Google Introduces Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier For Android

Google Introduces ‘ Live Transcribe ‘ and ‘ Sound Amplifier ‘ For AndroidByNitish Singh-February 4 2019.149 Google has introduced two new accessibility apps to help hearing impairment users. Live Transcribe is an online transcription software designed to serve as a portable voice-to-text solution. Sound Amplifier can function in noisy environments as a high-end hearing aid using the dynamics processing effect. Google launched Live Transcribe and Sound Amplification to help users experiencing partial or complete hearing loss. On your computer, the first Live Transcribe app will transcribe audio into text. Sound Amplifier focuses on making conversations in noisy environments more audible, and includes headphones. Live Transcribe is very intuitive and comes with haptic feedback to prove somebody is talking. It makes users aware that people around them are talking. There is also a loudness meter available to notify users when they’re in noisy environments and need to speak louder to be audible to others. There is also a keyboard shortcut if users can’t make themselves heard. .150 .150 Figure 2 Picture Courtesy of Google Sound Amplification is quite different from Live Transcribe and it was developed by Google to act as a sort of hearing aid. Users will simply plug their headphones into their Android device and turn the app into portable hearing aids to turn their phones to. The software will reduce background noise, and raise voices. While the app won’t be very successful in extremely noisy environments, Google claims that it will serve as a decent solution thanks to its “dynamics processing effect.” Live Transcribe is available on phones using Lollipop and above, although Sound Amplifier is only available on Android P. Unlike Live Transcribe Sound Amplifier, there’s no need for an internet connection and sound data is pro All apps are available in the Play Store of Google and will be pre-installed in the Pixel 3 smartphones and the upcoming Pixel.