55 Best Hair Color for Men

Arctic Blue and White Color Layers Hairstyle

Would you like a cold hairstyle like ice? Aside from the song references, arctic blue and white are a fantastic couple for a cool look (literally. Concentrate the white in a particular portion of your hair to create the colors pop.

Fire Ombre Mens Hair Color

Moreover, with a bright multi-color combination, you can level your whole appearance. Mixing intense shades of red, orange, and yellow, for example, will help you get a fiery shadow. If you have a piece of haircut, the spotlight will all be given to the individual colors.

Forest Green Men Hair Color

Think of having a green hair color forest to bring out your teenage anxiety. For boys with edgy personalities, we say it’s ideal, regardless of whether they have long or short hair.

Silver Gray Hair Color for Men

In terms of men’s hair color trends, silver has definitely secured one of the top spots of the year. Just like with white hairstyles, silver locks will highlight all of your best features.

Cool brown hair color

Tone it down with a cooler brown medium if the coffee-like color is too dark for you. It’s just as low a key, regardless of the colour of your eyes or skin. At the same moment, lightening black or dark brown hair gradually can be a intelligent strategy.

Men’s Black and Red Hair Color Mix

Another half-and – a-half look is black and red. While it is immediately noticeable, it is lower key than blue and pink flashier combos. Fitting the colors of the eyebrow is also a good detail to keep in mind.

Steel Navy Blue Mens Hair Color

If you haven’t already noticed, there’s also a clear trend pattern with metallic and pastel tones. Steel navy blue is just another one of the stylish options you have.

Steel Rainbow Hair Color for Men

You don’t have to settle for one, two, or even three colors in your hairstyle. Take the metallic trend and give it your very own twist with steel rainbow highlights.

Strawberry Blonde Mens Hair Color

For a lighter ginger alternative, you can test out strawberry blond. While it retains reddish undertones, the overall hue leans toward blond. It’s another top choice for men with features generally associated with redheads (light eyes, pale skin, etc..

Men’s Opal Hair

You may not have heard of opal hair, but the notion has been bubbling for a minute in women’s hair society. In essence, it seeks to imitate the gemstone’s multicolor glimmer with the same name. The outcomes? As impressive as you might think.

Pastel Frosting Men Hair Color

Frosted tips are another way to use initial platinum locks. If you have a brief haircut, choose a palette of either pastel or neon colors and dye your hair ends.

Neon Frosted Men Hair Color

Neon has recently grown into fashion royalty. Besides being one of the year’s most coveted hair color trends for men, its impact expands to numerous other sectors. The frosty hairstyle will surely transform heads when you mix two neon colors with silver or white.

Frosted tips

Why not demonstrate them to you since we have discussed frosted tips? Here is the contemporary version of the trend that is so much loved. Today, in a large unicorn quiff with a natural dark foundation and platinum tips, you can wear frosted tips.

Frosty White Hair Color

White has also recently stormed the universe of hair trends. Whether you have brief, medium, or long hair, white is the perfect choice to highlight your facial characteristics. Do not miss the chance to accentuate it if you have a piercing gaze!

Grape and Pale Red Color

What are your ##sett hair ideas? You should believe about playing around with shades, whether you already have a mohawk or you plan to get one shortly. Use the silhouette and position an extra color down the center. Pale red appears ultra-cool on a grape-colored foundation.

Grape Ombre Men Fade Haircuts

This is an incredible hair trend that you can borrow from women. For example, this grape shadow starts with your natural brunette base and melts into a few purple shade strands that we call grape. You can choose the color you like.

Artificial Blue

Combined this skin fade with one of the craziest colors you could get. This is artificial blue or neon blue. It’s a color that’s totally unnatural, but as cool as it comes. You’re going to look like a XMen mutant.

‘ Ash Brown Hair Color’

As far as trends are concerned, the brand new grays are ashy variants. For instance, take ash brown. While it maintains a natural atmosphere, there is something unique about ash brown that makes individuals do a double take. Overall, making your undercut visually even more pleasing is the perfect way.

Auburn Hair Color for Men

Mysterious, captivating, and ever so exotic, auburn hair on males a powerful shortlist contestant. Show off your fresh russet hue to the globe with a lengthy haircut for males if you crown it the color winner.

Baby Blue and Coral Red Men Hair Color Combo

The secret resides in contrasts if you want a really unique hairstyle. The findings are fantastic when combining baby blue and coral red. Get an equally initial haircut as well for an even greater effect.

