How are Taurus


Do not justify yourselves Taurus is stingy stingy stingy exploitative selfish ambitious Taurus also many times thinks about their ambitions they are selfish inflexible hard stingy stingy stingy it is not that Taurus is not the way he is it is how he behaves many are stubborn choleric selfish detached greedy teach to see the Hard life are exploiters that is to say they do not release money they are not generous they are petty selfish their mouths and their motto is to say go to work I do not have poor money that can put up with the Taurus the worst sign and that of cancer very true I have known cancer generosod although it goes another a little more unstable I prefer more cancer or piscid with taurus nothing happens because they are inflexible exploiters they are not slow they are impatient the worst sign makes life an exploitation taurus go to hell do not fuck anyone else you are the worst sign a mean miserable a bastard that does not let go of shit but to exploit others you loose exploits of your mouth not taurus taurus do not do to others what you do not want to be done you are a miserable petty stingy do not let go or shit go to the shit point.


Do not blame the Taurus, first of all, do you really believe in all this as if it were that a Taurus person who was born in April must be a terrible person? The truth is a bad decision they believe in these things, it is that it is illogical, second, the cancer that is saying all that is spam and it is also super annoying, with one it was understood, and I do not think that all cancer came here just to comment the same thing and with the same bad spelling, third, you cannot generalize to all the Taurus who were born in April, it is inhumane for them to think that way, and if they don’t like the Taurus they could well save their comments and fix their problems.
If you feel so bad better go to a psychologist who is not crazy is very helpful, if someone hurt you and left you very bad go, and do not start blaming all the people who were born on a certain date because it is a barbarity.
Although I am not April Taurus or anything, I just wanted to say this because it is not right to generalize in this way, because you complain so much about that person, when you are reaching their level by saying all this, first behind their back, second is wrong do that, and even though it’s a bad person who hurt you, you don’t have to insult people who have done nothing in that way.
It’s just my opinion, I don’t want to cause trouble. Thanks.


My question is if he is a Taurus, will he be authoritarian, a shitty character, will he be impulsive, inflexible egoistic, manipulated, also exploitative, in what sense will they say to his children, he works, I have no money, look for them, that is his motto of Taurus, others see Taurus as a selfish leader. bossy authoritarian stubborn choleric logical having mothers or fathers of this sign or boyfriend they are to live with exploiting people they are the worst Taurus are not generous they are selfish ties that is to say they get rid of money and not suektan they are exploiters of shit they are shit the Taurus their motto will be to say go to work I have no money and exploit they are ambitious in that sense that when they have money they want more to the point of seeing money as selfish ambition I explain better selfish than when they have their objects of it they do not share it they keep it for my Taurus he is a mean selfish siphon and stingy exploiter makes life poor and miserable the worst sign


My comment is, my sign is Taurus, please do not insult people like me or someone else, you do not know what in life you experience or live in your own flesh, for me what you have said only makes me sad and It produces in me a great sorrow for the way of thinking you have, I do not blame your sign because it is not to blame for having obtained such a wrong, disgusting, closed-minded person, and who cannot see the difference between good people And bad, for me, a proud sign of Taurus I tell you, that I will never be and I have not been anything of what you have said to that degree, anyway until you have been all that at some point but … the truth A comment like yours makes me laugh and I don’t care what Allan did to you, everyone goes through something cruel sometime in life, stop bothering others with your selfishness, lack of respect, arrogance, and stupidity to others and start doing something that changes your life, I could go on and on giving you manners classes, but that didn’t work. laugh because you already know them, but you are ignorant, I can say that I don’t like any sign, those who don’t like me are the people who dirty their own sign by making it fall lower, and by their own I don’t mean in general if not personally, I am a Taurus at heart, stingy when due, furious when they pass, strong character and very loving and respectful with people I consider they deserve my love and respect, and you my dear person … you do not have it and you will never have it, Well, on my part you will only have a clear reflection and a good verbal beating, because you deserve it.