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Pubg is now Free on Xbox One For a Limited Time With Ps4 Version Soon to Follow First of all there is no definite timeline for the game’s ‘ limited ‘ free accessibility. Additionally, we don’t know if the players who have already purchased the beta version of the game will be able to get their money back. And lastly why did Microsoft choose to continue the free Pubg promotion this time? Okay, as we said earlier Pubg is nearly one year old on Windows. On top of that according to reports on the Korean Ratings Boardconfirmed by video game analyst ZhugeEx who said the game will be out on Ps4 in the next month. All of this suggests that Microsoft may have signed a one-year exclusivity deal with Bluehole – the makers of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground and the contract is coming to an end. If this is valid then Microsoft’s current move makes perfect sense. Also in negotiations with Dc Comics, Bluehole has plans to introduce the clown prince of crime – the Joker and his love interest Harley Quinn in his universe. So this is the perfect time to accumulate as many players on Microsoft’s gaming console as possible before Sony comes into the picture. Grip.