How to make a TAROT test of YES or NO

How to make a yes or no tarot reading

One of the fastest ways to know your future is through a yes or no tarot reading. It is a simple method that allows you to answer very specific questions about love, work or any other question that worries you. There are different types of yes or no tarot prints, so dispelling your doubts through this formula will be a success. At oneHOWTO, we invite you to discover how to do a yes or no tarot reading and respond quickly and accurately to all the questions that concern you at this time. Thanks to this type of spread, you will remove the ambiguity from your life and you will find a more certain future.

Make a yes or no tarot reading It is one of the fastest, simplest and most effective methods to put aside the ambiguity that is presented to us in the immediate future. We recommend you contact professionals for greater security and effectiveness in the result and, for this, you can speak with Vidente Omitie with Visa: 930 505 015, if you are outside the territory of Spain mark 00 34, and for USA and Puerto Rico: 1-305-507-8029.

However, to learn a little more about this topic and learn how to make a yes or no test, you will like to know what we need to do it properly. Normally, we associate the tarot with a deck of specific cards. However, if we talk about a tarot reading yes or no, we can use any type of letters, even those of the Spanish deck.

If you wonder how to make a tarot reading of yes or no with a Spanish deck, the answer is very simple: you just have to establish a code that allows you to identify the answer according to the card. For example, using their orientation or number, identifying odd or even numbers.

How to make a yes or no tarot reading - What cards to use for the yes or no tarot

Within the popular yes or no tarot runs, there are different methods or typologies that can be adapted to the situation, context and person who is formulating the clairvoyance. Starting with the deck of cards that is selected, to the way to answer the questions of the person who wants to know more about their future. The yes or no tarot runs can be done following different formats, depending on the number of cards you choose. Namely:

Yes or no rolls with a single card

For this type of yes or no tarot reading, it is recommended to use a traditional deck. Next, divide the cards into three piles and select one of them. From the chosen pile, you must draw a single card.

Knowing the result of the question asked will be possible by observing the nature of this letter. Remember that it is better to use a traditional tarot deck, in which each card has a positive or negative meaning. The symbol of the card will help you to solve the doubt with an affirmation or a negation.

Rolls of yes or no with three cards

To carry out this typology, it is advisable to select three cards from the deck of 22 of the major arcana. Each symbol in the deck is assigned with a positive or negative symbol that will determine the affirmation or denial of the question asked.

For the arcana that indicate the Yes, the sun, the star, the empress, the force, the magician or justice, among others, stand out. Among the arcana that symbolize No, we find death, the devil, the tower or the moon, among other cards.

Rolls of yes or no with five cards

For this yes or no tarot reading, the most important thing lies in the orientation of the cards that have been selected. In this case, the roll can be made both with a traditional deck of cards and with the Spanish deck, since what will be observed will be if the majority of the cards come out from the right side, having a Yes for an answer, or if the majority come out backwards, which will mean No.