you

alcides omar maccarone

The information is very good. I am putting it into practice with a quince jam.


I once made tomato marmalade without having much knowledge on the subject, now I want to repeat it, but with the recipe. I like everything related to jams and canned fruit vegetables etc. Thank you

Rafael Bou

Thanks for these recipes. I prepared the strawberry one for the first time and it was tasty by others.