How to make a vegetable omelette

The data you ask for is not necessary because an omelette supports infinite variations while remaining delicious.
-Do not use too much oil, drain the excess after sautéing the vegetables.
-The cooking time adapt it to your liking. Shorter time, juicier, longer, drier and more armed (easier to turn without disassembling)
-Moderate fire, so that it does not burn on the outside and remains raw on the inside.
-Keep in mind that some vegetables take longer than others to cook. Cut them into thinner pieces (carrots, for example)
-To enhance the flavor we can add sliced ​​sausages, such as red chorizo ​​or longaniza and smoked bacon in sliced ​​or diced slices. (Sauté together with the vegetables)
-The juicy variant is best eaten at the moment.