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Brazilian Court Issues Blocking order for and Oload.tvByBill Toulas-October 2 2019 1479 admins are of the view that the blocks are unjustified and that the court was deceived. We are now working on a legal or technological solution that will get them back into Brazil online. Brazilian Isps (Internet Service Providers) started blocking the file-hosting sites and after a related order was issued by the São Paulo Court of Justice. At first received reports from its users about the blocks, and considered the issue to be a Dns block placed by Vivo-Telefonica. The file hosting service’s first response was to encourage Vivo to remove the blockage via a tweet urging them to break their own service user agreement by interfering with their clients ‘ internet. Olá @vivobr per meio de um Dns bloqueio. Please retify isso or probably quick! Você is messing with the Internet of its customers. — Mega (@Megaprivacy) September 19, 2019 Has the São Paulo Court unexpectedly decided to block the aforementioned one day? That’s highly unlikely but there was no information on who led this action. Many reports want Abta (Brazilian Subscription Television Association) to be the plaintiff who lodged the lawsuit causing the blocking avalanche. Upon realizing the size of the blocks as well as their existence, Mega published the following tweet to express their unhappiness with the order. We respectfully accredit Com relação ao bloco no Brazil that an ordem is false and that a Tribunal foi is misled. Mega ha Conformidade outstanding. We are trabalhando em uma soluciónção. We apologize for the inconvenience of desculpas hair and we thank sua paciência! — Mega (@Megaprivacy) 30 September 2019 is headquartered in New Zealand and has always been marketing its services from the “private and secure file hosting” viewpoint. With no upload filters in place, however, anyone could upload whatever they wanted to the website, so people were obviously indulging in piracy. Even Mega is not going to give up and accept their fate as the Brazilian market is a fairly big one for them. They are working on a solution right now, and they are asking their viewers to stay patient before they find a way to get around the barriers. For those of you who want to access the blocked websites in Brazil, you can change your default Isps Dns to a different one and get access to it again.