Heres a Different Way

Earnings: All you need to know nowThe Cher Show: Broadway-based musical celebrating Cher’s Life for Premiere in Chicago next June — Chicago Tribune (@chicagotribune) September 28, 2017 My Life as a Broadway Pop Goddess said in a statement. It looks crazy, thrilling and weird, “but that’s actually how most people think of my life. The musical will be organized rather than adopting a linear format like a variety show similar to the 1970s The Sonny Cher Comedy Hour. Of the pop star tracks, 35 to 40 will be included. For 10 years we have been discussing this musical Cher said in her speech. It is thrilling and scary. The Cher Show is based on Cherilyn Sarkisian La Piere Bono Allman’s life or whatever her friends call her Cher! The kid vowing to be famous on a tricycle. The teen phenom that crashes twenty or so. The glam television star who is leaving from top. The prospective actress with an Oscar. The goddess of rock sold hundred million albums. The hero who did it all still terrified to walk on stage. The daughter mother wife’s sister mate. The woman on her search for love. The survivor finally pursuing her dream. They all dressed up here to conquer singing their faces, saying it as it is. And they are all The Cher Show stars. The Cher Show will be directed by Christopher Gattelli choreographed Jason Moore with music supervised and orchestrated by Daryl Waters with a script by Rick Elice. The show takes place in her psychological closet and there’s all she’s ever been in her life in that closet “all she’s ever played every song she’s sung to every pair of shoes she’s wearing every win and every loss Elice said.