How to calculate the period of a wave

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pxa I did not understand anything I just wanted to know what is the period of a wave if the frequency is 10 Hz


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A wave has a frequency of 375 Hz. What is its period.


The Fig. Corresponds to a wave that travels a distance of 100 m for 2 sec. It is a figure of 4 cm high of waves, how do I get the cycles ??? : (((


When a string is vibrated with a vibrator at 90 cycles per minute, shear waves are produced in the string of 1 m wavelength.
What is the period of said wave?


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That’s a traveling wave, yours had to be a stationary one.


Good night in a problem they let me calculate the preriod of a sound wave of 1000 cycles per second when it propagates
A) in the air
B) in the water


A wave of length 36m travels with a speed of 18 m / s. Calculate the period and frequency of the wave


These are the formulas that you must use to calculate the frequency. You must divide the length by the speed, that is, F = rapidex / longith, it would be F = 18/36, F = 0.5.
To calculate the period you must use this formula, T = 1 / Frequency (0.5). T = 1 / 0.5, T = 2.
then you calculate the Frequency in this way F = 1 / T, F = 1/2, F = 0.5 as you can see I was able to calculate the frequency in 2 ways using the wave data and the other using period data

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the formula is f is equal to 1 over time

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The formula is: t (period) = 1 / f (frequency). Source: Physics book, chapter on sound.

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