How to get rid of wood moths

How to get rid of wood moths

Wooden furniture, especially older ones, has the problem that it can be affected by the so-called wood moths, also known as large woodworm or Hylotrupes bajulus. These insects are difficult to eliminate, and prevention is always the best option. However, when they have already made their appearance, there is no choice but to be patient because of how complex it is to put an end to this situation and because of the time and attention that some of the main treatments need to eliminate moths. wood.

Currently, there are several options available, all of which are valid, although each of the treatments is more suitable for certain cases. From a HOWTO, we explain in detail how to get rid of wood moths.

How to know if a piece of furniture has large woodworm

Before applying any treatment to the furniture it is important to know if it is affected by wood moths. At first, the condition may not be very obvious, especially if there is not a large presence of large woodworm. One reason why it is convenient to monitor and be alert if the furniture is not specifically treated to avoid these bugs. Between the main signs that a piece of furniture has wood moths is it so:

  • Noise: the moth makes a noise when it gnaws on wood. In general, it is not a very clear signal because in most cases this sound is imperceptible to the human ear. Normally, when listening it is because there is already a significant presence of Hylotrupes bajulus.
  • Sawdust: the appearance of a kind of dust or sawdust near the wooden furniture is another clear sign that the furniture is affected by these wood moths.
  • Holes: the presence of holes, which can be of different sizes, as well as holes, cracks or fissures are another indication that there are wood moths. In addition, they are holes that do not remain on the surface, but are like grooves or tunnels inside the furniture.
How to eliminate wood moths - How to know if a piece of furniture has large woodworm

The best treatment to kill wood moth in furniture

Currently, there are several treatments that can be used to remove wood moths from furniture and other wooden objects. The most used in the home is spraying.

Its application is simple, since the specific product for wood moth on the surface and inside each of the holes that the furniture has. The truth is that it is effective, but it requires a good dose of patience because you have to go hole by hole.

In addition, it is advisable that, in the case of tunnels, one reaches the end of them to kill wood moth larvae and eggs. And is that large woodworms tend to use these routes to deposit their eggs. To reach the greatest possible depth, the products already come with a kind of applicator in the form of a tube, which is inserted into the hole to spray inside.

Once the application is finished, it is good to cover the furniture with plastics in its entirety and in the most hermetic way possible so that the woodworms do not escape. This plastic should be left for at least a week. If the pest is large enough, it may even take a month.

How to get rid of wood moths on house rafters

The houses that have the wooden beams They can also be affected by large woodworm. In these cases, it is important to use specific treatments due to the dimensions of the surface and the great importance of the beams in the structure of the house.

The most common and used is the so-called injection. Its application is very easy because you only have to apply the product specific insecticide for wood moths and other very similar insects for finish off the big woodworm on the rafters. To do this, injectors are used that are placed in the wood of the beams. These plugs, in turn, incorporate a check valve, which prevents the product from leaving there, so that it remains in the area where it has been placed.

The area of ​​the beam thus contains this toxic product for insects that will gradually kill large woodworms and larvae, which will prevent them from continuing to tunnel inside the wood. Thus, it is important to place enough injection plugs and choose their location well to cover all the beams, as it will prevent them from continuing to proliferate and undo the wood.

Other treatments to eliminate wood moths

In addition to the two treatments that we have discussed previously for remove wood mothsThere are other systems, although their use is already more specific or must be done by professionals. It is the case of:

  • Gels: insecticidal or insecticidal-fungicidal gels are other possible solutions. This type of product is used preventively, but it is also useful to kill wood moths. Normally, it is used to avoid perforations in the wood, being ideal for those pieces in which it is convenient to preserve its appearance, since the gel is applied in the exterior area and on the entire surface of the furniture or wooden object.
  • CAT: under these acronyms is the name of another treatment. It’s about the Controlled Atmosphere Technology, which consists of introducing the piece affected by the large woodworm in a kind of bubble that has been specifically created and that has a controlled atmosphere to kill the wood moth. Normally, some type of more powerful poison or some gas or carbon monoxide is usually included, among other options. This is actually a treatment that is used by professionals, especially when the large woodworm plague is important or the piece is old and has to be recovered as much as possible. It is not advisable to do it at home if you do not have knowledge because the consequences can be serious for the people who live in the home.

Besides, if before buying specific products you want to try home remedies to eliminate wood moth or large woodworm, we recommend you try an effective trick: mix turpentine with tea tree oil and apply it to the affected areas and cover with plastic. However, white spirit may be too harsh for some wooden furniture surfaces.

With these treatments on how to eliminate wood moths, from UNCOMO we hope we have helped you know which remedies are effective. It is always advisable to consult with experts and go to professionals to help kill the big woodworm or Hylotrupes bajulus.

How To Get Rid Of Wood Moths - Other Treatments To Get Rid Of Wood Moths