Hank Azaria – Biography of Hank Azaria

Hank Azaria was born in 1964 in Forest Hills, Queens, New York.

His father Albert He was the director of several clothing companies and his mother, meanwhile, was in charge of raising him and his sisters Stephanie Y Elise.

His parents loved show business, which influenced him to become an actor.
Hank he graduated from The Kew Forest School in Forest Hills and later studied acting in Tufos University until 1985, when he began his training in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

There he met Oliver Platt who he befriended. Both starred in various productions at the University including “The Merchant of Venice”.

Azaria originally wanted to become a stage actor solely and alongside Oliver they opened their own Company “Big theater”. They only came to produce the work of Harold pinterThe Dumb Walter”.

His first job was in an Italian commercial when he was 17 years old. He soon decided to move to
Los Angeles to develop his television career. Before leaving New York, Hank worked several years in a bar.

While in Los Angeles, he trained with Roy london and began working as a comedian becoming known in different comedy clubs.

He made his first television appearance in a role that included two lines of dialogue in an episode of the series. Peter boyleJoe bash”. Unfortunately his part was edited before it was aired.

Still, the role allowed him to enter the Screen Actors Guild and managed to appear in an episode of the series “Family ties”.

He rose to fame after lending his voice in the animated series “The Simpsons”. The first voice I made was that of the bartender Moe szyslak

After recording several lines for the chapter “Some enchanted evening”, He was called again to do the voices of the Chief Wiggum and after Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, getting to have several roles in the second season as Kik Van HOuten, The sea captain, the Chamlers superintendent, Carl and the Officer Lou, among others.

Because of his ability to copy almost any voice after listening to it, Hank has based almost all of his characters from “The Simpsons” in well-known voices and even famous actors like Silvester stallone Y Al Pacino.

The same creator of The Simpsons, Matt Groening I declare that Hank he has the ability to make comical dialogues that are not originally.

For his work on the series he has won several awards including 3 awards Emmy What Outstanding Voice-Over Performance.

Hank participated with all his characters in the film “The simpsons”During 2007.

As for the money he receives for this job, he has gone from earning $ 30,000 to the exorbitant sum of $ 250,000 per episode.

Along with the success in “The Simpsons“He began to take other roles such as his appearance in 1990 in the film”Pretty woman“, starring Julia Roberts Y Richard Gere.

He became a regular on the show. “Herman’s Head” Interpreting Jay nichols.

He participated in the 1994 film “Quiz Show“, with Ralph fiennes Y Paul scoffield, in the role of the producer Albert freedman, which was nominated for Oscar.

In that same year he made his first appearance in the series “Friends” as the scientist boyfriend of Phoebe Buffay (Lisa kudrow). He participated in the first season of the series, then in the seventh, and finally in the ninth where he ended up proposing to her. Phoebe.

He continued his voice maker work by doing “Spider-Man: The Animated Series”(1994-1998).

Meanwhile, he continued working in film where he had several minor roles such as “Heat”(1995) with Al Pacino Y Robert De Niro.

Since 1996, he also appeared regularly in the series “Mad about you“, starring Helen hunt, and in which he played the role of Nat, the dog walker.

Also during ´96, he took the role of the gay Guatemalan maid Agador in the movie “The Birdcage”, Whose main actors included Robin williams, Nathan lane, Gene Hackman Y Calista flockhart. For this role he was nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award.

In 1997, he participated in “Grosse Pointe Blank“, with John cusack Y Minnie driver. Also in this year he lent his voice for the animated film “Anastasia”(1997), in which he played the vampire Bartok.

In 1998, he made “Godzilla”, starring Matthew broderick, in which he played the photographer Victor palotti. He was seen next to Gwyneth paltrow in the role of Walter Plane in the adaptation of “The Great Expectations”, Also during 1998.

The following year he co-starred with Emily watson the movie of Tim robbinsCradle Will Rock“(1999) and was one of the main actors in the Disney mystery film”Alaska” Y “Mystery Men”(Which included Ben sitller, Geoffrey rush Y Greg kinnear).

Hank was noted for his performance alongside Jack Lemmon in the film for television “Tuesdays with Morrie”(1999), for which he won a Emmy.

Among his dramatic performances is the one he performed in “Uprising”(2001), the television film in which he played the role of Mordechaj Anielewics and in which they also acted Donald sutherland, Sadie frost, Jon voight Y David schwimmer.

He also had small participations in “America’s Sweetheart”(2001) whose cast consisted of Julia Roberts, Billy Crystal, John cusack, Catherine Zeta-Jones Y Stanley tucci.

During 2004, he was on screen alongside Ben stiller Y Jennifer Aniston on “Along Came Polly”; and again next to Ben stiller, Vince vaughn Y Christine Taylor on “Dodgeball: An Untrue Story”.

For 2007, in addition to making the animated film of “The simpsons”, Participated in the debut of David schwimmer as director, “Run Fat Boy Run “.

Hank starred in the series “Huff” (2004-2006) in which he played the role of the psychiatrist Craig huffstodt. The series was nominated for 7 awards Emmy including nomination for Azaria for best dramatic actor.

In 2004, he wrote and directed a short film called “Nobody is Perfect”.

In 2007 he was confirmed to direct the film “Outsourced”About American workers who travel to Mexico to get their jobs back after their factory moves to that country.

Hank has also acted in theater. In 2003, he was seen in the West End of London in the play “Sexual Perversity in Chicago“, next to Matthew perry Y Minnie driver.

In 2004, he began to appear as Sir Lancelot and other characters in “Spamalot“The musical version of”Monty Python and the Holy Grail”The one that opened in Chicago before moving to Broadway.

In 2009 he could be seen in the movies “Year one”, In which he worked with his friend Oliver Platt Y Jack black, and in “Night at the Museum 2“, with Ben stiller, Robin williams Y Owen wilson.

Regarding his personal life, in 1990, Hank was committed to Julie Warner. In 1994, he began a relationship with the actress Helen hunt and he married her in a traditional Jewish ceremony in 1999.

After just one year of marriage, she moved to the Bel Air hotel under a false name and after being separated for six months, Hunt He filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences; they divorced in 2000.

Azaria is still friends with Oliver Platt and he is the godfather of his son George. He sympathizes with the Democratic party, likes the music of Elvis costello and has stated that he would be a psychologist if he had not devoted himself to acting, to which he was promoted by films such as “The Godfather”.