How to know if my partner is cheating on me sexually

How to know if my partner is cheating on me sexually

Do you notice that for a while you have not connected in the same way with your partner? Do you have any suspicions that he might be sleeping with someone else? When we have been in a relationship with someone for a long time, it is normal that you can perceive even the smallest change among you without being able to find a logical explanation. Maybe they are your imaginations, or maybe that person is really changing with you and it is probably because they are being unfaithful.

Before accusing your partner of an infidelity without having any proof, in this oneHOWTO article we explain how to know if my partner is cheating on me sexually. Read on and see if these behaviors occur in the person with whom you are in a relationship.

He does not let you get close to his mobile

A very clear sign that your partner is having sex with another person is that they now worry too much about stay away from his mobile. For example, you have wanted to pick up his phone to make a call and he has instantly arrived at the terminal earlier to check it before leaving it to you. Or you have asked him to show you a photo and when he enters his gallery, he tries not to see the rest of the photos he has on his phone. All these gestures could signal to you that he is trying to hide something from you, especially if that person did not have that need for privacy with you.

Finally, another aspect related to the mobile and that could also be a sign of infidelity is that it happens at all hours talking on WhatsApp with someoneEven when you’re trying to have a moment for the two of you

How to know if my partner is cheating on me sexually - He does not let you near his mobile

New personal hygiene habits

Another way to detect an infidelity is with hygiene. If your partner has always been a person with very marked hygiene habits, you should not pay attention to this point. However, if he suddenly starts to change them and they become very extreme, then there is a chance that he is cheating on you sexually. Check if your boyfriend / girlfriend has some of these now hygiene-related behaviors:

  • Grooms himself too much and worries excessively about his appearance.
  • He takes more showers than usual or at odd times.
  • He makes sure to put his clothes in the washing machine without you actually touching or smelling them.
  • Your perfume has changed or you have noticed a different smell on your partner.
  • Wash and clean your car practically every day: This habit could mean that you have had a sexual encounter with someone in the vehicle and you want to make sure there are no hairs, odors or other signs that make you suspicious of your affair.

He doesn’t feel like having sex with you

This would be the clearest sign on this entire list that your partner is cheating on you, especially if he stands out as a sexually active person. If your spouse is having sex with a third person, it is normal that the desire to have sex with you has decreased, since when he / she comes home you are already sexually satiated.

This can be seen if he goes to sleep before you or pretends to be asleep, makes excuses for you such as being tired or not feeling well, or when you finally manage to make love with your partner, you notice that makes it reluctant or out of commitment.

Gets defensive for any nonsense

Another behavior that people who cheat on their partners tend to have is being more irascible than normal and that they explode even for the smallest nonsense. For example, if it turns out that you have been annoyed with that person because they have come home later than usual and they have not even told you, they will probably try to turn the tables and make you feel guilty for being angry about something like that.

Or also, if you are talking with a mutual friend who tells you that he has been cheated on by his partner and you disapprove of that bad behavior, he will try to defend the person who has cheated or will try to downplay infidelity saying things like “they didn’t seem very happy” or “these are things that can happen”.

How to tell if my partner is cheating on me sexually - He gets defensive over any nonsense

She is no longer the same person that you fell in love with

Another sign that he is cheating on you sexually is that, we don’t know exactly why, but we notice different from our partner, as if he no longer loved us in the same way as before. This could be your imaginations or perhaps it has really changed with you but for other reasons. However, if you notice the following changes in your partner, it is probably because has met someone else:

  • He makes less and less plans with you, as if he wants to “get rid of you.”
  • It has been a long time since he had any kind of details with you.
  • It takes too long to reply to your messages and instead replies to others instantly.
  • One day he is very loving and kind to you, and the next day he does not want to know anything about you.
  • Find any excuse to try to break the relationship and even blame you for your bad situation.

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