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NCIS: Wilmer Valderrama Has Another Work You Might Not Know About. (Fundamentals given by Xignite Financials.) Will he quit for this ‘ NCIS? ‘Becca Bleznak Figure 1 Caterina Scorsone as Amelia Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy Jessica Brooks via Getty Images Scorsone appeared first as Amelia Shepherd neurosurgeon and sister of the now-deceased Derek Shepherd years ago. However, when Amelia began working at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, it wasn’t until Season 11 that she was a full member of the Cast. Like with so many of the characters, Amelia has had many ups and downs on the series during her tenure. Not too long ago she had a brain tumor removed which had impacted many of her decisions. She was also married to Owen Hunt, and later divorced.

The Season 16 opener confirmed her pregnancy Part of the reason that Amelia and Owen could never seem to be working out was because she didn’t want to have children. While she ended up co-parenting with him when Leo was adopted she did not want a family. That’s why the episode revealed in the Season 16 premiere was so high. An OB-GYN at Grey Sloan, Amelia comes to Carina DeLuca to ask for an interesting favor to help spice up her friendship with Atticus “Link” Lincoln. And Carina assumes there is Amelia because she is pregnant. Suddenly Amelia learns Carina has picked up something she didn’t even know about herself.

Amelia’s had a terrible history

Amelia gets clean before she learns she’s pregnant, but unfortunately it’s too late: her baby is found to be anencephalic, ensuring that her brain never develops. Amelia considers terminating the pregnancy but chooses instead to give birth to the boy naming him Christopher and donate healthy organs. Upon telling him she is pregnant she informs Link about this.

It looks like she’ll hold her kid

And as it turns out she’s still scarred by her own trauma. He had cancer as a child and tells his friend Jo Karev that he is scared to bring a baby into this world but after talking to him and Amelia they both seem to be changing their minds and are considering going on with the pregnancies.

Will Amelia and Link get a happy ending?

See the Instagram Together post here. #GreysAnatomy But while they may have agreed to be a co-parent, it’s hard to tell whether Amelia and Link are going to make it as a couple or not. They’ve recently decided to slow down and date other people (the concept of Amelia not Link’s) and while they may no longer be following that path, it doesn’t look like they’re just moving towards marriage. We are going to have to wait and see.