Honey blonde

All Over Honey Blonde Coloring

When a lady has the idea of adding new colors, she would probably try them as highlights or shadows. They prefer to throw themselves into changes for decisive statement-ladies. If youre one of them, the all-over classic honey blonde coloring is what you need: your light brown or darker blonde base can be a noble fresh and shiny finish.

Blonde Sunny Beach


Blonde Balayage Champagne

Honey Blonde Eclipting

Trends are so difficult to keep up with; they are growing so fast in the beauty industry! So eclipting out of the color oven is something completely new. This coloring involves dyeing your hair strand to frame your face by focusing on the front. A tip: on dark wavy hair, the honey looks awesome.

Fresh And Warm Honey Beige Blonde Hair

Nothing better suits girls with blue hazel eyes and fair or tanned skin tones than honey beige shades added over the primary soft light brunette. For those who want to freshen their color in a natural way, this color is an effortless salvation: it adds some warmth and brightness.

Brown to blonde milk

You cant tell if shes a blonde or a brunette. Yet one thing you can say for sure is still there: shes a goddess. Even goddesses have shades of hair that stand out as familiar as they are. Honey blonde and milk brown chocolate are the color shades that every girl knows about. But the way they blend with each other is the reason why they call the look divine from the happy medium between two different shades.

Medium Golden Blonde with Highlights


Ashy-To-Honey Blonde Ombre

While most honey blonde combos are all about super soft and natural looks, this idea shows that the show can also be stealed by rough contrasts. Though its hard to imagine dirty ashy blonde with the shade of honey, the classic shadow above proves theyve been designed to blend.

Extra-Dimensional Blonde Highlights

Can you believe that when you add soft honey blonde highlights to your darker base, youll create a look that will make your feet into the whole world? Yes, it is impossible to describe the power of color dimension in words. The choice of light and medium blonde honey shades will fit your brown and dark blonde foundation perfectly, giving your locks a lot of organic movement.

Bronde Honey

While some women spend eternally choosing blonde and brunette shades, others find the middle ground between the two. Yes, if you cant decide which hue to choose from, you can try mixing a combination that takes a tone from each choice. And bronde honey comes here – the beautiful combination of bright blonde and smooth brown finished with a luscious honey coat.

Sun Kissed Honey Blonde Highlights

These deep and stunning blonde honey highlights will help you find the happy medium between brunette and blonde shades. Only look at what a highlighting framing touch will give your dark base a golden color!

Face Framing Dark Honey Lights

By the way, you can strategically apply your brand new honey blonde hair color. To be more precise, you can select the areas covered by the color. For example, if you feel unhappy about the shape of your head, you can get some color framing. To do this, just ask your colorist to focus on the front of the highlights. Voila, voila!

Light Honey Blonde


Rich Honey Blonde With Ash Lowlights


Honey With Black Roots

Besides leaving your roots as they are, the attractive visual effect is a nice way to keep them healthy. The smooth transition from the roots to the rest of the hair makes this balayage idea so pleasant. Make sure your hairstylist is sufficiently skilled to give that incredible blend!

Blonde Balayage For Natural Look

Do not look beyond honey blonde balayage to create a truly seamless natural look. The point is to find the honey shade that is one tone lighter than your base: it gives the naturalness that is needed.

Smooth Dimension

Colors which blend simultaneously seamlessly but contrastively. You might call it magic, and wed like to call it the perfect job to scan. You will need to find not just a professional colorist to achieve such an enviable shade. It requires an esthetic who knows what colors to mix and how to make a single whole of them. Does it sound too hard? Well, no doubt its worth it.

Dark Ash With Butterscotch


Shadow Roots Idea Of Honey Blonde

Shadow roots coloring where the growing-out roots are part of the whole look is something that made a great splash. Your colorist applies a honey blonde hair dye through your hair while seamlessly blending the color with your roots when working with such a technique. Its a nice way to wear a new color and keep your natural loyal.

Ashy Honey Blonde With Platinum Highlights


Honey With Face Framing Blonde Locks

But this time its less noticeable in comparison. Here you are thinking about the nature of lights and shadows. The light honey blonde is a lighter tone than the muted blonde of the caramel. And when the sun shines on this mane, it reveals the hidden hint of framing that is waiting to show up for its moment.

