How to make a MAN fall in love with WhatsApp

How to make a man fall in love with WhatsApp

Social networks have become the perfect setting to find love, but is it possible to surprise a man on WhatsApp? Can you get to conquer someone through messages? Of course yes! This application will allow you to communicate, flirt, flirt and get to know a little better that special person you want to conquer.

Take initiative, bring out your more daring side and take the first step to start a conversation that could change your love life. Next, from a HOWTO, we explain how to make a man fall in love with WhatsApp.

Remember the 5 day rule

You do not know how to keep a man interested in whatsapp? If you want to learn how to flirt on WhatsApp, you will have to remember the 5-day rule. The moment you have given or given their phone number, we recommend that you put this rule into practice to show your interest without seeming desperate.

It’s as easy as waiting 5 days before sending your first message. Anything can communicate, so we advise you to wait a reasonable time to make it clear that you are interested, but you are not a dependent person. In case he is the first to answer, do not let those 5 days pass, but a few hours.

Good advice: take the initiative, but do it calmly and marking the times that best suit you. This will make you curious and will attract a lot of attention.

Never answer right away

The second step to learn how to fool around on WhatsApp it has a lot to do with the first. If you don’t want to be desperate and he has taken the initiative, allow some time to pass before responding. That way, they’ll understand that you don’t need their attention or that you were looking forward to that message.

In case you are the first to say hello, also show yourself somewhat disinterested. Do not do it every day and if he does not respond immediately, do not continue insisting or looking for more excuses to talk to him. The trick, if you wonder how to know if a man likes you on WhatsApp It is in when it responds, not so much in how. If he doesn’t respond, you’d better let him run.

“You talk to me every day on WhatsApp, can I do the same?” If you feel like it, of course! Our advice serves, mainly, so that you do not show despair if you speak to him first. However, if the conversation is going smoothly, don’t think twice!

Use emojis with care

It is normal that you do not know how to start a conversation on WhatsAppWell, in the end, the first intentions are the ones that count. For this reason, we recommend that you speak to him naturally and use emojis, a great resource to convey what you do not know how to convey with words.

It is a perfect strategy to add a fun touch to your messages and that the tone does not seem so dry. You will warm your conversations, combining the text with expressive faces. Of course, as with everything, it is better do not abuse themWell, you might look immature.

How to make a man fall in love with WhatsApp - Use emojis with care

Write short messages and flirt

Write short messages so as not to bore him with long texts. Encourage the reading to be enjoyable and lively and attract their attention with short but powerful phrases. For starters, put aside the most personal and sentimental terrain and bet on humor. When you get to know him more thoroughly, you will be able to delve into other more personal or interesting topics.

If she’s given you signs that the attraction is reciprocal, flirting always works. Send him signals so that he will notice your intentions; Take the opportunity to tell him in a subtle way and, if he enters the game, you can put a little mischief in the plan, but never excessively. Leave him wanting more!

You ask yourself how to know if a man likes you on WhatsApp? See if he laughs at your jokes, if he also brings out his funniest side and if he plays along with you when you throw some bolder phrases to flirt on WhatsApp. We propose some Questions for your crush ideal if you need more conversation starters.

Do not talk about penalties or tell details

You want conquer a man or a woman On WhatsApp, we recommend that you do not scare him / her away by telling him / her sorrows and problems from the beginning. Avoid failed stories of past love affairs and other conflicts, as the idea is to keep the conversation enjoyable.

Think that it is a first contact, through a screen, and that trust has not yet been generated so that you open up wide and tell him everything without reservation.

How to make a man fall in love with WhatsApp - Do not talk about penalties or tell details

Take an interest in him and ask open questions

There are people who tend to take the lead in conversations and always wait to be asked about their tastes, lives and hobbies. Nevertheless, interest must be mutual. Take an interest in him and ask him questions about his life, so you will both interact and the conversation will not be a monologue.

Also, to keep the conversation flowing, don’t just ask questions that can be answered with a yes or no. Keep the questions open to give him an opportunity to start an interesting conversation. This, of course, must also be taken into account in reverse. You ask yourself how to know if he plays with you on WhatsApp? If so, he will not show interest in your life, will only talk about him and will stay in very superficial questions and phrases.

Don’t be flattering it all the time

We all like to be made to feel good and praise us, but if you are praising him all the time with clear intentions, the shot will backfire.

While we encourage you to highlight their positive things or their virtuesAbove all that you admire the most about him, don’t praise him for everything, because he’ll understand that you’re just playing the ball with him to earn his attention.

How to make a man fall in love with WhatsApp - Don't be flattering him all the time

Do not ask for explanations

You are getting to know each other and your first contacts are through WhatsApp, you are not yet his partner nor are you so confident as to ask him for an explanation if he does not answer or a few days pass and he has not said anything. Don’t be intense do not be demanding or demanding, as it could lead to rejection.

If she doesn’t answer, don’t be angry right away, as she may not have had time or she may have been busy with other chores. Let time be the one to take care of send you the necessary signals to find out if the boy is really passing on you.

We help you with this article about How to talk to your crush.

Show yourself as you are

There is nothing that conquers a person more than naturalness. Act sincerely, honestly and freely; try to show your funniest and most sympathetic side, as they are the necessary ingredients to make you interesting and pleasant.

Don’t pretend to be someone else, just be you. This is the best weapon to conquer anyone, get your best version. Likewise, we recommend you take care of your profile and put a photo that shows you natural.

How to make a man fall in love with WhatsApp - Show yourself as you are

Don’t force conversations, learn to say goodbye

If you see that he does not show much interest, does not respond to your messages, does not laugh at your jokes or occurrences, does not specify plans or always has no for an answer, learn to say goodbye. Do not keep trying to conquer someone who does not value you or who only needs you to fill emotional lacks or increase their ego.

If you want to conquer a boy, do not be 100% complacent, you must stick with your goals, but making it clear that you do not need anyone to be happy, only yourself.

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