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How to download Torrents to iOS – Unnecessary Jailbreaking!Apple has done a good job of keeping iOS secure, as you sure know. When it comes to malware and digital threats, iOS devices today are among the most risk-free apps. It comes with some traffic offs however. For instance, you can not perform deep operating system customizations, and you can not install Web applications. Hence you might think that downloading torrents to iPhones or iPad is impossible. That’s not the case though-all you need is a useful guide. Fortunately TechNadu is here to assist. Torrents can be downloaded on iOS here. Disclaimer: TechNadu does not recognize illegal file sharing or an infringement of copyright. While P2P file sharing technology is legal many of the files shared via P2P are still copyrighted. Uploading these copyrighted files can endanger a civil lawsuit. While these lawsuits are often class action cases some were targeted at individual users in an attempt to give them an example. TechNadu strongly recommends usingExpressVPNExpressVPN review.

Torrenting Safeguards

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Downloading Torrents to iOS: Basics You probably know that torrenting has two sides which are equally important. You’ll need a reliable torrent client and a torrent repository to download a torrent to any device. There’s a huge choice of reliable torrent clients when it comes to Apple-made devices. You will see, however, that these are all made for MacOS, not iOS. So, where can you find an iOS torrent client and download it? Well you couldn’t. There are however (perfectly legal) tools that can be used to this end. We’ll tell you about those shortly. Next you need to know about some of the most popular legal torrent repositories on the torrent websites. You will need these soon as we’ll tell you how to import torrents to iOS. And that includes downloading a torrent file to your iOS device from the Web. Let’s spring right in.

How to Download Torrents on iOS: Step-by-Step Guide

Step # 1: Download Torrent File

Download the torrent file to your iOS device in the first step. Later we will use that torrent file to download the data stored therein. Continue reading. First you need to visit one of the famous torrent trackers on your iOS device, use Safari. So go ahead and find a torrent you’d like to download. You’ll need a torrent client to activate the torrent file that you just downloaded. However there is no such application on iOS. That’s why we can use one of the torrent downloads that are based on Web. A Web-based tool called Seedr is currently the most popular alternative. Use your Safari browser to and create a new account. The home page allows you to register. Enter your email and password and you’re welcome to go “3/3.218.jpg” once you sign in and see your dashboard on your Seedr account. First you need to click the Plus icon (+) in the top-right corner Next click the Upload icon also in the top-right corner Click on ‘ Browse ‘ from the iOS menu This is when you need to find a downloaded torrent file. The file can be found on your iCloud Drive in case you have listened to our advice. Tap the torrent file and it will be uploaded to Seedr. Go ahead and select that storage option. The Web-based torrent downloader will now be doing the job alone. It will upload and then start downloading the torrent. “3/3.220.jpg”

Supplemental Resources: What’s next?

We’d like to provide useful resources before we conclude our article on how to download torrents to iOS. These will help you understand what is all about torrenting and keep you safe on the Web. Torrenting Legality. This is where we talk about different torrent users roles and their responsibilities in downloading torrents to Mac computers. Don’t worry the process of downloading torrents on iOS is much simpler.

Last Thoughts

This is where our article ends. We hope you found it helpful and are now able to download torrents to iOS. If you have any further concerns or suspicions please feel free to post a comment below.