Honey Blonde Brownie

How about the most enticing candy in your hair? Start by adding some dark honey blonde at the midway with your medium brown base and finish with the yummy light honey color. Have a good appetite!

Honey Base With Warm Vibes

There is something between the accentuating highlights of deep lowlights and the framing of baby lamps. Simply call it warmlights. If you like the idea of coloring honey blonde but want to make it a little warmer, you can ask your colorist to color some edges in saturated orange just to enliven the silhouette overall. Dark roots will also complement the look beautifully!

Light Honey Blonde With Lowlights


Honey Coffee Coloring

Cant you imagine your life without a morning cup of coffee? Youre not going to be able to resist the need for color experiments after seeing the honey coffee duo! The soft cocoa base sprinkled with bright honey highlights is the perfect combination youre going to dream of seeing every morning in the mirror.

Chestnut Blonde With Highlights


Pale Light Honey Blonde

The lightest version of honey blonde hair color is intended for girls with pearl and porcelain skin tones and peachy undertones who want to make their noble pale look authentic. This shade is less shiny than the classic shade, yet it gives some sort of wash-out wheat vibes that work well for light teint.

Light Hot Honey Blonde

The better the blonde shades you will be mixing during your test. As many ladies know, natural blonde is nothing more than a blend of several blonde colors that switch from darker to lighter. So if you think its a bad idea to think again to add some more blond vibes to your light mane. Here you can see how the blonde base kisses ravishingly warm honey hues. As a result, a unique blonde shade with an amazing warm undertone is given life.

Caramel And Honey Sherbet

Especially when it comes to playing around with colors, we cant have too much sweetness! What can be compared to the dark caramel roots that develop into a rich melted sugar and honey combination?

Bright Golden Blonde Balayage


Warm Amber Blonde With Reddish Undertones


Light Caramel Blonde Balayage


Cool Amber Blonde With Face-framing Highlights

Warm Ginger Blonde


Golden Honey

As it turns out, gold and honey have much in common, especially from the point of view of colouring: they both have a saturated luxurious and natural shade. And it should be noted that this duo is what can give you the dreamy look if you want to add some wealth to your naturally dark base. Combine them in a vibrant balayage with a powdery change at the roots to get the most out of these two.

Gentle Honey Blonde Partial Highlights

Keep in mind that honey blonde highlights on black hair will look too drastic yet there is a fantastic idea for dark brunets to lighten their deep hair. Subtle partial highlights that only reach a few front pieces of hair can create the genuine transition from dark to light.

Caramel Honey Ends

This goes without saying that the shades of caramel and honey form an incredible pair. Do not restrict yourself with just one color when you go for the shadow. In fact, its not going to be fun or natural-looking. Check the size and definition of color that hits the ends and still preserves the basic color. Look? See? The better the more colors.

Pastel Honey With Dark Roots

The honey hair color pastel option explains why this color is now so trendy. Pale wash-out shades and pastel shades look very elegant and polished, particularly when the dark brunette roots remain virgin. Now heres the thing that will make you try: any complexion will be flattered by such a combination!

Soft Honey Blonde Highlights For Natural Blondes

Honey blonde hair can be achieved in different ways, but it is possible to create the most lively and organic look for blond hair by highlighting it. A few golden accents of honey will carry your blonde base to the next level: isnt that a win – win?

Subtle Honey Blonde Sombre

Would you like to embrace the variety of blonde and brown colors and keep them at once delicate? The dark coloring that is a lighter ombre version can help you melt the colors easily and produce a well-balanced look.

Auburn Blonde

Honey Ombre Over Brownish Base

Ombre may be different and it seems that this honey blonde shadow has nailed the color transitions. If there is a thin soft line from where the natural base ends and the added hue starts as the shades complement each other is just a look we couldnt even think of. How about you make the blonde fantasy of light brown-to-honey come true?

Bronze Honey

We cant have too much of it when it comes to playing with your color palette. From dark chocolate to ashy blonde, you can start with any base you like; honey accents will go nicely with your choice. As far as this idea is concerned, it is nothing but the embodiment of sweetness that can brighten up any possible hair colour. It melts here with bronze hues creating an amazing dimension that escapes the darker roots.

Cool Ash Blonde With Honey Highlights


Warm Caramel Blonde


Honey Ombre For Dark Brown

Despite numerous debates and conflicts about brunets and blondes, they only look at their best when they go hand in hand. A saturated blonde honey hue takes over the light brown base mixing effortlessly, giving a fresh look. Isnt it just too good to be true?

