Slick-back hairstyle shows why the comb is the best hair styling tool or equipment to be invented and will remain. This hair keeps a medium-length cut scissor sliced off. Some hair product can be used before the slick back, but it will still look good in its natural texture and appearance, even without any.

Professor Style

Professors have a distinct, severe hairstyle that looks pretty simple and plain. This professional look involves doing almost nothing to the natural hair except to cut it short (scissor trim), wash it clean and use a small amount of gel or any other men’s hair product. It is very easy to maintain if you get the right length and it is perfect as a professional or formal cut.

Curly Ivy League

Curly hair is perfect even without any styling, and you can get a fantastic look with a good gel and your fingers. The curls are trimmed to a medium length or approximately three inches long for this style. A generous amount of gel or any other performance hair hold material is used, and with your hands you can shape the curls. Try to leave the curls as natural as possible as they are going to be more appealing in this way.

Spiky Locks

Short spiky locks in this style are very well done, showing that you can turn your spikes into an Ivy League in several respects. Although the spikes may not look like what you traditionally call locks, because of the way they are styled, they can still be categorized as such. Most of the attention is focused on the top section in this hairstyle because the back was simply sliced.

Good Old Look

Sometimes all you have to do is stick with the good old look like in this style. Keep your hair naturally, and just trim it a little to give it some uniformity. If there are signs of white or gray skin, you can keep them as they are, as this adds to the style’s charm. A slide side part can spice up stuff as well, but it’s not always necessary.
The haircut of the Ivy League has been portrayed in many ways, and many names have also been given, but this style is just an overgrown cut of the team. For years, this cuthas have been around, and it’s always been synonymous with gentlemen, but nowadays anyone can wear it even if they don’t regard themselves as such. The Princeton as it is also known to be designed and made in a myriad of ways, and this variety has led to its various variations. If you’re talking of wearing this beautiful haircut, though, the following are brilliant ideas you should try.

Just a few Bangs

This style is all about exquisite-looking natural bangs, showing the magic that scissors can do if it’s in the hands of a skilled stylist. The bangs are very natural and the way they are cut is what makes them attractive as there is little shaping done afterwards. Colour, texture and volume all play an important role in showcasing this look.

Smart Side Sweep

Most hair experts will tell you the simplest thing you can do with your smart-looking medium-length hair is sweeping it sideways. It should start with a neat side parting for this side swept hair to look beautiful. Top hair is pulled to the side and the rest of the hair is pushed in the opposite direction. Recall using a generous amount of the right hair product to look fabulous to the side swept hair.

Stylish student

Students always strive to distinguish themselves from the rest, and the best way to do this is to get such an incredibly stylish haircut. Here, the stylish student maintains a high, voluminous and wavy top with the sides and the clipper on the back. Besides the perfect cut, all you need is some hair product because the natural wavy hair provides all the styling you need. This style requires regular trimming of the top and sides.

Do it Right

The only way to look beautiful with the Ivy League haircut is to do everything right. Whether you mess up with the cut or the styling, you’re going to look very different from it. This particular haircut demonstrates a perfectly correct model. A scissor trim is provided to voluminous wavy hair, then a side section. The hairs at the top are swept to one side and given a certain height while the ones below the line are sliced.

Perfectly designed

Perfection begins with hair trimming, color and texture in all aspects of this haircut. Just by looking at it, you’d know it’s a skilled, very experienced barber’s work. Design involves a longer crown hair with the sides being scissor cut short and a small part created at the top section. Although the color is natural in this style, if you have a different color, you can always use a dye.

Classic Ivy League

This style is one of the earliest forms of the Ivy League, and maybe it’s what most people associate with alookas. It requires a neatly trimmed hair throughout the head that is equal in length. Hair is short, but it’s long enough to be swept to the side or styled in short curls. The Classic Ivy League is perfect for the shape of the round and oval head.

Voluminous Smartness

All meanings of voluminous hair are beautiful, particularly if it is organic. And all you have to do with it is beautifully trim it and use a comb to style it. It will still look good in this style where it’s just pushed back, even without all those fancy designs. The best thing about volume is that by creative trimming and using hair products, you can make almost any hair complete. This ensures that the style can be worn as all that is needed to give it some texture with different types of skin.

College Boy Waves

In college, you are free to do whatever you want with your hair, as many universities do not have strict regulations. Boys with wavy hair have many advantages when it comes to haircuts and styles as it is easier to work with these types of hair than most other types. A small side part is given in this particular cut the wavy hair then the crown strands are swept to one side. The rest of the waves are moved back to complete an ordinary look of a college boy.

Smart guys are named as they always find a way to steal the show with their presence. What most people don’t know is that hair is the one thing that makes them look smart. The smart guy model that puts the typical Ivy League together, and a side part is an example of a hairstyle that can make a man stand out. A longer top is retained in this cut, while short sides and a back are rasped. Then a side part is given to the high crown and finished by being pushed to the side.

Gelled Harvard Video

There is no other hair product similar to the men’s success gel. And this is rightly so because, no matter how dull it may be, it always has a way to breathe some new life into any hair. The Gelled Harvard Clip is all about gelbecause it does all magic and besides, from the hair trimming the only other things needed is to push the front strands slightly to one side to finish an eye-catching look.

Total Slickness

Whether you like slicked hair or not this style will impress you, and you will perhaps also want to try it. The hair texture is incredible and the dark color is very attractive as well. After the application of a hair product to give it a shine and to make it easy to slick, hair is given a hard side art then slicked. The deeppart line is the base from which, except the front, the hair is completely sliced in all directions.

Short spikes

If done professionally and by an experienced stylist or barber, spiky hair always looks good on men. Pikes are kept throughout the head and in uniform length in this cut. What makes them look especially good is that the spikes are short and very firm and brilliant. The presence of these short spikes indicates that hair product choice plays an important role in getting a great hairstyle.

Blond Innovative

This blonde haircut will shorten all blonde locks. What makes it unique is that it is highly innovative, and it goes beyond the tradition that keeps blond hair long. The hair at the top is reduced to about two inches, then the sides are cut short and undercut to complete a very innovative look.
Small Faux Hawk

You don’t always have to overdo things to look good in a false hawk and it proves beyond doubt. The style holds in the middle of the head a short faux hawk with the sides cut short. Also the wavy hair makes the look fantastic. But men who don’t have a naturally wavy hair, using hair products can achieve the same look.

The imagination of Caesar Ivy


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