Haircut bob

How to do Bob Ponytail

Many types of bobs are available and not all are ideal for ponytails. The plain form of the bob is blunt cut throughout and tends to look shorter. A great choice for womens ponytail bob hairstyles as the front of the hair is cut longer. The bob is called a pageboy when the front hair is shorter. You can also fit well on a short bob to do a ponytail. In a short hairstyle, angled bobs add volume and texture. Half-up ponytails are often a nice, spunky and fun option for bobs. Steps to tie a bob haircut ponytail: Depending on the length of your bob ponytail, you decide whether or not to use a weave. If you dont curl and do a full ponytail, use a brush to smooth your hair to the back of your head and pick it up at the back of your skull in your palm. Use a comb to smooth the top half of your hair over your ears away from your face and collect it in your hand at the back of your skull if you use weaving and want to do a half-up ponytail. Use a ponytail rubber band holder or scrunchy loop the tie around the hair pulling the hair through the tie twisting it and dragging it through the hair again until the tie is wrapped securely around the hair. Broad tie the hair around the ponytail and loop rubber bands to protect them with bobby pins. Specific Bob Haircut Ponytail Styles

Sleek Low Ponytail

Look stylish and elegant with a sleek ponytail. This is a beautiful example. The hair was styled as a simple, low ponytail. Theres a small volume at the end and around the hair tie theres a hair cap. This is a stunning style that at any special event will make you steal the spotlight.

Latest Bob Ponytail Hairstyles

womens chic ponytail bob hairstyles to bump up their look. Go through the models to get one thats perfect for you.

Simple but low-ponytail eye-catching

This is a stunning and simple twist hairstyle.

Seize a few hair and twist stands. Secure the twists and tie your back with bobby pins. Its better to remember less, so just twist two pieces on each hand. For the ponytail section and the front hanging strands, natural waves look great.

Fishtail Braids Into A Side Ponytail

Instead of simply twisting a few front strings, try to cover them with fish.

shows your creative style and adds a side ponytail to the delicate finish. This elegant, easy-to – do feminine style will make you feel like a princess so today your hair style will turn out to be your go – to hairstyle for any event.

Half-up Ponytail For Mid Length Hair

If you want longer hair to give the impression that your mid-long hair is exactly longer than this half-up ponytail is trying.

Leave the section at the bottom and tie up your top section roughly. Once tied up, make sure that you bundle it together to create more volume. You could also loose-curl your hair for a fantastic-looking natural wave.

Messy Ponytail

Its amazing how incredible you can make your hair look different and sexy with a loose and messy ponytail.

For mid to long hair, this works better. Take your hair and tie it back loosely. Then start pulling out a couple of pieces from the front and letting them stay. All of this produces the messy look so dont be afraid to pull as many as you like and leave them if more come out during the day.

Twisted Low Ponytail

Do you need an office hairstyle that is easy to look at at at night?

When you go to meet a friend after work or have a date, there are always those odd days. If so, go for a low ponytail that is twisted. It looks so elegant and girly in this style. This is quite a messy hairstyle, but the feel is still classy. It looks amazing from the front and back. Make sure that your twists are as low as possible in order to create the natural life above for the best result.

Super Long Super Messy High Ponytail

Uber long hair looks beautiful and elegant, particularly when you have a simple, messy ponytail.

French Braided Low Ponytail With Volume At The Crown

The simplicity of a French braid is really great.

Make your French braid unique through the creation of crown volume. Share your hair to the side and pump it to the crown. Braiding your ponytail is easier if you tie it this way first, it will be more secure and tighter than a non-bonded braid. You can make it smooth or messy; its up to your preference. If you want the braid to be like the photo when youve finished braiding, tie it with a band and start pulling on either side of the braid. Youll notice its beginning to loosen. Dont worry that its not going to lose its braid shape, but shorter hairs will stick on. Let them hang out and take advantage of your style.

with Lob

achieves the high invisible ponytail by applying tissue to the top ponytail and wrapping the thick band of hair around the bob ponytail to cover the tissue. To build an elegant look, the ponytail on bob is decorated with Fulani braids.

