Hairstyles for Big Foreheads

Fortunately, there are plenty of amazing haircuts to work for everyone on the big forehead. From fringes to side bangs to updos, keep reading if you want to learn how to cover a big forehead with a pretty cut. We find the right hairstyles as we try to shape our eye color and even just show how we look that day. But sometimes when they try to hide things as well, they can come in handy.


Bob with Full Fringe

Diving with a blunt bob into the bangs gang is the perfect hairstyle for a long face and a big forehead. The natural-colored bangs cover the wide front while the short bob takes the eyes to the area of the mouth (away from the front).

Side Swept Bangs

One of the best haircuts for big foreheads that doesn’t make it look like you’re struggling to do that. It reduces the appearance of a wide front and looks good on every shape of the face plus blowing dry and style is simple.

How to Find Big Foreheads Great Hairstyles?

The bang is all about. If you have a big forehead and want a hair>bangs can concentrate on style off your forehead. Both hair styles will distract with a few fashion illusions from a prominent forehead. A center-shaped hairstyle can distract from this region as curly locks. So rock those waves! Swoop some pieces across and let your hair go a little wild.

Hair Inspiration for Women with Big Foreheads

Bellow you will find amazing haircut examples and designs to improve your features to make you feel confident and enjoy all the compliments.

Short Blonde Side Bangs

Kee stuff for big forehead and thin hair easy and low maintenance with this hairstyle. These side bangs that hit right around her cheekbones are taking your attention to those beautiful blue eyes. The fine hair works best on the short and wispy layers.

Big hair and full bangs

This is an excellent example of an oval and large forehead haircut. Bangs cut the length of an oval face’s natural shape and conceal a large forehead at the same time. Although killing two birds with one stone, it’s big and beautiful.

Long Bob Middle Part

If you don’t mind a bit of hair in your head, let everything flow freely around your teeth with a long bob and middle part. The part cuts the length of the large forehead straight down the middle and the long bob is both trendy and ensures that your hair stays bouncy and not flat.

Voluminous Side Bang

Adding loads of volume makes it look like your hair is tall, not your forehead! Voluminous side sections are perfect hairstyles with high foreheads as they add depth to your face and make better hairstyles without bangs for large foreheads.

Short Hair and Blunt Bangs

This super cute baby doll haircut works well as a hairstyle for round faces and wide foreheads. The full bangs hide what you’re trying to conceal and the straight lines of long hair cut the roundness in her cheeks giving the illusion of a longer face.

Really Long Layers

You don’t need bangs to shorten the long forehead’s appearance! Simple yet effective are the very long layers and styled hair. The layer going just a bit past her face evens out the length of her forehead making the length from the root of the hair downward more “evened out.”

Lob with a Fringe

Many women don’t opt for a fringe because it makes their face look disproportioned of “cut off.” But in your case it works in your favor! Don’t think about the fringe and pair it with a lob for the ultimate trendy girl’s hairstyle.

Messy with Beachy Waves

Just build some bedhead volume and add waves to keep things calm and comfortable. This hairstyle adds a splash of excitement while covering with the messy side part a little of the forehead.

Beachy Vibes Fringe

A purposeful wispy fringe fits perfectly with natural hair. This 70s-vibe is super easy to pull off and works well to cover a wide frontbut without being too much as many people don’t want a full-on fringe.

Medium Pixie with Bangs

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can’t have both a short hair and a large forehead. Indeed, a pixie cut is often accompanied by long side-swept bangs because it keeps the very short feminine hairstyle.

Faux Bang Updo

High-headed updos can be fun. Why not try false bangs (or clip ins) by pulling from a freshly wrapped (super high) bun the ends of your ponytail. It’s a great way to hide your forehead while not committing to bangs for a special occasion.

Braided Headwrap

Braids work well for big foreheads because they bring attention to the beautiful hair>braided headband is stylish and yet it works really well because of the wispy bangs held around her face. This adds volume above and around her forehead.

Blonde Accent Braid

Whenever you have an asymmetric hairstyle such as a side braid or a braid on one side, it removes the impression of a large square front. Free your hair to have fun trying new colors like ice blonde and fun designs.

