How To Conquer A Difficult Woman

How to win a difficult woman

The game of seduction is not always an easy road. There are many women who are not easy to fall in love with and who manage to frustrate your efforts to try to conquer her.

If you have met a woman who does not seem to open her heart, pay attention to the following oneHOWTO article in which we tell you how to conquer a difficult woman. Find out what attracts women, pay attention to her, empathize with her and earn her trust so that you can enter her heart to stay.

Before getting into the subject and discovering what attracts women and the techniques that will help you approach a difficult woman, you should know why they are considered as such. Therefore, you must assess whether the person in question is “playing” to make things difficult Or simply, has no interest rate in you. If the second case occurs, do not keep trying to get close to her or harass her, she probably has not rejected you directly out of shame or shame, but it is better that you do not waste your energy on the conquest or make her uncomfortable. If she never responds to your messages or does not return your calls and if she does it is out of courtesy, she is not a difficult woman, it is impossible.

However, there are many women who they appear not to be interested on you and they make it difficult for you, since they are measuring how much interest you have in them, how much they like you or how far you are able to go to conquer them. In that case, if you can try to soften his heart so that he falls at your feet. Next, we tell you how to conquer a difficult woman.

How to conquer a difficult woman - Difficult woman: why?

The main characteristic of difficult women is that they seem inaccessible and if we add to this that the person who wants to seduce her is shy or has insecurities, the issue becomes complicated. Therefore, we recommend you attend the following keys to make a difficult woman fall in love:

Be yourself to conquer it

Do not compare yourself with anyone and less if you know of any ex-partner that the woman in question has had. You must feel equal to it because of who you are and how you are. You, like everyone else, are unique and have your own weapons, virtues and charisma to make her fall in love, without pretending to be anyone else. If you are shy, put aside the panic of the “staging”, that is, when you have to approach or talk to her, because fear could denote your insecurity and, therefore, generate rejection.

In this other oneHOWTO article we explain how to talk to a woman if you are shy.


Women like men to take care of their image, that is, to be neat or to appear presentable on any date. It’s not about going overboard or always wearing your best clothes, it’s just about being natural.


If you want to conquer a difficult woman, you must be sincere and honest to earn her trust and admiration. There is nothing more annoying and unpleasant than a lie or a false pose, so it will be very difficult for that woman of character and inaccessible to fall at your feet.

I respect

It is one of the bases of any relationship and is a fundamental factor in any conquest, especially if it is a difficult woman. Leave aside vulgar compliments, superiority or inappropriate comments (macho, for example). You must respect it just as you would like it to be done to you. Likewise, don’t go overboard with her. Everything has to be said and expressed in the right measure so that she gives in little by little.

Don’t be easy

Normally, there is nothing that a difficult woman likes more than the person who conquers her is not easy either. Give yourself your place and don’t let her use you at will. Of course, you should give her the attention she deserves, but don’t make it easy for her either. In the game of seduction these roles can be a lot of fun, if you know how to use your weapons correctly.

How to conquer a difficult woman - How to conquer a difficult woman - the keys

Now that you know the basic keys to conquer a difficult woman, we explain how to do it properly, so that you can seduce her, open her heart and fall at your feet.

  • Don’t be desperate. This is key because it tends to generate a lot of rejection. If she notices that you are desperate to get it, she will come from afar and she will close in band.
  • Act calm, stay confident and secure. What a difficult woman wants the least is having someone submissive by her side, since you will be giving her more power and she will be more inaccessible. Difficult women like men who are confident, confident, and act calm and collected.
  • Do not react to their provocations. Many difficult women will put you to the test to see how you react, to measure how much you like her or how much effort you are able to do for her. If you make it easy for her and succumb to her requests quickly, you won’t win her over. Pay attention to her body language and yours, be calm and gradually make her take the steps when she also sees your “inaccessibility”.
  • Measure their “no”. As we’ve noted, difficult women will constantly test your confidence. If he always responds evasively or negatively, it is probably that he does not want to know anything about you, but do not give up at the first no. If it shows that there may be a minimum of possibility, try to build a deep relationship, seek the connection. Enter the game of seduction.
  • If she acts strange don’t lose your nerve. It is one of his games of seduction. It can go from affectionate to cold in a matter of seconds. This is still a test to check your reactions. Act normal and you will see how she will regain her naturalness.

the best way to seduce a difficult woman is showing you as you are and carrying out a exciting game of seduction, with which you can make her melt for you.