Curly High Ponytail

d some regular ponytail curls and you immediately feel the glam and look amazing.

Its easy and simple to do. Before you tie it back, you can either curl your hair or tie it back for the girl-on – the-go and just start curling the ponytail section. If you have natural curly hair then the advantage is that you dont have to curl your ponytail, but remember that you can use hair serum to make it easier to tie back. Its got to be sleek. Having straight hair and curly flowing hair on the back is a contrasting look. Beautiful Messy Braids And Ponytail Idea

Another variant of the double braid ponytail is available here. This one has mid-length braids with a beautiful textured ponytail that is loose. For a bridesmaid or someone going to a prom, it would be the perfect style. Its an elegant and chic look that suits everyone.

Slick Side Part Bob Ponytail

. This style started by dividing the hair to one side and collecting all the hair in a low ponytail. You can wrap a thick band of hair around the ponytail to create a sleek, modern look.

Netherlands Braid Faux Hawk Pony

Make a statement like this with a ponytail! The hair was styled into a large, loose Dutch braid with smaller braids down the sides along the center of the head. Such a hairstyle shows off your trendy and edgy style, but with glamor it does so. So for any special occasion, its fine.

Side Braid Ponytail Idea

Another side braid ponytail is our next idea. This one is different from the one before because instead of one there are two side braids. The double braid only gives an elegant and unique look to the hair. Theres a twisted ponytail after the braids. This is a glamorous hairstyle that will make you look amazing every time.

Curly Ponytail With The Teased Crown

Many people use the term back comb and when teasing is used we tend to get confused as to what it is.

Teasing and backcombing are the same things guys so dont worry theres no new trend to volume your hair, its just different wording that can catch us off guard. Now you know that the term you are using is entirely up to you. This style uses teasing (or backcombing!) to build the look. To add a more drama and bulk effect, you need to tease the crown. Curl your beautiful locks so that your ponytail has impact too. Get teasing girls!

Dutch Mohawk Ponytail

Make your ponytail stand out by adding a Dutch Mohawk.

Braided Half-Up Ponytail

Try this braided half-up ponytail to show off your long fabulous hair.

Three front sections are made and three half braids are made. They just need to be braided until you reach the ponytail area to ensure that all braids are directed to this point to secure your hair. Alternatively you can choose to not use a hair band and wrap you hair around to act as a band.

Half Up Half Down Ponytail



especially when the cutting incline is as dramatic as the one in the above figure. You can do this ponytail with bob by using a piece of weave to add some weight to the ponytail secured in the middle at the top of the head.

Trendy Bubble Ponytail Idea

Bubble ponytails have become a must-have look! On stars like Kendall Jenner Blake Lively and more weve seen ponytails like these. Heres a lovely example of a ponytail bubble. This one is a bit different from the others because it has braids around the parts rather than just hair ties. With or without the braids, you can recreate it and there are plenty of online tutorials to support.

Messy Ponytail With A Braid

Messy hair is trending all over the world right now and having a messy ponytail looks fabulous.

d side braid to create a beautiful hairstyle for your messy do and loosely tie your hair back. This is a great look for festivals and weddings for music concerts. So get your ponytail braid to join. Its perfect for a bride-to-be as well. It is going to make you feel like a goddess.

Double Braid Ponytail

This is followed by a double braid ponytail. The hair was styled into a middle parting with a lovely braid on each side for this look. Then both braids meet and become a high ponytail. It is an elegant ponytail combining modern and trendy hairstyles. So you can look glamorous, but also show off your own unique style.

Ponytail For Brides Or Bridesmaids

If youre ready to be a bride and wonder what kind of hairstyle youre going to think about having this style for your big day.

Its beautiful and elegant. Simple and not time consuming, so on your wedding morning you wont have to start getting ready so early. It fits well if youve got a couple of side bangs that can hang. Tease your crown and bind your hair back loosely. Its great for a bridesmaid as well.

