How to make grilled cuttlefish that is tender

How to make grilled cuttlefish that is tender

Spanish gastronomy is well known for the famous tapas that run through bars, restaurants and even household tables. Among all of them, one of the most popular and tasty is the grilled cuttlefish which, with its marine touch and its tender texture, becomes a tapa or a starter or main dish, depending on the quantity, which is essential on the menu. . Its dressing with oil, parsley, garlic, lemon and a small dose of vinegar, and which can be served with aioli sauce if we feel like it, gives it a fresh and tasty touch. However, although this recipe can be made in just 10 or 15 minutes, getting it to its perfect point has become a great challenge for beginning cooks.

That is why in this oneHOWTO article we are going to explain how to make grilled cuttlefish that is tender in a quick and simple way so that it does not spoil with a rubbery texture and remains tender, becoming your star dish.

2 diners
15 minutes
Low difficulty


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The main trick for you the cuttlefish is tender and tasty is to be able to control its cooking in the most precise way so that it is not hard or rubbery. That is why the main factor to take into account is the initial temperature that you will receive on the griddle or frying pan. To do this, place a little oil, just enough to iron and not fry, in the container of your choice, iron or pan, and let it get hot enough, that be very hot when you go to incorporate the cuttlefish but be careful not to burn the oil.


While you can wash and cut the cuttlefish with a sharp knife. When it comes into contact with heat, it will tend to shrink, so ideally it should be cut into cubes of a medium size so that later they are perfect in their portion, or you can choose make the whole cuttlefish, so you only have to clean them. Another important point in the grilled cuttlefish recipe is to control the humidity level before cooking. If it is a fresh portion, you should remove excess water with absorbent paper and if you are using a frozen cuttlefish, you should let it thaw completely and repeat the same process.

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How to Make Grilled Cuttlefish Tender - Step 2


When the pan and oil are hot enough and the cuttlefish is ready, it will be the decisive moment to start ironing and browning it. With the fire a little higher how you had it, add the cuttlefish and iron for a minute, moving it constantly so that it is uniform and does not stick anywhere.

How to Make Grilled Cuttlefish Tender - Step 3


Once the cuttlefish is ready, we can prepare its characteristic dressing based on parsley and garlic. You must put in a mortar, both garlic cloves peeled and sliced, the chopped parsley and one pinch of salt. Grind all the ingredients until you have a paste. Then add the liquids: lemon, olive oil and a little vinegar, and integrate everything until a creamy sauce is left. Test the level of salt, in case you had to modify it and the dressing would be ready.

How to Make Grilled Cuttlefish Tender - Step 4


Finally, we must brown the cuttlefish. During the first quick cook, the meat will have released the excess water, this is normal. We shall separate the water from the cuttlefish and repeat the drying process with absorbent paper if necessary to, again, put a few drops of oil in the pan and add the cuttlefish again without excess liquid. In this way, in just two minutes, we will have gotten the cuttlefish to brown, but keeping the inside tender and preserving all its flavor.


With the residual heat, after two minutes, add the garlic and parsley dressing So that the tender cuttlefish is impregnated with all the flavor, stir everything to warm it up and it will be ready to taste. Plate the tender grilled cuttlefish However you like it, you can add a lemon wedge, as there are those who like to drizzle more of this citrus, or add some potatoes or salad, among other options, or place only decoration, such as a sprig of parsley.

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How to Make Grilled Cuttlefish Tender - Step 6

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  • This typical dish of Spanish gastronomy is ideal as a tapa, but it can be eaten as a main dish. It is usually accompanied by a cold beer or soft drink and tends to be more popular in coastal areas, playing a prominent role in the hot months.
  • The key, as you have seen, is knowing how to control the ironing times and the temperature so that the cuttlefish is tender.