Daring Color and Movement

It may seem counterproductive to add tons of volume at the top of your head, but it does bring balance to your look. Another great trick, as shown here, is to choose a color that complements your eyes perfectly in order to focus on it.

Short Pixie Cut

Live a bit by choosing a short pixie cut! The various angles that flow in the front of this pixie cut chop the forehead in all the right places making it look much smaller. A pixie is one of the cutesthairstylestocover a forehead.

Cornwall Braids

Big forehead Cornwall offers a variety of choices. In making a model you can work with your forehead, or you can work against it (i.e. cover it) in having cornrows that pass across your forehead and around it.

Low-Key Curtain Bangs

Wide forehead bangs are an excellent device preferably side bangs or, in this case, a grown-out curtain bang. The side bangs cut off the width of a wide front making it look narrower.

We hope you feel comfortable in your own skin, even if you feel like you have a huge forehead or a wide forehead. So if you have major foreheadsis hairstyles that give you confidence then obviously one of those amazing choices suits you. Prev1 of 20Next —> —> Related Articles Super Chic Hair> Best Styling Techniques for Damaged Hair Tried and Tested How to Make a Waterfall Braid in Easy Steps Gray Hair Groups Help and Inspire Silver Sisters How to Fake Bangs in Easy Steps Hair Tinsel Is the Trendy Way to Make You Shine Hair Cuts and Patterns Stay Connected Get ideas for hair style.

The Most Inspiring Angled Bob Haircuts

The most versatile of all haircuts are Angled bobs. You can wear it updos or half up hairstyles straight or wavy. Here’s for you the latest haircut suggestions.

Blonde Contouring

Short-angled hairstyles feature stunning color-enhancing shapes. With the focus on the angled front portion, the layered locks of this asymmetric brunette bob are grazed with golden blonde strokes.

Medium Golden Bob

The most inspiring images of the side view when it comes to angled bob hairstyles. A array of medium curls over the shoulder are bent forward, producing a longer front look.

Sister Chop twisted

This shoulder length style is simple yet oh-so-catching! This bob can be created with large rollers or simple curling iron twists angled with longer layers to the front and stacked in the back. Then just spritz on and off!

Wavy Pastel Pink Bob

In conjunction with wavy curls, a baby pink shade combines the top of the twisted hairdo with feminine sensibility. If you’re trying to show off your sweet side, unicorn-worthy shades are the way to go.

Asymmetrical Purple-Pink Bob

Beautiful shades of magenta and violet enliven this sleek angled bob. The subtle gradient dye job creates a serious visual interest with the darker stacked back improving the asymmetrical cut’s depth and drama.

Blonde Balayage Bob

Subtle scanning of your brown bob. The trendy blonde emphasizes the chic-factor of the coif of chin-length while the loose waves complete its effortless appeal.

Choppy Blonde Hairstyle

Cutting by definition gives delicate strands an impression of length. This improves the fullness even more when the hairdo is choppy and layered. Another perkyou don’t have to think about the clean and held layers because the frizz just adds to the cool style.

Platinum Blonde Bob with Pink Highlights

Platinum blonde is certainly attractive for angled bob haircuts in particular. If you want the bleached tresses with pastel highlights and enough volume to make a statement squad. Use hairspray to recreate a bob with just as much height and volume as shown in the photo, tease around the crown of the head with a fine toothcomb.

Brunette Medium Angled Bob

A sophisticated choice that anyone could easily pull off is just skimming the shoulders of this medium-length bob. A deep side-part, while maintaining understated allure, gives it a little extra drama.

Loose Curls and Bangs

Nothing is more perfect than curls and bangs but a sultry brown palette will prevent your angled cut from seeming too innocent. Frizzies and flyaways just enhance the texture of this bob. If you’re looking for a hairdo to suit your laid-back style, it’s for you this perfectly messy slice. ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Caramel Bob with Side Bangs’

‘ This angled bob with bangs reveals how beautiful a simple coif can be. In particular if you have straight tresses, a side-swept fringe is always a nice touch. Without skimping on style, the haircut is low maintenance. Just give it a little fluff before you go out of the door and it’s nice to go.

