Hairstyles for hair loss Vs Full hairstyle

The Jack Nicholson

The star Jack Nicholson is just another film legend. Even though he has a receding hairline, it hasn’t made any progress over the years, enabling us to keep seeing the same face on the big screen that we know and love.

Daniel Craig

That’s right, only James Bond couldn’t stop male alopecia. Therefore, for men with receding hairlines, he too must switch to different hairstyles. His preference haircut is a plain, layered style he slicks neatly back to reveal his wide forehead and steely blue eyes.

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Classic Hairstyle with Receiving Hairline

If you’re not one of flashy hairstyles, you can always choose the classic approach to your look. Even if you’re going for a traditional hairstyle, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to look striking. For starters, for any gentlemen with a receding hairline, this short haircut is perfect.

Teen Boy Haircuts For Cooler And Trendier Look

Receiving Hairline Hairstyle

If you often follow us, you’ll note we’re often thinking about the line-up’s strength. It’s a technique in barbershop grooming that focuses on flatteringly shaping one’s hairline. As in the example above, you could combine it with facial hair or dark waves.

Try a transplant

Ok, why don’t you try a hair transplant if you want a fast and clear result? Follicular Unit Extraction is the treatment’s most popular version. It is made with a local anesthetic and is known to be quite painless. The transplantologist may take individual hair shafts from various parts of the body, such as the back and sides of the head or even neck, and pass them to the hair follicles available.

Modern Hairstyles for Men with Receding Hairlines

We love this blonde mix of hair and beard and can’t get enough of the long smooth back plus taper fade. This is as trendy as your haircut can be, even if your hair is fading.

The Justin Theroux

It’s really a shame that your hair starts to thin when it’s this luscious and vibrant skin. Nonetheless, for people with receding hairlines just like yours, there are options and hairstyles. Combine it all up to the front and use some hair wax to make it look messy. It will add some size and scope that is much required.

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Top Men’s Receiving Hairline Haircuts

As we’ve mentioned, if you’re not ready to say goodbye to your hair and want to conceal a receding hairline, pick front bangs which cover your forehead. There’s going to be something like Caesar’s haircut just right. To make your high temples less noticeable, you can also bleach your hair, this is another trick for you. Light-colored hair makes lines smoother and blends so that nobody can mistake the hairline for your horseshoe.

Viggo Mortensen

Here’s a second character from the’ Lord of the Rings’ on our men’s hairstyle list after Merry. It’s our king this time, Aragorn himself. In real life, Actor Viggo Mortensen is not wearing long hair, but a slick back hair and a bushy, perfectly cut reddish beard that makes us all jealous.

Minimal hairstyles for men with recessing hairlines

As described above, one of the ways you can handle hair loss is to reduce it. Many men think this is a kind of in-between option, while others tend to think that if it’s quick, others might not mind so much of the loss. What are you thinking?

Hard Part

Now here’s a magician’s worthy optical illusion. With the aid of a hard part and a smooth comb over, the traditional hairline can be hidden away. This hairstyle, as luck has it, is highly fashionable right now, not just like hairstyles for people with hairlines going backwards.

Spiky Hairstyle

which serves as an intelligent option for a receding hairline person. It has a new and youthful element that will highlight your strengths. Don’t forget to use a hair product to get the wet look and be as chic as Josh Duhamel is in the above photo.

Faux Hawk with Covered Hairline

Fake hawk is the best choice for people who don’t want to shave their heads to get a mohawk. Divtionally, this is one of the best hairstyles for men with receding hairlines that naturally have thick hair.

Top Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut Ideas Style Your Hair Like A Soccer Star

Regulation Cut

that involves keeping your hair a little longer. For a person with a receding hairline, it’s an excellent choice.

Textured Layers

will add to the good results.

Short Combover Fade Haircut for Thinning Hair

Sergio Combover is a widely mocked hair loss treatment but it does not merit its popularity altogether. This offers good and flattering protection during the early stages of male pattern baldness with the correct cut and styling. In addition, the skin is fading around the sides and back, where hair continues to grow in full thickness, making hair on top look fuller. Longer, one-sided hair covers a receding hairline and a bald spot’s first phases.