Dutch Braids Into A Low Curly Ponytail

When people think of braids, they tend to think of French braids but rarely of Dutch braids.

is why youve got to try it. This will turn the heads of the customers and you will earn so many additions throughout the day. Make sure you have a low ponytail and add a few curls to make it voluminous. The Netherlands braid is a perfect summer style so practice now.

Low Ponytail Bubble

This is so easy to do and yet so successful.

Effortless and stylish looks the bubble low ponytail teamed up with a beautiful half-up fishtail braid. These two words are to be used to describe this hairstyle, as well as stylish on-trend and inspired. Get ready for the summer and today build this girly and feminine theme.


may also be put in the hairstyle of a ponytail! For this short haircut, low half-up ponytail bob is generally best. It should be about half to collect the hair that starts just above your ears. Sure is with a rubber band close to the base of your skull. Usually this look allows the hanging of short bands or face-framing hair pieces in front of the face.

Half Up Half Down Ponytail With Waves

Some ladies may not wear a ponytail as they dont like all their hair styled. So weve got a great solution. A half-up ponytail features this hairstyle. A hair part has been put in a high ponytail, leaving the rest of the hair free. The hair is also curled perfectly. Its a beautiful hairstyle that gives you the best of both worlds.

French Braid Into Low Side Ponytail

A beautiful braid on a side ponytail.

shows how spectacular your braid appears. Try to use a hair serum or coconut oil to remain smooth and chic at the back of your hair. This is a fresh look, just make sure youre taming any loose hair. If youre going to an event where you know youre going to have this style photographed and make sure youre captured on your braid side. Youre going to look awesome.

Simple And Elegant Low Ponytail

Next we have to share with you an elegant twist ponytail. The ponytail has volume at the top because a hair section is clipped with a slight twist and the twist continues until it reaches the ponytail. The hair is beautifully waved to the actual ponytail. Its another beautiful ponytail with a vintage vibe.

Low Ponytail Glam Twist

Would you want a more subtle hairstyle? Then check out our next idea. This ponytail is low in style and has an elegant twist design. The hair was also styled perfectly. Its a beautiful and glamorous hairstyle that looks easy. With sparkling earrings, a ponytail like this would look amazing!

Braided Ponytail Idea For Medium Length Hair

The next two braided ponytails are available. This one has braids that are longer and looser than the one we previously featured. The different style of braid gives a chic boho look to the hair. For a bohemian style wedding, a ponytail like this would be great.

Weave Ponytail

Bob ponytails are sleek and stylish when tied to the top of the head in a half-up ponytail with a piece of weaving. To build a voluminous asymmetrical appearance, the fabric is fanned around the top of her head.

Low Volume Ponytail

Add volume if in question.

is an elegant and ideal hairstyle for work parties and any other period. A voluminous low ponytail will create its own style so you dont have to be flamboyant to keep it simple and chic with your outfit. You can team up with a heavy makeup to show off your beautiful face as the hair is tied back completely.

Bubble Ponytail With Hair Accessories

This is a fun hair style that looks more detailed with the added accessories.

A bubble ponytail is fun and trendy but it looks amazing when you start adding flowers or delicate hairbands. Try this out and see for yourself. You can add any bands of color that you like we think white looks amazing with blonde hair and its going to suit darker shades as well.

Braided Hair Tie

Are you looking for a fantastic wedding party or wedding hairstyle that will make you feel special?

You will find this curly high ponytail ideal. With a hair band, simply grab your hair. Then pick up and braid a portion from your ponytail. Wrap your hair bands braid. For that extra wow effect, curl the bottom half of your ponytail to finish this look.

Half French Braid Pony

Half a braid with a ponytail was featured earlier. Heres a different way to wear this look. With a long twisted ponytail, this is a half French braid. Theres loose hair on the front as well. Its a stunning and chic look that suits everybody. We love the idea of a ponytail!

