How to know if a piercing is infected


I have a piercing in the cartilage of the ear, and I have been in the pool for a month?
I get a yellow liquid but without a bad smell, is it bad?


Hello 3 months ago I got a navel piercing and a white tissue formed around the hole above, what can I do and what is it?


Almost two months have passed since I had a lip piercing on the left side, this tends to get me a lot when I touch it and move the jewel, it burns a lot and is a little red … what can I do?


If I have scabs and a little yellow soft liquid comes out in the navel piercing, it means that I have it infected

A little help

Anyone who needs help: A cup of warm (potable) water with half a teaspoon of sea salt WITHOUT IODINE will save them

It is used to aggressively and quickly kill an infection and for daily cleaning. In case of infection (with clean hands and cotton or swabs) clean very carefully and / or immerse your piercing in water (in case of more than one piercing, do not use the same solution for both) all this 3 or 2 times a day. day

And in case of cleaning 1 to 2 times is enough.


I have a question … I explain more than 10 years ago I had a tongue piercing about 8 years ago I removed it and 3 weeks ago I put it back on CLEARING I did not get pierced again, only the hole was not closed, I placed it A new piece since the ones I had thrown away, but now on the top of the tongue around the hole I feel itchy I do not have red What is it? Infection??? I have to withdraw it ???


I got my belly button ring about 1 month or 4 weeks ago more or less and it does not hurt or anything but the part of the piercing is like dark and I get pus, someone knows if I have it very infected or what

Lucas Agustin

Hello. I got a lip piercing and at first I thought I had a sore, but then it grew a little more, it does not hurt or anything but I would like to know how to treat it


Hello, you will see that I put a pirsing in the cartilage and it swelled and I also get a liquid that I can do


It is normal bro only when you clean it with coliente water so that the scabs come out softer and do not hurt

Araceli Gonzalez

I have the septum 3 days ago, I did it with a professional, and today I noticed that it was green around it, I did not know if it was pus or scabs, it does not hurt, nor is it swollen or anything like that, I heal it with a scar that they gave me in the drilling house, is it normal what happens to me? Will it be until my skin gets used to the hoop? I need an urgent response 😪

And p

It will be like a bruise

maritza marquez

How can I disinfect my ear piercing (cartilage)


Hello, a question, I have the nose piercing for almost 3 months, sometimes it hurts for like 5 or 6 days and then it does not hurt, but it takes a while and it hurts again, does anyone know what happens? Or if it is infected? It hurts a lot but I live washing it and taking care of it if someone knows please answer


The same thing happens to me, I THINK I think it is because inside the setpum there is dirt and it is combined with a blow, that I suppose it happens to me


Sometimes it happens because you blow your nose a lot and the piercing turns or moves, that irritates the piercing


Hello, a question, my indutrual pircing does not hurt, my is red but I get a yellow liquid, I think it is pus, will it be infected? What I can do?


What happens if I have the second earring in my ear, I have already had it for a month and I still keep coming out of pus and I did it myself, I don’t know what to do because I am very distressed. I just bought some anti-allergy earrings and I’m still getting pus

Please help me because I don’t know what to do


Hello, I just want to ask one thing and of course if you can help me, I have been with an eyebrow piercing for more than a month … everything went well until about a week and a half ago that next to the piercing holes in this case in Both … they came out like mud … I let them arise and then I created them … I thought they would disappear but in the hole d below the mud came out again … I just want to know why it came out again and what can I do … and I clarify at once that no blood or any other strange or common liquid has come out … thanks


Hello, my daughter, it has been two summers that she has placed the piercing in her navel the first time I cure it properly and it heals well but the skin and flesh that grabbed it was thinning until it was cut and it came out in 3 more months or less, the second time already healed the following summer the piercing is placed, always with a professional and in a month the skin was refined until the piercing was cut and came off, I would like to know why …


Hello, that means that the body rejects the earring that has happened to me .. I am a person allergic to nickel, perhaps she should choose to use jewelry that does not have better quality nickel such as titanium or gold, Greetings.


Hello. I had a piercing almost two months ago, in the first month it did not hurt, nor did it ooze pus, it was normal, but lately, a terrible pain appeared, and pus that forms yellow crusts, in addition to the swelling does not decrease and the surrounding area is red, I also have a lot of itching. What should I do?


Hi Alexana, I understand you, the same thing happens to you because I have been with the second pendoenge for 1 month and it still hurts, it itches me and pus comes out like yellow

I recommend that you do not touch your piercing so much and that you clean it only 2 times a day and if the same thing continues to happen to you then change the piece because perhaps the ones you have do not adapt to your skin or biseverse or perhaps the pieces are infected


Hello !! I got a piercing in the lobe, an earring, after a month and a week I get something that I think is pus from the back side of the lobe, but it does not hurt, nor does it burn, nor do I have itching and nor is it irritated. I don’t know what it is, could you help me?

Carlos Daniel

Hello, I have a perforation in the lobe but I don’t know if it is infected when I press it, a liquid comes out like a needle and another thing is that sometimes it gives me food, but what will it be? beautiful afternoon


Hi Carlos, the same thing happens to me when I press, it comes out as yellow pus and I also have a month of having it, something that I think is working for me is that I bought some anti-allergy earrings yesterday I bought them and I still keep coming out of pus I’m going to wait for one to pass week to see if I still get pus

blonde nini

hello I did a pircin on my shoulder 3 months ago and I followed the instructions to clean and well I healed well and everything was going well now it hurts at times and I drop a little water, what should I do please