Sunflower Blonde Balayage


Honey Blonde Allover Haircolor


Dark Brown To Honey

Honey vibes can come into your hair life in many amazing ways and this is the most popular idea for those who would like to lighten their dark manes. You may ask your stylist to add them as highlights for soft balayage or even darkness which leaves untouched the roots and gives visually a lighter overall tone. As a result, while you still have natural roots, you will pull off a brand new shade.

Allover Butterscotch Blonde Color


Sunny Honey Blonde with Platinum


Honey To Platinum Balayage


Toffee Blonde with Sunny Touch

At first, you might want to consider using the technique of partial highlighting. Achieving it is very straightforward. You just need to highlight the side strands of your hair and bangs (if youve got them. If you look in the mirror, youll see the effect immediately and you can decide whether to proceed with greater focus. Most girls stop at this point and are very happy with the results.

and burgundy

If you add some burgundy shades, black hair with blonde highlights will look amazing. To order to create a beautiful look, you should mix blonde burgundy and black. This combination is particularly attractive on long hair.

Thick highlights

Allow blonde highlights to do better work on their black locks by highlighting broader strands. The emphasis should be on the top of your head while either remaining black or highlighting the edges.

Chocolate Caramel Highlights

Theres nothing better for the summer than a beachy boho look and you can achieve it perfectly by adding beachy blonde and caramel balayage highlights on neutral brown or dirty / dark blonde hair.

d those beachy waves with salt spray and you feel like Victorias baby Secrets Lily Aldridge.


Honey Blonde Highlights

We love chocolate and cant help but think that this hair looked like the best chocolate bar weve ever seen in our lives.

Even though we wouldnt want to eat this look, wed definitely love to rock it and if you want to, youll have to talk to your stylist about caramel and honey blonde highlights handprinted from around the ear to the ends playing with lighter shades as you travel further down.


Red and blonde are two shades that arent very daring or courageous enough for women to put together, but as you can see in the right way, dark red hair with golden highlights will work brilliantly as long as you customize the cut and color to suit your needs. Thats where your hairstylist comes in.

If you want to go with a color that may not necessarily work with your skin tone, for example, a really light blonde that might leave you looking washed out, you might save that bright color tone to the ends of your hair that will not frame your face. Leaving darker or more natural colors framing your head will mean that the look is not too extreme and will give you the chance to play with many more shades.

Caramel Blonde Highlights For Dark Brown Hair

These caramel blonde highlights for dark brown hair are a great mid-point for women who want to go all the way blonde but dont want to treat hair too much in one go.

To experiment with so many amazing color combinations, why do you want to skip the intermediate stages? If you have dark hair and want to go lighter, do it over time in the style of balayage. Gold Caramel And Mocha Highlights

We all love a good cup of coffee and we all love these highlights of gold caramel and mocha. The intoxicating warped mix of varying shades of blonde and bronde (brown-blonde produces a look that has you looking for all the right reasons.

can you give it a couple of weeks before beauty appointments too?

Blonde on top

is just the top of your hair. This style can be thought of as some sort of special shadow. Blonde is highlighted in the top black strands while the bottom remains natural.

Copper Caramel Highlights On Dark Hair

balayage highlights ideas look difficult and hard work theyre actually easier than many of the other hair models youve been going through over the years preferring a more hand-painted approach over fiddly hard-working foils and taking a lot more time than wed like to give up.

Using the eyes as a guide, the beautiful caramel and copper highlights you can see are randomly blended onto the hair and swept slightly by applying the brighter and pale tones to the ends. Such bouncy curly layers are really helping to spice things up and the twists are helping to show off every part of your new color job something you just cant achieve with straight hair so quickly.

Caramel And Beige Blonde Highlights

The usual look is the right idea for you, but you dont want to venture out of the color box that you used to search.

In addition, the procedure itself provides more control over where the lighter areas of your hair are, while being hand-painted, and therefore the color changes may be more gradual as well as the cycle of regrowth.

A little black

Maybe its hard to stop when you get into blonde highlighting. When you want to lighten your hair color, leave a few natural black strings to the hairdresser. Theyre going to look great.

Stunning blonde

If you select dark blonde highlights for your black hair, you can create a natural picture that you may stick to for years to come. In addition to changing your hair, you allow yourself to change the entire outlook.

