Havana twist

High bun

. The Havana twist looks neat and attractive while your own natural locks would stick out of such a big bun. Twist hairstyles from Senegal

Half Up Bun

There are different ways to style your twists and a cool look you could try is a half-up bun. These twists are long and a beautiful burgundy color, then a half-up bun was styled. The bun was put in front of the chest. Its a trendy hairstyle twist and for the summer it would look amazing. You can do this in a similar style or you can try any color with shorter braids.


Twists of Havana can be arranged in a cornerstone. Youll need to make your own hair cornrow and then add the extensions of Havanas twist skin. The overall results are going to be really beautiful.


Using special hair accessories, you can create impressive hair styles. The rings are designed not to keep the hair intact, but to give a real look to your hairstyle. Big Twist Braids

Trendy Havana Twists

Want to try a trendy hairstyle? If so, it might be perfect for you. This hairstyle features Havana jumbo twists and a cute gold accessory is also available. Its a fun way to wear twists! You can buy online leaf hair rings such as this so that you can replicate your own look. Try such long twists or you can go shorter as well.

Long and Chunky Twists

This is for you if you love unique and sweet hairstyles. The hair was cut into long twists of Havana and the front part of the hair was put in two ponytails while the rest of the twists were loose. There are also stylish gold accessories for these twists. Its a message that looks perfect for those ladies who like to be bold. Consider this hairstyle or any hair pieces that you can use.

Beautiful Blonde Twists

Would you like to try a new hairstyle? If so, consider such a thing. Weve got amazing blonde light twists here. The blonde shade used is beautiful and the summer is perfect! You can replicate these long braids or try shorter braids, you can also try another blonde hue. Either way the twists of the blonde will look incredible.

Chunky Accessorized Twists

We shared a half-bun hairstyle earlier in the post. If you loved it, you might also like this one. This theme features gold cuffed chunky Havana twists. A bun is also high-styled on the top of the head. It shows just another way of wearing the half bun and how versatile it can be. This is a nice style to suit everybody.

Long Havana Twists

Make a sexy makeover for your hair with such Havana twists! Long and chunky twists accompany this hairstyle. Its a nice and simple look to wear. Keep it chic and plain like this, or choose a cool hair color or beauty accessories to spice up your hair. They should look gorgeous no matter how you choose to wear the twists! 117.jpg” />

Stylish Twist Updo

Another stylish way to style your twists is shown in the next hair image. Here weve got chunky twists styled into a high-updo. The twists are furnished with cords of gold. Its a beautiful updo and itll be perfect for the glamorous occasions you want. There are plenty of online tutorials to help you create some awesome updos.


If you are a real dread fan but are afraid to ruin your hair with such experiments, the Havana twists will become your best friends. To create dreadlocks on your hair extensions, ask your hairstylist. Senegalese Twists Vs. Box Braids

These Havana twists hairstyles are created to help you get inspired. In reality, whatever you come up with, these hair extensions will look good. So get ready for the fun ride if youre ready to attach them!

Pretty Purple Twists

Remember to try a trendy new hair color? If this is the case, consider it purple! Purple is such a bold and beautiful color. You can create some incredible hairstyles and this is a beautiful example. This hair idea has chunky purple twists from Havana. Its a hairstyle statement that will suit everybody. A YouTube tutorial can be checked on how to create the look below.

Jumbo Havana Twist

Another hairstyle of accessories is our next idea. The hair is styled in jumbo Havana twists for this look. With cuffs and cords, the hair has been finished. This is a trendy hairstyle, and on everyone it will look amazing. You can recreate for a glam look with gold accessories or you can try a bolder hairstyle with colorful accessories.

Brown Ombre Havana Twists

Simple and stylish is our next hair idea. We have long twists of Havana here, which is a beautiful brown shade. The twists are long and subtle accessories are also available. This is another elegant, easy-to-wear hairstyle that will suit everyone. Similar twists for any occasion will keep you looking chic.

Pretty And Stylish Havana Twists

Check out this idea every day if you need a pretty hairstyle to wear. Here weve got a side part of crochet Havana twists. There are also some nice cuffs in the head. Its easy to wear and is going to suit everyone. This look can be recreated or you can try shorter twists. You can try twists in various colors for a bolder hairstyle.

Chic Havana Twist Look

Its easy to wear the first hairstyle weve got to show youll fit everybody. Here, with a simple side part, we have long Havana twists. These twists are beautiful chic and for any occasion they will keep you looking for glam. Recreate this look or seek twists that are shorter or longer.

Short Havana Twists

If you dont have all the long hairstyles, why not try something like that? Weve got a lovely Havana twist style here. The twists have a length just past the shoulders that gives a long bob look to the hair. Its a lovely and easy hairstyle to wear. Such a shorter style for the summer will be perfect. Recreate this or you can also make it even shorter. 120.jpg” />

Wild colors

You need to take full advantage of the outrageous Havana twist hairstyles by experimenting with wild colors when it comes to hair extensions. Try something in combination with raven black locks like burgundy that looks great.

Twists And Braids

Weve got another ponytail next. At the front, the hair is braided and then the hair is twisted. We love mixing braids and twists, its so chic that you can create a unique hairstyle. Also the ponytail has accessories. This is a fashionable hairstyle for the summer to look amazing.

Bold Bun

Would you like a hairstyle statement? If thats the case for you! To create a bold and beautiful bun, these Havana twists were designed high on the head. This is an amazing updo that would be perfect for a special occasion like a night out or party wedding date. In any color you can reproduce. For the glam ladies who want to steal the limelight, an updo like is great.

Stylish Burgundy Twists

Trendy and trendy is our next hair concept. The hair has long twists and is also a beautiful color. We love this hairstyle because it looks so stylish without any effort. Everyone will enjoy a similar hairstyle. You can keep it as simple as this or you can add cords or cuffs to some accessories.

Havana Twists With Funky Parts

Selecting stylish parts is another way to make your Havana twists look unique. This is a beautiful example. The twists are chunky long and they also have funky parts. Its just a cool and exclusive feel. Do this in a similar style or try different styles for your partings.

Medium-length hair

Twists of Havana may be any length. If you dont like long hair, you can use their support to get the medium-length hair extensions and make several different hairstyles. For example, a bun with a high volume. Learn how to do professional Havana Marley twists:

Bow bun


Regal buns

The time to experiment will come when youre satiated with wearing your beautiful Havana twists. Having the top of two symmetrical regal buns would make you look like a lady of the th century.

Accessorized Ponytail

Another fashionable hairstyle you can create with your twists is a ponytail and heres a wonderful example! At the front, the hair was perfectly braided while the real ponytail features chunky twists from Havana. Its an elegant ponytail that suits everybody. There are also belts and cuffs in this ponytail. You can recreate the ponytail or try the ponytail for a more subtle look without the accessories.

Black And Brown Twists

You can use cords to jazz up your hair and this is a great example. This hairstyle is simple, with chunky twists and wrapping one of the twists in a gold string. As you can see, the gold is unique in style and makes statements. You can try the twist of glam gold or use a cord in your choice of color.

Small Havana Twists

Well show you next stylish Havana twists. For one side part, this hairstyle features long twists. Its an easy hairstyle to wear as it suits everyone, and for any occasion it will look glamorous. The items used to create the look can be viewed and a tutorial can be seen on the following page.

Side swept bangs

All Havana twist hairstyles have the main advantage that the hair is very handy and you can do whatever you want with it. Clip your long locks to establish a side-swept bangs look.

Crochet Havana Twist

Weve got another half hairstyle next. The Havana twists were placed in two sections, the upper section being swept back with volume while the rest of the twists remaining loose. Its a glam-chic and edgy hairstyle thats perfect for ladies who like to stand out from the crowd. In this beautiful color or in a shade of your choice, you can recreate the look. Its going to look great anyway.

Let it down

It is not necessary to complicate your Havana twist hairstyle. You can just enjoy wearing down your hair without endless concerns about leaving out fizziness and other problems.

Goddess Twists

Weve got a very stylish idea of hair next. The hair was styled into chunky twists with curly ends for this look. Its such a beautiful look and it can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion because the style is simple. On the page below, you can read about the hair used for curly ends and some tips to create the style.

Half Up Half Down Style

The last hairstyle weve got to show you is bold and beautiful. Here we have long, half-down Havana twists. The upper half of the hair was put in a large bun. It is such a beautiful hairstyle and it is perfectly finished by the hair cuffs. For anyone who wants hair, this is a great choice that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Hopefully youve been inspired by these beautiful Havana twist hairstyles.