Jet Black Long Bob

This lob is as attractive as it is elegant when the angled front falls well below the collarbone. The deep black hue adds to the mysticism. If you want to brighten the hairdo, you can go for some highlights or paint, but if you want something that radiates polish and confidence, the noir shade is important.

Never underestimate the power of loose curls. Their mesmerizing texture turns into something full of volume and feminine elegance a would-be-blah coif. A blonde balayage only highlights its classic appeal and glamour.

Wavy Medium-Length Bob with Highlights

Angled bob hairstyles do not always have to rely on sharp and dramatic cuts to be modern and trendy as shown in this picture and the other pictures. It’s just a little longer to count in the front than the back. The slanting lines mixed with subtle layers give it volume while the overall highlights enhance the depth appearance.

Sharp Angled Black and Purple Bob

The jet-black base against vibrant violet highlights creates a punk-inspired do that transcends trends. The sleek lines and fun colors are a timeless choice for someone who tries to show off their edgier side while keeping the coif somewhat playful. jpg” />

Ashen Lilac Angled Bob

For more experimental shades, classic cuts such as wavy lobs are the ideal canvas. You look back on the bright color so that for the workplace or school, your hairstyle is a little toned down. Choose a quiet shade like this subtle lilac for a hairdo that will showcase your personality while still looking polished.

Black Beauty with a Stacked Bob

If you love the concept of a short cut but can’t hack off all your hair, why not settle with a long angled bob. Keep with a longer front on your length and choose a stacked back to get the perfect ease with short hair.

Subtle Highlights Angled Haircut

Sometimes a solid shade may look a little bland, but may not be your style. If you want to subtly enhance your look, you get highlights that are a shade or two lighter than your foundation. You’re going to get that extra oomph you’re missing.

Sunset-Hued Bob

Vivid peach and pink shades establish a sunset-inspired look using a sleek angled bob as a backdrop. The brightness of the colors against tanned skin is particularly beautiful. The chin-length strands stretch the face as an added bonus giving you a slimming effect.

Gray and Wavy Tresses

A wash-out gray brings to this angled haircut a glamorous twist. The shade looks particularly ethereal against paler complexions although it would still pop against those with more melanin beautifully. Improve the hairdo’s mysticism with a deep side part and let your wavy tresses fall across your face.

Wispy Balayage

Wispy waves and blonde scanning are perfect ways to keep a contemporary chin-length bob. If you don’t try to commit to a full head of bleach blonde hair, it’s a fuss-free and smart option. Just add a few lighter pieces to make your face brighter and give you the look it-girl sought after.

Sharp Angled Fuschia Bob

It is best to go with a sleek coif with vibrant or bold color choices. When the hair is short and flat, the main focus is on the electrical hue. It’s not to say that big curls and long locks with a fuchsia hue aren’t stunning, but there’s just something seductive about a short cut that exudes sophistication.

Lovely Blonde Bob with layers

This short angled bob is full of dimensions between the highlights and the wispy layers. The easy hairstyle of everyday life is endearing, but it is also suitable for special events. Essentially, it’s hard not to look at the part wherever you go with a coif like this. T3.826.jpg” />

Anakin Skywalker Bob

Looking for new ideas on the styling of short straight hair? Use this clean cut bob in the back with just a little layering. The longer front section streaks a shade of violet that spices things up a bit!

Classy and Professional Bob

Wavy hair has its advantages and disadvantages and these waves sometimes need a bob silhouette to control them. Try this style for something new with medium length. It still has an angle, but it definitely gives you a little wiggle room at the ends.

Long Bob Silk Waves

Try this beautiful long bob for a fresh edgy look that’s stylish and ready for anything. A very steep angle shoots back and forth while the smooth nape features the back flaring line.

60’s Long Bob

This very nice and popular hairstyle has all the advantages of a short style but it has sufficient length to reach past the shoulders. Heavier straight bangs define the top of the face while the frame is softly finished by gentle curls at the bottom.

Looking for a long bob? This easy and classic bob on one side only has a teeny bit longer. You may, of course, choose which one. To curl down the bottom, insert a rounded side part to create more space.

