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Is Net Neutrality impacting Netflix?ByNovak Bozovic-December 19, 2017.033 The Internet seems to be worrying about one thing alone these days: Fcc has agreed to abolish this set of legal steps. What exactly does that mean, then? Will we still be able to exploit the Site freely? Such questions, and many more, are what we are trying to answer such days. Let’s take a look at what’s happening to your favorite streaming media service. How does Netflix affect Net neutrality? Net Neutrality: What Is That Meaning?

A few years ago Internet service providers were forced to take a number of legal measures. Essentially, these interventions demanded that Isps handle all its clients equally. This means that if you pay a certain amount monthly, you get to browse the Web at a certain speed of communication. You must hope to access it without any restrictions. Without Net Neutrality Isps is much more free to do just about anything they want. More importantly, with limited bandwidth, they can create customized monthly plans and charge extra for various features. That also includes streaming services for the media. .034 How does it affect Netflix?

Netflix is not in a very good position at the moment. As you may know, this is the most popular streaming media service operating around the globe. It is thus in direct competition with film studios and cable service providers. What’s interesting to note is that these film studios and cable providers are owned by major corporations controlling Isps as well. For example, at the moment there are some hints about the merger of At T and Time-Warner into one entity. At T could therefore try to persuade users to close down their Netflix subscriptions and move to Hbo (owned by Time-Warner). This could happen in a less than ideal way without the Net neutrality. At T, for example, can charge you extra for Netflix streaming. However this Isp could make Netflix slower for its customers. What you need to know is that it will take months to become involved to repeal net neutrality. You are currently free to use any streaming media service at any Internet service provider. But here are some possible scenarios you might imagine.

US Isps already have the necessary infrastructure to enforce all sorts of monthly restrictions. We can therefore set up a certain cap on bandwidth. Even if you’ve got unlimited bandwidth, they could say you’ve got 10Gb of Netflix bandwidth. The link will be limited until you run out – while you will be able to browse the rest of the Internet freely. .035

Scenario # 2: Throttling As stated before many Isps are owned by the same companies owning streaming media services. There is a lot of competition therefore. Without Net Neutrality, by throttling your Internet connection, Isps could make their competitors slower. The end goal here is for you to turn to your Isp’s service from Netflix or any of the competitor’s websites.

Scenario # 3: A Full Netflix Block

Let’s look at how Net neutrality has the worst possible effect on Netflix? Well Netflix could be blocked if you don’t pay to use it. Several Isps have already done that around the globe. That means you’ll have to pay another amount to access Netflix in addition to paying for your regular Netflix subscription. What are your views on recent developments? What do you think about how Netflix impacts Net neutrality? And how is it that you plan to fight back? Please let us know in the comments below. Make sure you share this article on social networks to spread the news on Net neutrality. Thank you!