How to know if a shar pei is original

How to know if a shar pei is original

Shar Pei are dogs of Chinese and Tibetan origin and are believed to be one of the oldest breeds in Asia. They are well known for their peculiar appearance and their ease of adapting to different activities thanks to their intelligence. Although in the past they were used both to hunt, to be guardians and even to fight, today they are perfect companions to live with us, either in the field or in a flat in the city, as long as we provide the minimum daily activity to maintain a good health.

If you are thinking of welcoming a dog into your home and you are doubting which breed may be the most suitable, keep in mind that for most factors the breed does not matter. However, you can import, for example, to better understand your health. Pay attention to this oneHOWTO article and discover how to know if a shar pei is original, that is, purebred, or if it has a mixture of this breed or, if it actually seems to have nothing to do with it.

Physical characteristics of the shar pei dog breed

Shar Pei are medium-sized, compact and robust dogs that as adults usually measure between 45 and 50 cm at the withers and weigh from 18 to 30 kg, males are always larger than females. What most physically characterizes this breed are wrinkles on the skin its entire body, but its ears are also very striking, as they are very small and bent forward, its snout is wide and its tail is normally thick and, sometimes, it curls at the base of the back. Their eyes are always dark and their fur can be of many colors such as cream, chocolate, blue-gray, white, black, etc.

Being one of the oldest breeds in Asia, it is officially recognized and belongs to group II of the FCI (International Cynological Federation), that is, it is considered a Dogo type molosser dog breed. Today the best known breeding lines are the traditional, of Chinese origin, and the American.

How to know if a shar pei is original - Physical characteristics of the shar pei dog breed

Types of shar pei breed according to their hair

There are several lines of this breed, mainly the Chinese and the American, but there are also some that differ according to their coat:

Horse coat shar pei

It is the breed with the shortest and hardest hair and its skin is much more wrinkled than when it is an adult, when the skin is thinned and smoothed a bit. In addition, it is thinner, thinner and more active than other types.

Shar pei brush coat

This other type is of a very calm character and has a coat a little longer than the brush coat, but less than the bear coat. It has more wrinkles than the previous one described and it is more robust, with a wider and larger head and muzzle.

Bear coat shar pei

It is known as “bear hair” because it has long hair, about 2 or 3 cm long, and very soft. However, in terms of character, temperament and constitution, he closely resembles the previous type discussed. It is the least common variety, since it is a recessive gene, which comes from the chow chow, and both parents must have it for shar pei puppies to come out with this coat.

How to know if a shar pei is original - Types of shar pei breed according to their hair

How to tell if a shar pei dog is pure

If you are interested in knowing if your dog or the one you are going to choose is really pure, that is, without crosses of other breeds or even other lines of this same breed, you will be interested to know that the only forms are the following:

  • Have a pedigree since birth (official paper that confirms your lineage).
  • Take it before a jury of a contest about this breed so they can observe it and see if it fits the official description. If so, they can give you a pedigree document. If it does not fit, it will not be officially accepted as this breed, which means that it is not suitable for breeding pure Shar Pei dogs or for competition, but nothing else.

The fact of if your shar pei is pure or not You should only care if you are an official breeder of the breed or for competitions, for everything else it really does not matter if it has a mix or not, because it will continue to be your great friend and companion.

The character of the shar pei breed

Taking into account that each individual has their own character, the Shar Pei is a breed highly valued for its loyalty, obedience, intelligence and calm and serene temperament, qualities that make it be considered a balanced breed. This dog takes great care of its relatives to whom it shows great affection but, at the same time, it is somewhat independent so it also needs its space and that they are not always aware of it, because of this there are those who compare the character of a shar pei with that of a cat. As in any other dog, in this Asian breed there is a difference in character between the first years of life and adulthood, when they are puppies they are much more lively, curious and mischievous and as they grow they calm down.

How to know if a shar pei is original - The character of the shar pei breed

How are shar pei dogs with children

These dogs are very patient, playful and loving with the smallest of the house, as long as the dog has been well socialized since childhood and has not had bad relationships with people, since in this case it could have fear and bad reactions, both with children and with adults. In addition, it is a excellent guardian, so a well-socialized and trained dog of this breed will be able to take care of and watch over both the little ones and the house.

However, it is vital teaching children to respect and care for a dog, whatever the race. If the little ones, or other people in the home, do not respect you and suffer a bad relationship, then you can react to defend yourself and an easily avoidable accident can occur.

How to care for a shar pei dog

In addition to the basic care that any dog ​​should receive, shar pei have some characteristics that make it necessary some specific cares. This is the case of your skin, which is very wrinkled and oily, this makes it sensitive and prone to conditions such as dermatitis. They require a bath at most once every month and a half, but not more often since we can cause changes in the skin. Skin folds must be well dry After getting wet, this way we will avoid the appearance of fungi that could proliferate due to the accumulated humidity. You can read this article to learn more about how to care for shar pei wrinkles.

Food is another important aspect to take into account, since they have a sensitive stomach and are prone to food allergies that manifest themselves on the skin and in digestion. To ensure that our shar pei receives all the necessary nutrients while taking care of its stomach and skin, it is advisable to offer I think based on fish and rice, which is much easier to digest. Each dog has its own characteristics, so a specific Shar Pei may feel just as good a normal feed as a fish and rice feed, you can play it safe or you can try what type of feed is best suited to you. dog, but it is always better to do it under the supervision of a veterinarian.

How to know if a shar pei is original - How to take care of a shar pei dog

Shar Pei education and training

This breed, like any other dog, need start with basic education and training from puppies to be balanced and happy dogs, thus avoiding many behavior problems that could arise due to bad habits. This does not mean that the education of a Shar Pei will be impossible if it later begins to learn basic things in the education of a dog, as long as we take into account the particular situation of each one and some patience, there will be no problem .

Getting him used to doing his business at home, walking on a leash, interacting quietly with other dogs and even learning some tricks, are things that will not be very difficult for a Shar Pei to learn, especially if we do it to positive reinforcement foundation and we put aside the screaming and negative energies. We advise you to read this article so that you know well every detail about How to train a Shar Pei.

Names for shar pei dogs

If you have decided to host a dog of this breed or one mixed with it, you will be interested in knowing some of those considered to be the best names for shar pei dogs, although in the end it is you who must decide which is the best for your new furry companion :

  • Akiko
  • Aslan
  • Bear
  • Pretty
  • Coconut
  • Chibi
  • Cho
  • Haru
  • Hiro
  • Lola
  • Momo
  • Nigiri
  • Ryu
  • Shiro
  • Yuzu

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How to know if a shar pei is original - Names for shar pei dogs

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