Henry Ian Cusick – Biography of Henry Ian Cusick

Henry Ian Cusick Chavez was born in 1967 in Trujillo, Peru.

Henry is son of John cusick, Scottish, and Hope Chavez, Peruvian.

Although he was born in Peru, due to his father’s labor issues, he lived his life between Spain, Scotland and Trinidad and Tobago, to finally settle in England, until he began his work in “Lost”.

I study in the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Theater and in the Glasgow Citizens Theater School of Drama.

His first leading role was in the film “The Picture of Dorian Gray“, In which he shared a poster with Rupert everett.
Later he incarnated Jesus on “The Gospel of Saint John“, from Philip Saville, a role that earned him good recognition from critics and the public, and he also participated in the well-known series “24“.

He currently embodies Desmond hume in the famous series “Lost”.

Regarding his personal life, he has been married since 2006 to Annie wood, with whom he had previously lived for 14 years and had 3 children: Elijah, Luke Y Esau.