How to Get Hair Dye Stains Out of Clothes

You might be excited about your new hair color, but do not rob the excitement by letting hair dye stain on your clothes. Well, accidents may happen at times, and you end up dealing with hair dye on your shirt. Do not worry, whether you will deal with the hair dye stain yourself or run for help from an expert at the laundry services. With proper knowledge, the stains will be removed.

Before sending your stained laundry to the laundry delivery service, you must pre-treat the stain first. Here are some tips on getting the hair dye stain out of your clothes.

Remove the Excess Hair Dye Stain

Bulges of hair dye are visible on the shirt. Use a dull knife to remove these excess dyes from the garment before rinsing it under running water. Use a higher water pressure to remove the stain easily.

Rinse the Hair Dye Stain with Cold Water

Cold water washing is always to the rescue. Some hair dyes have a thick and gloppy texture, making them hard to remove from the surface. After removing the excess hair dye stain, an excess dye may remain on the shirt. Hold the stained area under high-pressure running water.

Gently Scrub Dye Stain with Liquid Laundry Detergent

Pour liquid detergent directly onto the hair dye stain. Ensure that the liquid laundry detergent has completely covered the stained area. Let the detergent sit for 5 minutes. You can gently scrub the detergent afterward on the dye stain.

Use White Vinegar Solution

If you are dealing with hair dye stains on your white clothes, white vinegar solution is the best option. The distilled white vinegar sitting in your kitchen cabinet helps whiten your clothes. Soak your clothes for 30 minutes in water with one-fourth cup of vinegar.

Check the Wash Label on the Clothes

Now, you have to deal with the settled hair dye stain on the fabric. You have to check the wash care label sewn into the clothes and check if there are specific instructions about chemical use. Unless specified, the next steps of the hair dye stain removal solutions are safe for most washable fabrics. But, when in doubt, go to the laundry service near you.

After Washing, Do Not Put in Dryer

After the soaking and pre-treatment, you can wash your stained clothes. When the wash cycle is complete, unload the garment immediately, but do not toss it in the dryer. There may still be stain residues, and drying will set the stain. Avoid heat; instead, air dry the stained clothes.

Final Thoughts

The faster you deal with the stain, the better. If you notice stains on your garment, do not hesitate to pre-treat it to keep the stain from setting. Addressing hair dye stains might be challenging, but do not give up too soon. You can repeat the steps several times to remove the stain. If you have a hard time, check for laundry services near you. They can help you deal with stubborn stains.