How to choose nail polish color

How to choose nail polish color


The nail color is a key element in our looks daily and can make hands and feet look flawless and in tune with our clothing, personality, skin tone … or quite the opposite. Today there are so many possibilities, finding the right nail polish color can be a bit tricky. If you want to find the nail color that suits you the most or the most appropriate for each occasion, pay attention to the tricks that we show you in a How-To about how to choose nail polish color.

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The some, especially those of the hands, are always visible and must look perfect on every occasion. For this reason, it is important to choose the color of the enamel according to the time and the place to make the best of impressions. It is obvious that if we go, for example, to any professional event or a job interview, it will be convenient to paint our nails in neutral colors and light tones, it may even be enough to apply a light layer of glitter. A good option for this type of occasion, as well as for jobs that require sophistication, is to show off french manicure, a safe and very elegant bet.

On the other hand, to go out at night, in your free time and for any occasion that does not require that degree of sophistication, you can highlight and enhance the attractiveness of your nails with more intense colors, bright and striking as reds, fuchsias, violets, blues, neon tones …

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The styling and wardrobe It is a factor that can give you many clues when choosing the right nail polish color. Check all the clothes in your wardrobe to see what shades you normally wear and what colors are the predominant ones. Thus, you can orient yourself and choose nail polishes in the same color scheme as your clothes.

Although nowadays the contrasts and the fusion of colors is the order of the day, you can always create a more impressive look by wearing your nails the same tone as at least one of the garments or accessories of your style.


The color of the nail polish according to the skin tone. This is another factor that many women look to when choosing their nail polish. Not all of us feel good about the same tones and, therefore, it is good to know which ones are the most favorable for us.

  • The pale skin They are favored with nail polishes in pastel tones such as pinks, blues, creams, peaches … It is preferable to avoid colors that are too dark.
  • The light skin they look best with nail polishes in shades of light purple, light pink, raspberry, soft orange and fuchsia.
  • The intermediate skins they look good, in general, with any nail polish color. There are endless shades that you can choose from such as reds, garnets, blues, yellows, oranges, pinks …
  • The tanned skin they look beautiful with shades of pink, coral, light blue, in addition to terracotta tones such as light brown and copper.


The same color for nails and lips. Wearing the same color on your lips and nails is a great way to have a look more balanced and elegant. If you are going to use, for example, a red, coral, fuchsia or pink lipstick, you will always look more attractive if you combine it with a nail polish also of the same color. Always try to choose those lipstick shades that best suit your skin tone.

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In the moment of choose nail polish colorYou should take into account that light tones make the nails appear longer and, on the contrary, dark colors make them look shorter. Therefore, if your nails are not too long, it will be preferable to choose lighter and more neutral tones to paint them.


If you are one of the girls who love to follow fashion and always be up-to-date, do not hesitate to find out what they are nail polish color trends. Thus, you will be aware of the most popular colors and the newest styles. You can catch up on OneHowTo by visiting the Spectacular Toenail Designs article.

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