Burnt orange haircolor for men

The edginess can be balanced with a burnt orange tone on the flip side. It has a subtle metallic finish, similar to champagne pink, which makes it wearable in almost any sense. Moreover, its coolness is added by the contemporary mullet haircut.

Candy Red Hair Color

Back in, My Chemical Romance Frontman Gerard Way showed the world that candy red was an awesome hair color for men. If you’re a man who refuses to comply, attempt it on your own!

Cartoon Mens Fade Haircuts

Remember when you were a kid watching Cartoon Network and all you wanted was to get a haircut like one of those guys but wouldn’t your mother let you down? Well, you’re all grown up now, and you can do whatever you want.

Men’s Pink Hair Color Champagne

Would you like to attempt an unusual color? Ease your way with a lighter variation into the globe of atypical colors. For example, pink champagne with a metallic shine attracts attention, but with good taste. The quiff haircut also beautifully finishes the look.

Cool Fade Haircut

Is anything cooler than a classic mohawk in purple and pink? Perhaps not. This shows, however, that bald and taper fades have been around for a long time than we care to imagine. Right now we are just rediscovering them.

Cool turquoise hair color for men

Take a look at how amazing a turquoise one is to demonstrate our point about bold buzz cuts. The selection of color is perfect for the fearless person who expresses his character in an unpologetic manner.

Men’s Copper Brown Hair Color

Whether it’s darker or lighter, copper brown is always an appealing hair color with which you can play. Note, however, that it has noticeable red undertones.

Men’s Dark Gray Hair Color

Go darker with a charcoal shade for an even more subtle strategy. If you’re indecisive at the moment, we think it’s the best option. Look into our full guide for men’s silver gray hair if you want more inspiration for ashy tones.

Dark Pink Men Color

You can tone stuff down with dark pink for a softer attitude to the same hue. It’s not going to be as shocking as warm pink while it’s still an eye-catching color. It also operates well for people who have embraced an alternative style.

Dark Red Hair Color for Men

Talking about the enigmatic character, few tones attract others in more than a velvety dark red. While it tends to cater for the alternative / goth crowd, it is ideal for any man with a mysterious aura around him.

Deep Plum Men Hair Color

Unconventional men’s hair color concepts often look appealing when faded out of a natural tone. If your hair is black or dark brown, for instance, you can add profound plum halfway down your locks. A skillful colorist will assist you get the change you’re searching for in harmony.

Hair Color Dirty Blonde

Do you have blue or green eyes? They can’t be complemented better than with a dirty blond hair color. The balanced hue is ideal without becoming overwhelming to make them stand out.

Electric Blue Hair Color

As far as hair colors are worried, some tones appear incredible to any man. For instance, no matter what facial characteristics you have, you can pull off profound blue. It’s one of those colors that adds to everybody.

Men’s Honey Blonde Hair Color

If you want to heat stuff up a little, go for a blonde honey option. It still lies within the natural spectrum, even though it is brighter than others. Moreover, if you want to maintain your eyebrows dark, it’s another blond hue you can get away with.

Hot Pink Men Hair Color

If you’re not scared to leave your comfort zone behind, use a striking tone to go out. You can’t really go bolder than hot pink in everything. You can first attempt it as a temporary hair color for males, judging by the flashy nature of the look.

Ice Storm

This lovely mixture of colors is called ice storm. The reason is that with a black fade on the bottom, it’s iceberg blonde on top. It’s a very unconventional but artistic color that will certainly make you notice from a crowd.

Indigo Mens Hair Color

Like periwinkle, indigo is one of those unique colors you won’t find on any other man. Mix royal blue and light purple tones to get the hue.

Jet Black Men Hair Color

It’s simple to see why black is the most widely used dye men. On the one side, it enables people touch any unwanted tones with gray hair. On the other side, it enables dyers to play it safely for the first time.

Medium Gray Hair Color for Men

However, going directly to silver from a natural hair color may be a little too much for you. Test it with a medium gray semi-permanent hair color for males if you’re not sure that the drastic shift is for you.

Caramel melting color mixture for men

Talk to a reputable hair colorist about mixing brown and blonde in various colors. A lovely color gradient can be achieved, whether by highlights, lowlights, shadows or balayage. If the terms we just listed sound like a foreign language, don’t worry–your stylist will understand what to do.

Milk Chocolate Mens Hair Color

As we move to hotter browns, we have a creamy color of chocolate milk. It looks amazing in all honesty on any sort of hair, from straight to curly. It remains a natural-looking earth tone appropriate for all males despite its notable intensity.

