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Facebook Content Moderation May Be the Worst Work in TechnologyByNitish Singh-March 1 2019.627 A new Cnet report details the disturbing lives of Facebook content moderation experts. Many administrators are paid as little as $28,000 a year without any insurance or pension benefits. Even though moderators have demanded better wages and benefits, it is unlikely that the situation will change anytime soon. Especially on sites like Facebook, which have billions of users, social media platforms can be hard to control. Moderate activity and crack down on toxicity gore pornography and other offensive material posted on these platforms is critical for those social media websites. Content moderators on Facebook are responsible for protecting 2.3 billion people from the dark side of social media but their tasks are not as straightforward as you may think. Although on Facebook there are Ai tools available to crack down on offensive content human oversight is needed to ensure that there is no arbitrary censorship. Employees responsible for marked content will sort through upsetting images and videos. Constant exposure to such material can lead to mental health problems, and many questions are raised. Recently, a web manager filed a lawsuit alleging she suffered from a post-traumatic stress disorder (Ptsd). Some of the companies that Facebook contracts to provide moderation services include Cognizant Pro Unlimited Accenture Arvato and Genpact. Such organizations are ensuring moderators are available round the clock and are able to handle content in various languages. Some of the vendors claim to offer “wellness” time and therapy services, but there is no evidence what the long-term effects of seeing abuse and hate crimes can do. Grip.