How to know the age of my cat

How to know the age of my cat

It is very important to know the age of your cat to be able to give you the care you need. Many times the date of birth of a pet is not known because it has not been with us since it was born. If you don’t know when he was born, you will have to roughly estimate his age based on certain observations. Even the most expert in felines can be wrong, and it is quite complex to determine. In this article we explain how to know the age of your cat.

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The best way to know the age of a cat is observing the teeth. It is considered the most reliable method to estimate its life stage. To look at their teeth, you will have to gently lift their lips.

Young cats have 26 temporary teeth that are like human milk teeth, they have 14 teeth on the upper jaw and 12 on the bottom. When they are born, cats do not have teeth, their teeth begin to emerge within two weeks of being born although it can take up to four weeks to appear.

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Between two and four weeks, the first incisor teeth appear and will grow until they are well visible. At approximately three weeks, the canines will begin to emerge. In the first month and a half of life, the premolars will come out in the lower jaw. At two months of life or even earlier, all 26 teeth may have already come out. Temporary or milk teeth will be replaced by permanent teeth. In three or 4 months’, the permanent incisors will come out and the same process will be repeated. At six months, your pet will already have his adult cat teeth.


From this point calculate the age of your feline is more complicated, and it will be necessary to pay attention to the state of conservation of the teeth. Typically, a one-year-old cat will have clean, healthy, white teeth. Up to two years, they may begin to look more opaque, yellowish and with a little tartar, especially on the rear. Between three and five years, the tartar will have spread more and some wear will be observed. After five years and up to ten years your cat is already an adult, its teeth will show a greater deterioration and its gums will change color. From the age of ten and already in full old age, your pet will have very worn teeth, with a lot of tartar and may have lost teeth.

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Although tooth growth and wear is a great help in knowing your age, it will never be an exact calculation because there are many variants that affect the state of the teeth. The way of life, food, hygiene, health, and even its nature affect the state of your feline’s mouth. If your cat has had a wildlife, the most normal thing is that his teeth present a state of greater wear than if your cat, on the contrary, has always been domestic. The life trajectory of your feline is basic to estimate its age and you should take it into account when you observe its teeth.


Another way to estimate the age of your feline is observe their eyes. When they are newborns, they have their eyes closed and after a week they will begin to open their eyelids more frequently. In about two weeks or sooner, their eyes will open fully, but their pupils will not dilate. At six weeks, one of the most significant changes will be observed and that is that the color of your eyes will stop being blue. At that time, your cat will have its final color. The iris of a small cat is smooth, but as they grow it becomes more irregular. If your cat has any clouding of the lens, she may have cataracts. If that’s the case, your pet may be reaching old age and over 10 years old.

The your cat’s hair it can also give you a rough idea of ​​their age. A very young cat has short, thick fur. As it grows, it becomes thinner and smoother until it becomes old and, then, its coat becomes dense, thick and with certain gray areas.

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One way to find out how old your pet is is observe and palpate their muscles. Stroke his body to determine how lean or muscular he is. Older cats typically have sagging fur and their shoulder blades stick out. When a cat is young, it is usually more toned and fit.

Finally, we recommend that observe their habits. Typically, young cats are more playful and have more desire for physical activity. An adult cat will be more likely to sleep all day and will pay less attention to toys. This is not a clear indication of his age, but it can give you a clue as to what life cycle he is in.

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