How to divide with decimals step by step

How to divide with decimals step by step

The quick method for divide with decimal numbers it’s a very easy trick. Remove the decimal point from the division and then put the point back in the answer. Although it may seem very complicated at first glance, the truth is that with this trick it will surely be very simple. So don’t wait any longer and discover how to divide with decimals step by step.

You use a common division forgetting the decimal point. And then you put the decimal number in the same place as the dividend (the number that is divided). Look at this example:

You take the decimal point away from 9.1 and the division is now: 91 ÷ 7

You already have an easier division. The result is 13.

But you have to put the decimal number back to the result. 13 is now 1.3

But why are you going to divide by a decimal number?

The trick is to convert the number you are dividing by into a whole number. This exercise is solved by shifting the decimal point of both numbers to the right. Example:

You move the decimal point two spaces, or the number of spaces it takes to have a whole number.

Now you are dividing by a whole number and you can continue as normal: 662.5 ÷ 53

This is a very safe method if you remember to shift the decimal point the same number of places in both numbers.

This is another example:

Right now you are not dividing by a whole number, so you need to move a decimal point. Move a space and you have now: 53.9 ÷ 11

The rest of the division is easy because as you learned at the beginning of this math class, to divide a decimal number by an integer you forget the decimal point and then put it back in the result. Continuing with the example:

53.9 ÷ 11

539 ÷ 11


The result is 4.9