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Here are the reasons to look at it without SKIPPING. Connect to a VPN where your identity is hidden by rotating your IP address while streaming the content on Kodi. This is how the prying eyes will keep you safe. Bypass Geo-Restriction: Some official addons like BBC iPlayer NBC Sports Hulu IceFilms have geo-location restrictions, as you probably know. This also applies to additional additions such as Acestream that collect torrents data. You will have to DEFINITELY use a VPN no matter what to unblock those restrictions. The above are the 2 reasons which force us to recommend a VPN for safer streaming to Kodi users. In fact, after testing several Kodi VPNs, we finally came up with a one-time non-stop solution, which is ExpressVPN, the top rated Kodi VPN49 percent OFF on ExpressVPN, which includes 3 FREE months.

What Are Kodi Skins?

As its name implies skins have the ability to change the appearance of your Kodi UI. We’re not talking about a fresh paint coat however. Kodi’s skins are quite potent in what they can do. They can change for example how the main menu looks and how you interact with your library of content. That said you should know which ones to choose from. You don’t want to make your life any harder because they can change Kodi tremendously. Instead go for a skin that makes it more fluid to navigate within Kodi. Continue reading to learn how to install your favorite home theater software on new skins. How to install Skins on Kodi?

Before we proceed we would like to let you know how various skins can be applied. As you can imagine you will first have to download them. In other words, for Kodi to download and install skins you need an active internet connection. They will be stored locally however once installed. This means you will be able to change the skins available even without connecting to the Web. We recently published an article dealing with how Kodi skins can be changed. Use the provided link to get detailed installation instructions. This is where you will find an explanation of how skins can be downloaded using a ZIP file – which will come in handy. Once you are ready to continue reading.

Here are some of the best skins you can download for your Kodi from now. We have provided links so that you can get more information and download the ZIP files in question.


We have a suggestion for you in case you are looking for a skin which completely overhauls Kodi. Phenomenal is a user friendly skin which tries to do a great deal on its own. First it changes the appearance of the main menu altogether. You will see a vertical (or horizontal) menu with large icons, depending on your preferences. Once you enter any of the categories of content available you will see many different viewing options. For example, you can place your films in a list grid, or use a carousel that looks interesting. This skin is great for both large and small screens anyway.


SiO2Kodi is bringing a new, default skin with every new major iteration. The current one is called Estuary and comes with Codi 17 Rapier Kryptontry. Rapier is in many ways a combination of the preceding two default Kodi skins. It takes that idea however and it pushes it forward. You can count on seeing lots of black and blue UI elements at once, including legible typography and lots of information. We feel that Rapier works best on TVs or monitors on a grand screen.


If you are looking for something totally different Revolve will meet your needs. This skin justified its name, because it is based on UI elements revolution (rotation). Each UI element is designed to spin and rotate. You can adjust how the element rotates but this option can not be disabled. As you can see, Remote Controllers make Revolve most usable. You might have a hard time using this skin if you are using a mouse or touch-controls. So it’s great for now popular Kodi boxes many of which also feature a remote.


Many of you use Kodi on one of the Fire TV Stick devices. That means you already know how Fire TV OS looks. There are lots of large rectangular elements, and lots of black gray and yellow elements. Overall this is a platform designed with elegance. You can turn Kodi into something that looks like Fire TV OS thanks to FTV. Actually it’s amazing how accurately this skin imitates the media platform of Amazon. There are plenty of nicely designed visuals and a main menu with a very elegant look.


Grid provides a solution if you are in clear-cut visuals. That skin is designed with simplicity in mind, as its name says. It is composed of large elements which appear to be modular. Additionally this skin features a large typography so you won’t find it hard to use Kodi on a large screen. It’s worth noting that Grid is pretty lightweight which means you can also use it on low-end devices. The skin works without any problems and not using a lot of dynamic elements. If you’re into simplistic visuals, this is one of the best skins on Kodi.

Xperience 1080

If you’re a Windows user you know everything about the visual style of the Metro. If no Windows 10 app is launched, then you will see how they are built. They use modular blocks and they allow you to move from left to right in many ways. This is a lot like how Xperience 1080 works. Even if it doesn’t copy Metro Xperience from Windows, it does bring modularity to Kodi. Squares and rectangles are prevalent providing clean-cut looks. You should know that a bit more powerful processor is required for this skin, too. So install it on a potent Kodi box or on your computer is best.


We have mentioned previously that SiO2 brings a layer of Apple-made paint over your Kodi. We should mention AppTV though, too. That skin is based on older tvOS looks. You’ll see lots of colorful icons on the vertical menus and various shades of black and blue. This is an interesting option as such if you are feeling nostalgia for the older platform of Apple. AppTV works fantastically on small and large screens. Additionally this is a very lightweight skin that can also run on low-end devices.


With Amber we would like to finish our 2018 list of the best Kodi skins. This has long been one of our personal favourites. You’ll see what we mean, since you can install it. By default, this skin looks stunning. It brings a nicely designed, large-text horizontal main menu. It also features a sub-menu which can be used for direct access to certain categories of content. This means that you will get the work done in less clicks than before. Nearly anything can be changed about Amber though – which is a good thing.

Additional Resources: What’s next

Make sure you create your Kodi library first. It is wise to do this before applying a skin so that right from the start you can enjoy installing a few addons in its visual. Here’s a huge list of 2018’s finest Kodi addons. Just like your content library, it’s wise to install addons before applying a skin. Finally, let’s not forget the KodiUltimate Kodi Guide for our Beginner.

Last Thoughts That’s folks! We hope you’ve got some interesting options to pick. If there is anything that you would like to ask us to use the comments section below. We are always happy to hear what you suggest. Finally, if you think other Kodi users might benefit from reading it, please share this article across social networks. Thank you!