The Ralph Fiennes

Although he has gone very bald for his role as the Dark Lord in the Harry Potter series, actor Ralph Fiennes usually wears his hair in a medium-length cut which he slicks back over his head with a little hair gel or hair wax.

Try A special treatment

If you’re trying to solve the question, you’ll want to strike it in every way. It can also be a great bit of help to use a special treatment. Using shampoos, conditioners and hair masks on the list of ingredients with red pepper or burdock. And, with dry mustard, you can try Diy hair mask. The hair growth is induced by all these elements. Don’t pin all of your hopes on them, though. They’re always going to help you, not save you.

Undercuts with V-shaped tops

This kind of haircut can be used to overcome baldness like a rock star. The undercut is an excellent gesture, and to reduce the impact of the receding hairline, the top part is cleverly styled. No matter what haircut you want, keep the V-shaped style in mind.

Long Hairstyle and Wavy Hairstyle


Receding Hairline Haircut for Thick Hair

Mikey Denton You would think that having thick hair will make it easier to hide a receding hairline, but that’s not exactly true. The contrast between thick hair and thinner hair that attract the latter’s attention. This fashion style concentrates on the crown’s fullness, weighing down to the fringe and incorporating a soft fade around the sides and back. The look is sleek and fresh with some textured styling.

Top Knot Hairstyle

The top knot has been storming the men’s hairstyle scene in recent years. It’s a young choice, which is a very good hairstyle as well. Like other examples on this hairstyle list, it brings attention to a different part of your hair for men with receding hairlines.

Braided hairstyle

Michael Fassbender

Although he is still in the process we call’ mature hairline,’ actor Michael Fassbender will have to start thinking about hairstyles for men with receding hairlines in a few years ‘ time. His chestnut hair is thinning right now, of course, but his cute red beard is still going strong.

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Widow’s Peak

and you’re not afraid to show off your defiant personality, this haircut is for you without a question. While it helps if the majority of your hair is long and thick, after growing a few inches, you can pull it off with just about any hair. Bet you haven’t even noted from the first go the receding hairline.

Keep Your Receiving Hairline On The Edge

Receiving hairline scares the daylight from any person, even the most fearless. Dense locks, although there are no valid reasons for this, have long been associated with masculinity. Environmental issues, stressful lifestyle and genetics make us believe that hair loss is a process that is absolutely inevitable. Or is that it? If you’re curious, just keep reading to find out how not only do you stop, but also reverse, hairline from receding.

One-Sided Part

Admit it. You seem to be in a one-sided relationship with your hair for some days. Why not treat it as such, therefore? To one hand, part it and sweep it across your head’s crown. It won’t look like it’s diluted at all in this way. This is a fashion screen. Due to too many successive transfer failures, the media replay was aborted.

Symptoms To realize that you are losing hair

Sadly, fading hairline may pop up at any age as soon as puberty is over. Long before they turn forty, most people begin to lose their hair. First, at the upper temple area, they lose hair, and the hairline’s location slowly shifts. Crossing the top of the head, moving back. As a consequence, a person on the bold head earns a hair ring. The hair on top, however, may still grow. The thinning hairline may sometimes appear in the temple area, while the hair on the top is close to the forehead. There’s a name for such a V-shaped hairline, a widow’s peak. Certain areas of the head after a while, namely the back and sides, completely lose hair. Many guys, however, manage to keep a bunch of hair there, while others prefer using a razor to scrub it off.

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix, the next star on our list of men’s hairstyles with receding hairlines, has dark brunette hair now spiked with white beads. It’s naturally wavy, too, and he’s wearing it over his head cut away. ‘


can also be used to respect your cultural background. For people with receding hairlines, hairstyles are a stylish way to bring out the best in your look.

Slicked Back

will bring a polished look to any man.

Slicked Parting

This haircut profits, as the name suggests, from a side part that has been sliced to the sides using hair gel or hair wax. In a classic style, the hairline recedes but is hidden by the parting itself.

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For any person with a good sense of style, this is the go – to hairstyle. Whether you have a receding hairline or not, for obvious reasons, this particular style will most likely never go out of fashion in the near future.


