Voluminous High Top Fade Haircut

Whichever type of black men you choose will be incredible with a high top cut. This guy has chosen to go pretty high to slowly migrate the tidy sides to the thicker edges. You will need to find a professional barber to replicate this design, who not only knows how to fade hair but can also develop a perfectly even hi-top silhouette.

Sectioned High Top Braids

Spice up these classic top braids for black guys with trimmer creativity. All forms of the face. It takes a lot of accuracy. The three lines at the back are precisely carved out. The top part is divided into square-shaped sections and braided into simple braids for each segment.

Blonde Sponge Curls

There are a few more ways to create fun contrasts in addition to all the different types of fade haircuts! Especially if you want your style to be seen from a mile away, some light paint will not harm your natural locks. A high skin fade gives an exceptional contrast in length to this style and highlighted curls create a fresh color play. Now that you know how distinctive a high top fade haircut can be, its time to show the world a different unique variation! Dont be shy about lifting your favorite designs and styling the top in any way you want and finding a barber who knows how to make your personality show off a style! Tinie news

Fresh Classic Afro Cut

A drop fade haircut has a drastic gradient and a markedly tapered hairline. It is meant to enhance the texture and graduation of Afro American haircuts. But not only because of the fade, this immaculate afro haie stands out: it also contains the pop light!

Sleek Top

How is it that you love to pull off today to diversify the traditional tops for fading men? You can make it fit your picture with the right approach to the top. For example, though following the classic template, this sleek top and even fade gives the hi-top a new definition.

Mens High Top Braids Style

. You can continue to search for other types of braiding from there and build up the skill. Other than that it is also very important to have your hair type hair length and the type of hairstyle you want to go for. You have to find out how the shape of your face will suit a certain hairstyle. You also need to be careful when it comes to keeping your body. If a part of your head is shaved, it must be regularly trimmed. Hair products are also of great importance. You have to start using products to nurture it after your hair has reached a certain length and you are not planning to cut it. Using styling products like hair gel and pomade to make the hairstyle look great as well. Cornrows braids


Q. That type of braids is appropriate for men? You think any kind of braids style would look good on you. The most common are those with shaved faded sides and high top braids with designs, but with whatever you feel most comfortable with, you can go with them. Q. Can White men try high-top braids as well? Obviously. Some examples of high-top braids worn by white models are given above. High top braided hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular and white men are wearing some of them even more frequently. Q. Low Top Model Braids or High Top Line Fade? It depends on the hair type and personal preference in particular. High-level braids with designs are often linked to a specific culture, but we strongly believe in wearing anything you feel comfortable with or find fitting. Because it has not only an aesthetic but also a functional feature, unlike top braids with designs. Using shaved sides and a well-done fade and high top braids help stretch your head. If your hair is a little longer and you feel brave about spicing up your hairstyle, these high top braids are very cool hairstyle options to try even if its just for fun. Its high chances to like it!

Curly Top And Mid Fade

This curly hair fade would love men who are in a sense of balance. The smoothly balanced medium fade, which connects two thicknesses seamlessly, is nothing but a perfect addition to the distinctive curly mane. Of course, without a temp fade, this style wouldnt look sharp.

Crab High Top Braids

This mens top fade with hairstyle braids is not easy to create or sustain. But any artistic soul must experience at least once wearing something as unique as this crab-high top braid hairstyle. Leave the battle to a specialist who becomes very imaginative and demonstrates their skill.

High Top With Fade Design

Another good thing about mens fade haircuts is that they give plenty of space to create. Be sure to bring a picture of the pattern you like to a steady-handed barber to spice up your fade with a unique design.

Curl Sponge Look

These funky sponge curls look very natural with a black fade haircut finish highlighted. This time its a soft taper with an accurate temple fade that keeps the natural texture visible yet well-groomed and edgy.

Medium Textured Hair

Something not short like black short haircuts and not long like a classic afro mane comes here. The hi-top cut is a medium-length variant which focuses on the top surface involving the cleanest mens fade – skin fade.

Mohawk Style

While most guys have different approaches to apply loads of styling products to achieve Mohawk haircuts for black men. This Mohawk fade is made of clippers and trimmer to keep the sides shaved and help the top stretch along the back of the head.

Textured Hi-Top With Long Curls

Everything in this idea begins with a black mens high fade haircut. The neater the sides at first, the more attention is given to the top. And you need to make the contrast big when youre about to rock such head-turning long curls.

Zig-Zag Braids

Talking about creativity and originality – another great idea is to wear these zig-zag braids. Heart and heads with a round shape. Same as before, but in a zig zag pattern.

Subtle High Top Braid

braided mens hairstyle. Round faces with an oval shape. Braid on both sides of a thin braid. Using hair gel in the middle to form the body.

Arabic style

Dark and unruly Arabic locks can also find their best shape with the help of sophisticated and immaculate hi-top cutting.

Dreads Shaved Design

Dont forget that with shaved haircut designs you can transform your top into any look you like. Such notorious tops are a perfect example of tailor-made fade haircuts. The temp fade beautifully accentuates the dreaded top while the look is given a lot of individuality by two shaved stripes.

Blow Out Straight Pomp

One of the most popular mens fade haircuts is probably the blowout fade or temple fade. It may come in many variants, but all of them have a common feature – a tapered line of contour that accentuates temples. And what are you sure of? Its going to go awesome with a pomp-like hi-top upswept.

Neat Short Flat Top

Although most hi-tops have a common structure, you cant stop playing around. A flat top fade is a good idea if you prefer a smooth and smooth finish to a dramatic and edgy look. A shadow fade that connects the sides and the necessary harmonic finish is a slightly longer top.


look great and cool. All forms of the face. With the other side shaved, you can keep it swept to one side.

Trendy High Top Braid Hairstyles for Guys

your new braided feel.

Halo Braid

Youll love this top braided mens hairstyle if youre excentric and want to stand out from the crowd! Oval and cardiac faces. With the support of a hair extension that is connected with a hair clip, this braid is probably achieved. The important thing is that the hairs color suits the braids color. Check Out For Black Men

Braids with Man Bun

these braided hairstyles get sexier. A combination of precise sectioning and thin and broad braids. Other than that, the front and the sides are precisely cut and shaved and the braids arrive at the back of a medium – high bun.

Kinky Top With Surgical Line

The best hair styles for men with natural hair always go with a haircut fade that saves the scalp from thick and heavy pressure. This excellent even fade with gently tapered graduation holds well-groomed the unruly top giving it an exceptionally steady form. There is no need to say that two shaved lines serve as a cool feature!

Quiff Pomp

The hi-top option contains the main features of a quiff haircut. With a slight temple shave and a chic blow-dried top, super clean and high fade hair is a stunning idea for modern gentlemen.

Zero Fade With Frizzy Top

Looks to remember when the shortest cuts ever meet the funkiest Afro hairstyles. You can see here how a zero fade transforms roughly to a beautiful messy and kinky edge. And that look was spritzed with moisturizing oil to stay away from frizz.

Line Up High Top

For black men, there are no better hairstyles than those with edgy features that improve the appearance of afro fade. Here facial hair follows the same pattern but with a smooth disconnecting line as the fading part. And the completely textured top acts as a touch of balance.

Simple High Top Braids

square-shaped and round heads. Braid the top of your head in a Franch braid and make the rest of your hair a little high man bun. Bearded Mans Hot Man Bun Hairstyles

Middle Part Double Braid

This top braid hairstyle is a slightly simpler variant of mens braids that many men were searching for. Faces that are oval and round. On the sides and on the front is cut and rasped. The top part is split in the middle and braided in a tight bun with both braids.

Curly High Top Mid Fade

If youre not sure how to fade hair, pick a mid-fade fade: you cant go wrong. As for the top if youre sporting very curly hair and want to relieve some pressure, try this idea; it features a textured top which offers the sense of lightness that is required.

High Top Spider Braid

This star high top braid can only be worn by brave people! Smaller ones. Tie each segment with an elastic band so that in the middle of the process you dont get lost and then start braiding.

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