Hell in the Pacific – Movie Hell in the Pacific

“Hell in the Pacific” is an American production, a war drama directed in 1968 by John Boorman, with a script by Alexander Jacobs and Eric Bercovici.

The film is characterized by the fact that it only has two characters, played by the actors Lee Marvin and ToshirĊ Mifune. In addition, it is worth noting the soundtrack of the feature film, the work of Lalo Schifrin.

The story is set on a small island in the Pacific, where a shipwrecked Japanese soldier is waiting to be rescued.

Soon another castaway arrives on the island, although this time it is a United States officer. When each discovers the existence of the other, they will face each other, pursuing each other to try to eliminate the other.

However, they will soon realize that only by collaborating with each other will they be able to leave the island behind.