Masking a receding hairline is often easier than you might think. In some cases, for some bangs, it’s as simple as growing the hair a little longer and combing it to the front. Although it may not fully solve the problem, it will help to cover up any unwanted features in that area. This looks so cool to Ewan McGregor.

Caesar Haircut Examples To Suit All Tastes And Occasions

Bald and Clean Shaven

Why do you struggle to continually mask the receding hairline when you can completely eliminate it? Sporting a bald style is no shame, particularly if you have a typically sturdy structure. You can also experiment with facial hair ideas to complete the look.

Will Arnett

Will Arnett is another famous face on our men’s hairstyle list. He went for a clean cut with a small unicorn pompadour in the front, almost Ivy League in form. If we said that we don’t like it, we’d lie.

Slick Haircuts for Receiving Hairline

This is a great idea for people with receding hairlines when it comes to hairstyles. It’s a fade off the face taper with a cut back pompadour and a nice trimmed beard as well. You can already see the pre-and post-shot effects.

Hugh Laurie

A living legend in’ House, M.D., A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Black der,’ and’ Jeeves and Wooster,’ Hugh Laurie matured just like a fine wine. In reality, he was launching a well-known brand of men’s care products a few years ago. The prints told us all that you won’t get Hugh Laurie if you buy them, no.

Sleek Hairstyle

Would you like to get a sleek look of sliced-back hairstyle without brand terrorization? All you need to do is get the haircut and peel it back. Please note that for this hairstyle, straight and soft hair works best.

Man Bun with Receding Hairline

, it doesn’t matter whether or not you are dealing with a receding hairline. For all men who prefer longer hairstyles, this has been a top-trending hairstyle for the past few years.


Ask yourself in doubt what the King would do? No, not the future king of England we just thought about, but the rock’n’roll king himself, Elvis. What if you merged men’s hairstyles with receding hairlines and an Elvis impersonator’s image? The outcome is not evil.

Rock and Roll Hairstyle

trendy haircuts and hairstyles can make a difference in hair loss environment. Male pattern baldness is called this because in the vast majority of men it tends to follow a specific order. The classification most widely used is the Norwood Classification. Next, at the temples, hair starts thinning, forming a rounded version of the head of the widow. As this happens, at the vertex of the head, hair often starts to thin. The mixture of bitemporal contraction and thinning crown continues to expand, leaving the top of the head bald until the conference. Hair stays around the head’s back and sides. The good news is that it is the hardest to mask this first stage of hair loss. Just grow your hair in short or medium bangs at the front for longer. Classic Caesar haircut models are a big trend right now. Nevertheless, camouflage is not the only solution. It is interesting to look out at the peaked hairline and can be welcomed with a buzz cut and sliced back hair. For the most trendy and perfect receding hairline haircuts, check out these videos.

makes the hairstyle even more appealing.


We’ve got quite a few celebrities on our men’s hairstyle list, and Sting is just the last. The artist ‘ Fields of Gold’ is as well known for his golden locks as he is for his fading hairline which he carries with pride and dignity. A lesson for all of us if ever there was one! Track this ad

Receding Older Men


Good Fade Haircuts for Receiving Hairline

All in all, all we think is that you’re not lost. There are lots of cool and trendy hairstyles out there to recede hairline and you’ll definitely find the one that best suits you. Hopefully this article has been helpful. It comes with age to lose your hair. It’s a natural thing you can hardly ever fight against. The vast majority of men will begin to experience or see their hair thinning or even falling off as soon as they reach Later, by their age, most men will already have one type of baldness or another. One of the best ways to cheat the passage of time is by embracing the correct hairstyles for men with receding hairlines. We’ve put together a list in that context that will inspire you. Julius Cvesar


Nothing is more desirable than trust. This gentlemen has some hair loss, but he doesn’t try to hide it. In a slicked back quiff with a temple fade, this dapper look with a short-medium length haircut is worn. This look works with it instead of trying to hide a receding hairline. Bangs hairstyles aren’t for everyone, and this peaked hairline is really interesting and attractive. It also fits with the suit for the pinstripe.

Disconnected Undercut

and throw the top part carelessly to the side to cover the receding hairline, if your hair is long enough.