Mocha Ice Tone Highlights

If youre concerned about too much of a warm and bolshy tone in your latest blondes highlights, its definitely worth looking at a somewhat colder solution. Blondes ice and ash tones are easier to wear than brighter yellow tones, especially when mixed with darker browns and mocha colors.

Just because youre blonde doesnt mean youre going to have to go blonde. Its all about working out which one is right for you, there are plenty of shades to pick from.

Slight highlighting

Highlighting even a few thin strands with honey blonde dye can create a stunning image when your natural hair is black. These few strands on your black locks will look like flame dashes. Give them the chance to try!

Best Black Hair Blonde Highlights

Golden Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

Of course, if you have the option to go a little bit more wild than you would usually, why wouldnt you get away with it?

Thats what we love about these dark hair golden blonde highlights – its a rugged look I dont care for, that works perfectly for summer festival season.

Golden Balayage Highlights

These adorable bouncy waves, as well as being feminine and beautiful to look at, are the new hair trend these days. Its a style that you can wear day or night and you can easily dress up or down with the right hair band accessories or throw a couple of grips into the mix.

It is always best to try to keep using heated styling devices to a minimum when you mess around with your hair a lot, but we know you cant always guarantee that. If youre going to use heated tools, make sure youre using a heat-protection product to protect your hair for as long as possible to make sure your hair looks luscious and glossy.

Caramel Highlights

As it is otherwise known, for a super flattering look incorporating these beautiful balayage highlight ideas go to the lob or long bob. This gives you the best length of both worlds to mess around with colors and shades while being small enough to be considered low-maintenance.

We all know that long hair can be a lot of trouble and hard work. Give plenty of rest to the extensions and wear your light for a while. Thank you for your hair and scalp!

Warm Brown And Golden Blonde Highlights

The goal of the balayage game is to achieve highlights that look more natural than ever before. A French technique originally its taken over the world with many A-listers (and D-listers for that matter rushing off to the hair salon to get their new do done.

We love the way the stylist worked with the length on offer with this beautiful look combining a lot of layers from pretty hair up in style and also working in many shades of golden blonde and warm b.

Bronzey Highlights

You can choose between ash blonde tones and brassy golden copper tones, but depending on your skin type you will need to make your choice.

If youre looking for ash but you already have rather ashy pale and white teeth, you might find your latest dye-job leaves that look more washed up on the beach than beach baby.

Light Face Framing Highlights

This is a more exaggerated version of the look were trying to show you here – how a few tendrils around the face could make your do world differ.

Its still subtle but much bolder than some weve shown you and you can even play around with this look the other way around when youre normally a light-haired girl with a darker face highlighting balayage highlights.

Soft Caramel And Blonde Highlights

By putting with two looks balayage highlights ideas and shadow gradients you can get a look like this one that shades the hair from the otherwise dull brown hue to the one thats full of color and white. After all,


Platinum blonde

Black and brown hair look great with highlights of platinum blonde. To order to look first, do not hesitate to play with the lightest shades of blonde. You are definitely going to make an impact.

Light Chocolate Highlights

You would usually expect to be back in the salon every six to eight weeks or so with daily foil highlighting dye-jobs to get everything touched.

With the look of the balayage highlight you dont have to be as strict with your appointment routine and in many cases you can get away with leaving it for eight weeks and in some cases more before you need re-dyed stuff.

Honey and golden shades

Honey and golden shades are just what your picture needs to brighten up your black hair and give you the extra zest youve been dreaming about. Using various shiny shades to diversify your black mane.

Golden Caramel Highlights

Just because you can go a little colored nuts doesnt mean you need it and its a perfect example. Its still loud, vibrant and utterly beautiful to look at, but at the same time, with brash colors and bossy sounds, its not totally out there.

You need to use a light blending trick here. The look has to be subtly applied so its not streaks and in fact most of the blending work is essentially invisible. You cant see where one color begins and the next one ends, but there are two colors somehow!

Caramel Highlights

Although this is the best look in the living room to achieve the natural color blend you want so much that you can try your hands at home with balayage highlight kits purchased from local drug stores.

just in case … There are so many ways to wear the latest trend but we hope youve got plenty of # hairinspiration from these stunning scanning highlights! Bring these shots into your hairdresser and see if this spring and summer they cant work out a beautiful new look for you to rock. Its time to change your hair!