Boho Low Ponytail Hairstyle

Love boho fashion but need for a special occasion to dress up a little bit? Then for you, this is the hairstyle. The hair has a braid on the fishtail side and a trendy ponytail on the textured side. Theres loose skin on the front as well. We love this hairstyle because you are getting the best of both worlds. You can look Bohemian and stylish, but chic and elegant as well.

Vintage Glamor Ponytail

d some glamorous vintage look at this ponytail. For length at the end, the ponytail is cut very high and the hair itself is perfectly curled. For an event where you want to look chic, a ponytail like this is perfect. Its an easy hairstyle thats going to suit everybody.

Fishtail Low Ponytail For Long Hair

Coachella season is the time for Coachella styles now.

The choices of hairstyles are endless if you really have long hair. Take this stunning braid of fishtail combined with a low ponytail. For all of you who love the messy hairstyles and fishtails, this is a style. For this style, you dont have to be an expert at fishtails because the fishtail is so tiny. Try it and look at it. I can guarantee youre going to love it. It has a fantastic festival atmosphere with boho music.

Elegant Side Braid And Curly Ponytail

Next weve got another braided ponytail idea. This one looks like a halo. The hair was beautifully braided around the head and then the braid mixes into a ponytail. Its a beautiful, romantic, elegant hairstyle that would be perfect for a wedding date night or prom.

Braids In A High Ponytail

It looks elegant and sophisticated to have section braids.

Braid hair segment and pin back to make handling simpler. Make sure youve got a high ponytail and wrap around your hairband a section of hair to finish the look. Ideal even if youre just popping into the shops for any occasion. Rock the girls braids!

Edgy Braided Ponytail

Next we have to share with you a simple yet casual ponytail. The hair on the top of the head is in a very loose braid for this look and the sides of the hair are formed into the braids of the fishtail. The ponytail is a textured one straight. All these elements create a trendy ponytail for a special event that looks cool but glamorous.

Braids Sleek Ponytail

Love sleek ponytails? Then take a look at this next look. The ponytail is highly styled and the hair is so smooth and sleek. Braids are also added to the hair that gives a trendy look to the style. We love this idea because its a different hairstyle that makes you glam, but it also shows off your own unique style.

Stunning Low Ponytail Idea

Another tiny ponytail is our next idea. Thats just wow! The hair at the top is straight and then the hair is wavy and full of volume once the ponytail starts. This is a stunning hairstyle and something like that will envy everyones hair!

Perfect Formal Ponytail

Sometimes we dont have the time to style our hair in detail during our morning routine.

If you need a work or college hairstyle that doesnt take long to try a very formal, ideal ponytail. To achieve the natural crown lift, make sure you dont just shampoo and clean this on your hair. When hair hasnt been washed for a day or so, without having to use as much hairspray, you can create better long-lasting higher styles. Use bobby pins to pin the shorter locks to ensure loose strays do not fall out during the day.

Messy Braided Style

There are no rules for this hairstyle.

The best way to work on your own fashion and instincts is to style your own body. Through braiding the side portion and intertwining with your ponytail, you can style your hair in a messy braided ponytail.

Faux Hawk Braid Into A Ponytail

Half of a braid ending in a cute ponytail features this next idea. If you can make braids already then for you a ponytail like this should be a simple and fashionable hairstyle. This will look amazing for weddings, and with some hair accessories you could even glamorize it.

Simple and stylish Ponytail

If all the braids and other intricate styles arent for you then you can try a more simple look. Its a subtle but super cool ponytail. The hair is in the top volume and the ponytail is then tossed. It looks effortlessly perfect and with a ponytail like this you will feel like the balls belle. 2346.jpg” />

Trendy Braids Ponytail

Would you like to look trendy and glamorous? Then thats your hairstyle. Here we have a volume straight ponytail and an amazing braid. We love this idea because its a ponytail that enables you to release your stylish inner rock chick!

You can tease / back comb to build the pressure on your crown and pick your hair and tie it back. In less than a few minutes, you wont find an easier ponytail you can do. This is ideal for shopping, going to work or going on a date, to relax.