Short Wavy Hairstyle with Receiving Hairline

will definitely keep this choice in mind when considering changing their appearance.

Buzz Cut

One suggestion is to cut it as short as possible in your fight with hair loss. The buzz cut is a style borrowed from the military that has gradually evolved into a worldwide fashion trend. Statistically speaking, when faced with hair loss, most men prefer cutting their hair down to a few inches or even shaving it off. Everything or nothing, right?

Stellan Skarsgard

Skarsgard’s uncle is none but Stellan himself. You can see where sons Alexander and Gustaf inherit it all from as far as hairstyles go for people with receding hairlines. For such hairstyles, little brother actor Bill is still too old.

Here’s What You Must Do To Avoid A Receiving Hairline

Sooner or later, anyone can face the receding hairline issue. Find this challenge as a real man rather than losing heart. Next, you have to deal with the causes, then the results are cleaned up and finally focus on the changes. You get a bunch of sweet, flexible hairstyle ideas as a consolation.

’s Hairstyle


Mike Thomas The shaped and longer buzz cut was one of Steve McQueen’s signature cuts. It’s a simple, masculine look that exudes effortless cool. It can be worn with or without a part. The side swept fringe minimizes the appearance of receding temples as well as a high forehead.

The Jude Law

Even though he is officially recognized as one of the most handsome men in the world, Jude Law has a very pronounced case of alopecia. However, that doesn’t stop him from making appearances in movies or stealing ladies’ hearts left and right.

Wavy Hairstyles for Men with Receding Hairlines

If your hair is naturally wavy or curly than half your job is already done. The reason is that waves or curls mean a lot of volume by default. Therefore, you can use them to cover up bald spots as well as receding hairlines in a very natural way.

Clean Shave All Around

Bruce Willis proves that you can successfully sport a bald head and a beardless face for a polished and clean shaven look. The only slight challenge you’ll be facing from now on will be the frequent shaving, but it’s a lot easier than the long-term maintenance that most other hairstyles come with.

Undercut with Curls and Texture on Top

, you can rely on this handsome style to get the visual impact you’re looking for. Simple style your strands to the side in a casual fashion, and cover or even expose your hairline.

The Bruce Willis

Probably one of the most famous bald men on the planet, Bruce Willis couldn’t look any better than he does right now. He just goes to prove that it’s all about the attitude. He’s a total badass and he knows it. Therefore, we are complete die hard fans of him, his movies, and his fashion and styling choices.

Pompadour for Receding Hairline

Samurai Hairstyles for Men with Receding Hairlines

Are you receding in the front and on the sides? No problem. Shave it off and let one of today’s hottest hair trends cover it all up. It’s the samurai bun, that comes equipped with an under shave. It’s the most badass you will ever look and no one will even know that your hair is thinning a bit.

The Ewan McGregor

He came back into the limelight after voicing everyone’s favorite animated candlestick, Lumiere, in the box office smash hit ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ On this occasion, we also got to see his new and improved look, with a slicked back hairdo, ready to mask a slightly receding hairline.

Undercut Hairstyles for Men with Receding Hairlines

A receding hairline can become a catchy component of an uneasy daedal design. The most important thing you must realize about it is that it’s not your disadvantage, but a unique feature, your own thing. And you can prove it by trying out one of these cool hairstyles for men with receding hairline.

Long Hair Receding Hairline Styles

The idea of long hairstyles for receding hairlines is to compensate for the lack of hair on the problematic zone with growing the hair length. It’s one of the easiest ways not only to add some volume but and to cover any bald area in order to hide it.

Shoulder-Length Hairstyle

Recall what we said to transfer focus from a fault to a strong point? For this style which plays with its wavy, messy, shoulder-long hair which definitely steals the spotlight, the same rule applies.

Spiked Hair

, accentuate the hair’s thickness. Shape the top fingered hair through the edges for a spiky hair finish. If the hair on the crown started to lose its thickness, short spiky hair would become a choice for you.

Short Afro Textured Hair

than Caucasians, if they have a receding hairline, they often choose to keep their hair very short. All in all, holding is simpler and one of the most flattering options.