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Serena Williams’ husband Melissa Mitas recently wrote An Op-Ed with a Letter to New DadsMeg DowellTwitter More Articles 6/6.139 6/6.139 Simba in The Lion King 2019 | Disney Donald Glover — writer actor comic and singer (as Childish Gambino) will be playing the future king of Pride Rock. He has worked on television shows including Community and Atlanta too. When he appeared in Marvel’s Spiderman: Homecoming in 2016, he first traveled to “Disney land” He eventually joined the Star Wars franchise in 2017. Glover is a man full of talents. There’s no doubt that he can channel his own creative energy into his own Simba version, for which many of us have grown up rooting. Who is playing on Nala?

Beyoncé, best known for being Beyoncé, can voice the love interest of Simba. Since beginning her career, the singer hasn’t appeared in many movies or shows — at least in comparison to her fellow cast members. But her credits for music video between Destiny’s Child and her solo music date back to the late ‘ 90s. Her successful career in music makes her the right person to play Nala. Because the musical number in which she participates — at least in the original 2D movie — is a very significant one.

The 2019 Lion King cast: John Oliver Seth Rogen and more

Disney definitely didn’t hold back on casting this film. Almost none of the cast of the original film will return — with one big exception — but we’re pretty confident that the actors Favreau has selected and that company will do just fine. Seth Rogen-best known for his work on American Dad Simpsons! And different live-action and animated comedies — Pumbaa, a beloved warthog, will play. And James Earl Jones is going to take over his role as Mufasa (that’s his trailer voice!). Over five decades, his highly successful career has lent his skills to ventures ranging from Star Wars to The Simpsons and, of course, the original Lion King and his sequel. So far we have heard only the incredible voice of James Earl Jones in character as Mufasa talks to Simba. But knowing Disney we will at least get a few more exciting full trailers before next year’s movie releases. Get ready-it’s going to be great!