How to know the breed of my dog

How to know the breed of my dog

Many times we share life with a dog and we do not know exactly what its breed is. Sometimes it is not easy to distinguish and there are more than 300 different breeds around the world. There are many that are unique and others that are quite similar to each other. Know your dog’s breed It is not a whim as it will help you take care of your pet as it deserves, taking into account its peculiarities. At we tell you how to know the breed of your dog.

Steps to follow:


One of the best ways to find out and verify your dog’s breed is observing the specific characteristics such as the height, size, weight, color and texture of the coat. Take a good look at all the features and also their facial features such as ears, eyes and especially the muzzle. After taking a good look at all its characteristics, research the Internet looking for sources to verify the exact breed of your pet.

Observe their size, generally the smallest dogs are found in the lap type and here we find the Chihuahua, Maltese, the English Toy Spaniel, Pekingese, Miniature Pinscher, Pomeranian, Toy Poddle, and Yorkshire Terriers, among others. The Spaniel for example is somewhat larger and with a medium snout, while the Pekingese has a trimmed snout and is smaller.


It will help you look up standards for certain breeds. Look at all kinds of images in sources specialized in race themes. For example, the Cocker Spaniel is very recognizable by its long ears and by its shiny, wavy coat, which can be blond or tan. However, the Springer Spaniel is somewhat larger and has a white coat with brown spots. The Setter breed is very similar, although more slender, large, with silky fur and a sharp nose.

Each race has traits that define it And, although there are similarities, if you pay attention you can be able to differentiate them. Although, in general, dogs share a series of care in relation to their walks, their food or the attention they need, although each breed will have particular needs. At OneHowTo we discover how to take care of your dog.

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A good way to distinguish races is watching movies. You can search for breeds that you have seen in series, movies, or television shows. Think of Lassie, the most famous collie on television, the Saint Bernard from the movie Beethoven or the boxer from Partners and hounds. You may remember the beautiful Golden Retrievers from the film Air Bud or the beautiful German shepherd from the series Rex, a different detective.

Television may be of great help to identify or recognize certain traits to help you find out the breed of your beloved pet.


Read books about specific races, look for information on the Internet in forums specialized in dog breeds. You can also investigate the specific tasks that some breeds perform, such as black and white Border Collies, which are sheepdogs. Greyhounds have traditionally been a breed for racing and even hunting.

The Australian Shepherd is also a shepherd dog, but larger in size and with a beautiful multi-colored coat in red, blue or gray with marengo and white streaks. There are also other spectacular breeds such as the Newfoundland which is a huge black-coated dog that was traditionally used as a rescue dog.

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On the other hand, the person who can help you the most to determine the breed of your dog is your vet. A professional opinion can be very useful, it will help you find out the breed and give you important information about its traits, history and specific care. Another good source of information is your environment of friends or family, there may be similar dogs and you can compare traits.

Post a photo on social media and let people give you their opinion. And in the end the most accurate option to know the original breed of your dog is to make a DNA test, you will be able to find out if it is purebred or of some mixture.

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