Sleek and Stealthy Stacked Bob

This angled bob, slightly stacked in the back, is perfect for those with very straight hair. The style’s main shape cradles the back of the head almost seeming to be a Flapper style, but otherwise says the point below the ears.

Bob angled with Bangs

You want to keep the front longer to lengthen the round face. Try light side swept bangs that can be longer or shorter and ensure a bit of texture is given to the ends. At the tips, faint burgundy allows the style to shine from below.

Choppy Layered Bob with Bangs

Choppy layered bob is a fantastic hair cut for women who like to look a little edgy but feminine. The choppiness in the layers adds to the cut sharpness that is easy to wear and style every day. This gives the face a slim look, reducing the forehead and highlighting the ears, thanks to the relatively heavy angled forehead bangs. For those with oval and oblong face shapes, this form of cut is perfect. Helga Esteb /

Classic Blunt A-Line Bob

The classic blunt A-line bob is a timeless hair style that works on almost every type of face. Normally it falls right between the shoulder and the neck. Throwing up in a ponytail is still long enough and short enough to make a statement when cut down. It also gives a thicker hair look!

Helga Esteb /

Blonde Bob with Straight Bangs

Blunt shoulder-long bob cut is very sexy. It has a certain essence of couture that makes its wearer really shine. Because it has the length of the collar-bone, it does not curl off on the line of the jaw. This stretches the face and slides the cheeks. The front bangs taper off to accentuate the most beautiful way in the eyes and lips.

Tinseltown /

Blunt Asymmetrical Bob

This blunt asymmetric bob is very saturated and gives a fancy look to any face. This look on square face shapes is stunning because the length reaches past the jaw line and elongates the head. The deep side part also tricks the eye to see the shape of a smaller face. The asymmetric cut is chic and very edgy!

Helga Esteb /

Angled Bob with Long Side Bangs

Helga Esteb / Bob with Long Side Bangs

The subtle layers also make the asymmetry look much more dramatic towards the ends! If you’re trying to make a fashion statement, this is what you want.

Helga Esteb /

Rounded Chin Length Bob with Bangs

Anna Wintour’s signature bob is very corky and cute! For outgoing hipster personalities, it’s very suitable. Because you have ample body and weight, the advantage of having a rounded chin-length bob. By slightly teasing or going in with a round brush while blowing, you can achieve height at the crown!

Debby Wong /

Feathered Haircut

This feathered jaw length bob is an adorable professional hair approach! It says Here’s an ambitious business woman whispering She’s young and fun! The feathers are very prominent with the length kept to a minimum and the layering to a peak and they fall beautifully. Such a cut emphasizes the chin while squaring off the cheeks.

Helga Esteb /

Easy-Going Collarbone Bob

Helga Esteb /

You can style the ends to add a semi-circular shape to the hair cut as in the photo – curled towards the face. The flatness at the roots allows the form at the bottom to dramatize.

Helga Esteb /

Posh Bob with Elongated Front Pieces

Posh bob is a beautiful look for those who want to always be glamorous. It’s very low maintenance but it gives a powerful atmosphere! This slides down the sides of the head while staying edgy with sharply cut angles, being split down the middle. Helga Esteb /

Simple and Cute Angled Bob

This simple bob is very appealing and ideal for the girl next door! The length is pulled back or down just past the jaw so you can wear it. Cutting ends bluntly help to avoid any layers that are difficult to manage. It may be plain, but with someone who doesn’t like a lot of drama to their hair, there is really nothing wrong!

Helga Esteb / These angled bob hair cuts are all very trendy and definitely worth taking! Some suit specific audiences, but most of them in any setting can be worn by any lady. Be sure to visit your stylist next time you want to refresh your medium-length haircut and have them give you one of those stylish new looks! Prev1 of 40Next —> —> Full Stack Hottest Stacked Haircuts Trendy Inverted Bob Haircuts Haircuts and Stay Connected Stunning Ways to Wear a Sew In Bob Traditional Ways to> The Full Stack Hottest Stacked Haircuts Trendy Inverted Bob Haircuts Haircuts Cuts and Patterns Stay Connected Inspired by hair style. Regardless of your hair type, we can help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeColorOmbre