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George Arney’s body and relationship status

What is the marital status of George Arney? Single Razia Iqbal

Who is George Arney?

Do you like the media? Then mightbe you heard George Arney’s name. He’s a longtime reporter for the Bbc. In addition, Arney has served on Bbc World Service for the Bbc channel including The World Today and Outlook.Talking about this Bbc News journalist’s personal life George Arney is now reported to be a single. Nevertheless, he was once with his former wife Razia Iqbal in a marital relationship. Well his partner Iqbal also comes from the world of journalism. She is a journalist and reporter from Uganda who currently reports for Bbc News.

George Arney and Razia Iqbal Separation

Figure 2 Image: George Arney was married to his wife Razia Iqbal There is no real reason for their separation until this date. There is no news to the media or the public about their children as well as this. There seems to be no children of the former lovebirds from their married life.

George Arney’s Net Worth

Figure 3 Image: George Arney at Bbc Till the date Arney served at several television stations where he made a good fortune. As well as being a reporter for the Bbc for more than 20 years, he is responsible for the Corporation’s popular Urdu channel, which has an estimated 12 million listeners worldwide. Now talking about Arney’s salary he may have earned an annual earnings of more than $80,000 which is an annual Bbc employee salary.