Mint Green Hair Color for Men

On the other side, mint green follows another huge hair trend–pastels. The Tumblr-worthy tone is perfect for the pale aesthetic being nailed.

Natural Ginger Men Hair Color

Would you ever like red hair to be born? Well, even if you’re not lucky enough to be part of the global-percent redhead population, you can dye your hair to look like that. If your skin is very pale, you may even take it off without anyone noticing the distinction.

Neon Green Men Hair Color

But if you like a neon hair idea but don’t want to overdo it, choose a strong color. For example, for a whole fresh attitude to college, uniform neon green hairbraids.

Neon Rainbow Mens Hair Color

Alternatively, take the same concept and make the neon trend even more experimental. For a truly unforgettable look, combine super-bright versions of all the rainbow colors.

Men’s Purple Hair Color Pastel

Recall what we said about pastels? Here’s another instance to support the fact that you should consider hopping on this trend. For classy people who know how to own their style, Lavender is a great option.

Peacock Mens Fade Haircuts

If you are undecisive as to which hair color you should choose, we recommend the variant of Peacock. This is a mixture of three of four colors that more or less belong to the same palette and that go together exceptionally well.

Periwinkle Mens Hair Color

With so many cool tones available, we’re sure you’re going to have a difficult time to decide on just one. Still, every step of the manner we want to encourage you. Periwinkle is a color that’s wealthy, lovely, and original, making you stand out.

Pink and Blue Men Hair Color

Cool men’s hair colors need not occur alone. In fact, some of the most imaginative hairbald fade (with or without a beard.

Pink Pastel Mens Fade Haircut

We’re back to cooky color for this pastel bubble gum pink. If you have blue eyes and are looking for an unconventional color, this is the one. Make sure to dye your eyebrows as well, so that they can highlight the color of your eyes even more.

Reddish Brown Mens Hair Color

Generally speaking, the faintest tint can make the biggest difference in a hair color. If you have dark eyes, a fairly lighter tone can bring them out as a prominent feature. In this regard, a reddish-brown tone just might be the best gaze-enhancing trick for you.

Seaweed Green Hair Color

On that note, you can use techniques like lowlights or highlights to follow a specific reference. As an example, a deep green base with lighter greens throughout the hair will get you a cool seaweed tone. Nevertheless, you should get the colors done by a professional.

Summer Mint

Here’s another cooky idea for idea. Summer aficionados, meet mint green. It’s a fresh, lively, and vibrant shade of green, perfect for the summer holidays, when you’re off to the sea side or at a music festival. >

Sunny Yellow Hair Color

From actors to singers or athletes, celebrities have been killing it with out-of-the-box buzz cuts in the last years. In many cases, they also spice it up with a vivid color. If you want your fresh buzz cut to shine, think about dyeing it sunny yellow.

Teal Mens Fade Haircuts

We’re not done with the modern haircuts because we have not shown you teal yet. And you know juts how important this color is. It may be a color which we borrowed from the ladies, but it matters not. We wear it proudly with our taper fades.

Joe Jonas

Many celebrities have adopted men’s haircuts and Joe Jonas is just one of them. Here he’s over his natural dark locks with teal hair and that ideal Jonas Brothers smile we’ve come over the years to adore.

Pastel Merman

This is another trend that has really caught up in the previous seasons, particularly on Instagram. We’re talking about the merman pastel. The concept here is to combine mens fade haircuts in a pastel color of your choice with a heavy and smooth pompadour.

Could you embellish a fauxhawk even more? Yes, you can, of course. If you’re creative enough, or your stylist. This is the mohawk that is traced. It has some lovely blue and purple strands that go through it, making it even more glossy and exciting.

Turkey and Orange Mens Hair Color Mix

Any fans of Miami Dolphins in the house? In your hairfaux hawk haircuts for males here you can proudly sport the colors of your favourite football team.

Vivid yellow-orange men’s hair color

The amazing yellow-orange shade shown below is back to bright. Despite its obvious playfulness, alternative, hipster-like boys can readily sportify the color. It’s all about how you operate the tone with the remainder of your look.

White and Black Men Hair Color

Vertical separation of hair color may not be for everyone. Be that as it may, most people are likely to be working on a white top with a black skin undercut. You’re still getting the contrast while your general hairstyle is going to look great.

White Hair Color for Men with Subtle Tint

Alternatively, the white trend can be adjusted with a subtle tint for a private contact. Pink is only one choice for tinting. You can also get amazing results with tints of blue, green or purple.