How to know if a woman wants to have sex

How to know if a woman wants to have sex

Some women are so subtle that their partners cannot understand whether or not they want to have relationships. Many believe that men are the only ones who want to carry out a sex life continuous and regular, but they are wrong: women also consider sex as a basic and fundamental pillar in their relationships, although many do not shout it from the rooftops. At we want to explain the signals that women use to convey their desire to maintain sexual intercourse. If you often ask yourself how to know if a woman wants to have sexPay attention to the following article and you will find the keys to satisfy a girl at the right time.

Steps to follow:


First of all, to know if a woman wants to have sex with you, you will have to find out if feels comfortable being at your side. Generally, they need to feel safe and loved, so you should earn their trust.


Don’t come off as obsessed, as they might reject you right away. Women take it a little more calmly and for them to have a sexual relationship is to go one step further, so they need the perfect climate. If he invites you to have a drink or, above all, go to his house, it will be an infallible indication that you want something more. For many of them it is important to feel in their territory, so going to their house is one more argument that will also make them see how you move through their land.

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Another sign that will let you know if she wants to have sex is if you notice that she is looking for the physical contact with you. If she approaches, caresses you, kisses you, reaches for your hand, plays with your hair, then there is no doubt that she is attracted to you and is ready to move to the next level.

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The innuendo and subtlety They are two infallible women’s weapons. However, when they feel ready they can take action and expressly talk about what they want and how they want it. Be attentive because a message, a perfume or his own clothing can be express indications, indirect-direct, that he wants you to know his most intimate side.


Speak openly Sex is also a facet that can show that a woman is comfortable with you and wants something more. Especially if he asks you about your past, your tastes in the bedroom or your preferences. This whole questionnaire can be a clear indication that he wants to please you in bed.


Finally, we recommend that you ask him openly what he wants and how he wants it. A resounding yes is the clearest confirmation that a woman wants to have sex. When you have prepared the ground a bit, you can ask what you really want, yes, be honest, do not play with feelings if you are not fully prepared to have relationships and make it clear what you want and how far you want to go.

This, without a doubt, is the best way to know the answer to whether she wants to have sex with you.

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