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All but One Vpn Service Providers Rejected the Roskomnadzor RequirementsByBill Toulas-May 18, 2019.550 Most of them disabled servers at the country’s border whereas others will take over their company there. The only one who has agreed to meet the requirement for Fgis contact is Kaspersky. Back in March, the Russian Internet watchdog Roskomnadzor requested that unique Vpn services running servers in the country comply with their national blacklist (Fgis) database. The related ultimatum was sent to ten famous providers of Vpn service, namely NordVpn Hide My Ass! Hola Vpn OpenVpn VyprVpn ExpressVpn TorGuard and Vpn Unlimited Ipvanish Kaspersky Secure Link. Many quickly responded by saying they would not comply while others took the time to think about the possible options they had. Since then it has been over a month since it became apparent that none of them but one wanted to comply. The only Vpn service provider connecting their service to the block sources and networks Federal State information system is Kaspersky, so anyone using their Secure Connection software will now be limited to accessing only the websites approved by the Russian Government. Considering that Kaspersky is a cybersecurity and anti-virus software developer based in Moscow Russia it is to be anticipated that in this pressing situation they did not have much space for games so it was out of the question for them to take a brave decision to ignore Roskomnadzor. However, this will have its effect on Kaspersky’s market share in the large market which is Russia as one of the main points of using a Vpn service for the country’s netizens is to fly under the radar of government-imposed repressive internet laws. Use one of the others would automatically mean that speed would drop a bit as the only feasible technical solution was to put servers outside Russia’s borders, but this is something people would gladly consider to continue browsing the internet without restrictions.