Gus Van Sant – Biography of Gus Van Sant

Child of a street vendor who quickly worked to become a factory owner in the days of America’s economic prosperity, Gus Van Sant was born in Kentucky on July 24 of the year 1952.

During childhood Van Sant, had to move and move many times due to his father’s job.

He studied at the Caitlin Gabel School in Oregon. As a child he enjoyed painting and handling his camera Super 8, recording. Already in school he made some semi-autobiographical short films that cost between 30 and 50 dollars.

The artistic streak of this young director led him years later to study at the Rhode Island School of Design, where his colleagues like David byrne they knew how to understand his madness.
After spending some time in Europe, Van Sant decided to move to Los Angeles, in 1976.

Years of field research and study would lead the director, in 1985, to direct his first feature film called “Bad night”.

The film wins awards and is considered by the Los Angeles Times, as the best independent film of the year, what tulle?

Supported by an independent production company and moving to Oregon, Van Sant manages to film his long call in 1989 “Drugstore Cowboy”, a film about four drug addicts who rob pharmacies to maintain their vices.

With “My own private Ohio” In 1991, a film that addresses the theme of alignment, love and the always truncated concept of family, the director won many awards.

His next project would be in 1994 when he would adapt the Tom Robbins film “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues”, film that did not achieve any success, more than that, it was a resounding failure.

That is why, in 1997 a commercial success is assured as it was Good Hill Hunting with all the desire, for being a commercial film where Robin Williams also works, a guaranteed success. Win 2 Oscars.

A film that even today is taken into account in film schools, due to the good shots and aesthetics, is in the year 2000, Finding Forrester, a drama about writing and friendship.

His most controversial film would come later “Elephant”, which is about the Columbine school massacre, a movie shot entirely with a Steady Cam.

In 2005 it would appear “Last Days”, on the last days of the life of Kurt Cobain, late Nirvana singer.