Hacker Giraffe Strikes Again

Avast IoT Study Shows Major Discrepancies Between Various World RegionsAvast performed the most comprehensive IoT report ever, using data from 83 million devices worldwide. The data shows that qualitative and quantitative variations are typical for each region. Additionally, Avast researchers hacked into a coffee maker just to show off the potential risks. Avast has taken on the biggest IoT (Internet of Things) analysis that has ever scanned 83 million devicessecurity cameras and anything else that can connect to the Internet. While we are still not living in the age of the eventual complete takeover of our homes and lives through the Internet of Things we are well on our way there with several millions of ‘ smart ‘ consumer devices being deployed around the globe right now. The study’s key findings are as follows: In North America, only 4% of IoT devices are surveillance tools, while in South Asia, this figure shoots up to 54%. In Western Europe, 54% of the homes screened deploy an IoT system while in Eastern Europe, the corresponding status is only 26%. South America is 34 per cent third in total IoT use. In North Africa and the Middle East, 35 per cent of IoT users are media players. From a security perspective The following results were revealed by Avast researchers:ByNovak Bozovic-March 23 2018.1174 How are you defending yourself on the Web? How do you know if your Internet Service Provider collects your data? Chances are your Isp will be able to see your browsing history movies that you are watching online and uploading files. Sounds bullying? The only way to stop this is through the use of a Vpn program. .1175 Expiry of Ipvanish Spring Deal Retailer Date 31 March 2018. Cost $79.99. Savings Deal Link Visit Ipvanish One of the most respected and one of the highest ranked Vpns is currently having a special spring deal! Ipvanish has been on the market for quite some time and proved worthwhile. This is not just another Vpn but a comprehensive solution to protect and encrypt your private details. Here are all the ways Ipvanish can be used in your everyday Web browsing. Want to safeguard your personal data? The only way to do that is by encrypting your connection to the Internet. This is where Ipvanish comes into play with the military-grade encryption that makes gathering your personal details difficult for anyone. Can you not use some of the websites and online services? That’s because those sites are geo-limited. You can access a remotely located server by using a Vpn, and ‘ shift ‘ your physical location. This is how you can watch American Netflix or visit typically blocked websites in your region. Don’t make a mistake using a free Vpnslashed the Vpn service price to a mere $3.33 a month. You will get $79.99 paid every two years – and there will be no price hikes. A special deal allows you to simultaneously use Ipvanish and all its stunning features on up to 5 computers! There are no hidden costs here-you get what you’re asking for. .1176 This deal only occurs once a year so make sure to join this bandwagon now. You can read our analysis of Ipvanish for more information on this beautiful Vpn.