How to do oral sex on a woman

How to do oral sex on a woman


In the world of sex sensations and senses prevail and in this scenario all the stimuli are valid. Oral sex is undoubtedly one of the best, for both men and women. A stimulation that has no comparison with any other, but must be practiced with technique and smoothness since the mouth will have direct contact with powerful erogenous zones such as the clitoris. So the more you know, the better! That’s why at we explain how to do oral sex to a woman for you to fully enjoy and achieve powerful orgasms.

Before oral sex

Foreplay is essential to get our girl to climax and really enjoy sex, because they need a more intense and constant stimulation than men to get a good orgasm. Although oral sex is powerful, before reaching the vagina directly it is good stimulate her in other ways, for example kissing and licking her breasts, going down to the crotch, kissing, licking and caressing this area, which is very sensitive. If you do it right you will see her squirm with pleasure, give small moans and make movements so that your mouth finally reaches her vagina. Wait a bit, you can still play gently with your fingers on her clitoris and at the entrance of her vagina, masturbate her for a moment in order to prepare her to enjoy the absolute pleasure that you are about to give her.

Fundamental keys to good oral sex

There are things you can NEVER ignore during the oral sex to a woman and that make the difference between a pleasant cunnilingus that makes her explode into a great orgasm and any lick, that’s why she takes into account:

– The vagina It is a delicate area that must be handled gently, you can suck, lick or suck but never forgetting that delicacy is as important to her as it is to you when you receive oral sex.

– Delicacy does not mean absolute softness. If you lick too softly, she won’t feel as intensely, so a good way to keep your balance is to imagine that your tongue is your penis. Do with it what you would do with your phallus: use it to rub her clitoris, to penetrate, to lick from bottom to top and vice versa. It is a weapon to give pleasure, so you must find the middle ground.

– Keep a good rhythm, this is important for her to reach orgasm.

– You must be attentive, look at what she does when your tongue is in the different points of her vagina. There are places that generate more pleasure and she will surely let you know with moans, words or more intense spasms. When you find them, give them the attention they deserve.

– For her to feel pleasure until reaching orgasm, you must also enjoy oral sex. It shows when someone does not do it, when it is an obligation, so if you dedicate yourself to this task, give it your all and do it well.

Your tongue and clitoris

The clitoris It is the most sensitive erogenous zone of the female body, it gathers a great amount of nerves, so when it is well stimulated it is pure pleasure. The tongue and the clitoris get along really well, but you have to know how to do it. At first use the tip of your tongue to start licking, go from below, from the lips, to the clitoris, as a small introduction. When she is hot, it is time to increase the sensations and intensity: use your entire tongue to cover the clitoris completely and lick the entire vagina. You can make circles with your tongue, give long or short licks, vary and try what your girl likes the most.

Your tongue, lips and the entrance to the vagina

In the previous tips, you already read that an important key to giving a woman good oral sex is to imagine that your tongue is your penis. With it you can caress the lips of your girl’s vagina, both the inside and the outside, then you can subtly insert your tongue into the orifice of the vagina. When introducing, begin by doing it with the tip of the tongue licking lightly, when you feel how you enjoy it then you can move your tongue a little more and simulate penetration, a movement that is very pleasant. You can also suck a little using your mouth to absorb the entire area, as if her vagina were another mouth and you are kissing her, this movement gives them great enjoyment.

Lick the whole area

An incredible way to please a woman with him oral sex It is licking the entire area that covers the area from the vicinity of the anus to the clitoris. A little review that will give you a lot of pleasure. When you dedicate yourself to doing it, either only in the vagina or going a little further back, it is good that you use your entire tongue, feel all the moisture in this area, your desire and desire will be very exciting for your girl who will surely reach a good orgasm with all your technique.

Tongue, hands and games: pure pleasure

The key to oral sex in particular and sex in general is rhythm and variety. If you start giving oral sex to a woman by licking, for example, the clitoris, and you stay there alone, after a few minutes it will be boring, so you should alternate: clitoris, labia, vaginal orifice, lick the whole area, suck, suck slightly, separate a little, insert your finger, masturbate her, touch her breasts. Imagine that your mission is to give him pleasure and that you will do whatever is necessary to achieve it, well for that you have to create a kind of combo of enjoyment that includes all the techniques of the repertoire. This single detail makes all the difference, transforming into powerful orgasms for them and a lot of enjoyment for you.

To experience

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